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September 16th, 2014

September 16th, 2014


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I'm stepping out for some air. Come with me? The sky is really clear and beautiful.

No evil/bad Heaven

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Okay, Stark, you are master of making points. And thanks for turning off the ACDC today. The same song on repeat for days is not as okay in practice as it sounds in theory.


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I didn't want to wake you.

He didn't come home last night. I'm going out to look for him.

I'm so sorry. I love you.

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Okay, I have to admit, so far this place is kind of awesome.

( Shane Collins )
What would you say if I told you I miiiight have a job working for Tony Stark?


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I see you rethought your really stupid, drunk decision.

So, he decided to stop being an idiot?

Text to Elsa

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>>Can you come get me?

Parent people*

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Sooo...Aidan is kind of avoid-y with Myka since she got back. He's totally fine with her being around if me or Hatter are in the room, but kinda freaks if we walk out. He doesn't really wanna be around her, just the two of them. I don't know what to do. I know it's killing her way more than she's pretending that it is, but I don't know how to help.

[So basically any/all parent types, be it your own, adoptive, if you are remotely parenty at anyone in Lawrence, you're in!]

I feel so bad that Aidan's so clingy at me and basically running from Myka.

Hey, so, how are you settling back in so far?

Filtered to Bo Dennis

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I had a weird moment the other day. Trying to work out a word to describe what you are to me. Realized we've never actually figured that out for ourselves.

[eventually... Filtered against Evil O.o]

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This I do not like. I already dislike graveyards, I mean who wouldn't after your teacher pops up out of the ground as a zombie in one to attack you, Nevermind it was a test. Now I show up in one with a funky sky. Things to do, people to see, friends to save... no time to be seeing strange places.

Headache forthcoming.

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I think I found someone who could outdo you with speeches Apollo

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Has anyone seen Ruby? She was here a minute ago and now I can't find her. It's not like her to just up and vanish on me.

Against Evil

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This explanation better be thorough and good.


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My birthday is in less than a month and I'd kind of really like to not be around Lawrence when it does finally get here because...well...dead last year and lots of bad stuff happened and memories I'd rather not associate with it--I'd like a nice birthday this year, one where I'm not collateral damage.

Think we can maybe be out of town for it?


You okay? Because I feel like our text convo equals you so not being okay.


How goes the whole friend-making thing so that Skye sees you can have friends? Or is that pointless because of the whole group betrayal thing and she'd probably just be waiting for you to like...betray them?

Yeah. You have a really complicated case. But still. All work, no play=so not good.

Beacon Hills -- No Peter Hale

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Okay so I have another hour to go, but I vote we all go out to dinner to celebrate Scott's birthday.

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What. Did you do?

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( Filtered to James Kirk and Harry Lockhart )
Hi, I'm Jill. I've been crashing with my friends who live in your complex, but they're already crammed into a couple of one bedrooms and another one of our friends from home just showed up. I don't suppose you have an extra apartment available for us?

( filtered to lois lane )

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Another friend from home just showed up. Can I come by and grab one of those anti-possession amulets for her?

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Ok so graveyard? I can handle. Spent more than enough time in them so, really, NOT a big deal. But I do kind of draw the line at waking up in a random graveyard after being somewhere ELSE that is definitely NOT a graveyard.

So someone needs to help me get back before my sister shows up and yells at me because this? Whatever it is? NOT MY FAULT. I hope

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so someone said i could get on here for help so um help??????????????????????

Filtered from Evil and Heavenly Doucherockets

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Hey!  Spidey, you're not scientifically accurate.

Awesome Trolling Video )

[Filtered to Steve Rogers]

So.  I think I forgot to mention the other person that's here.

Filter: Bobby Singer & Winchesters

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I was told to go your way for weapons. And information would be nice. As in, more information. On protection and I guess I should also see what laws are here, and all of that. Since I'm not seeing people walking around with obvious weapons. So I am figuring its not as dangerous here, or common for people to need to defend themselves?

Oh, and hi! I'm Maka Albarn. Death Scythe Miester.
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