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September 17th, 2014

September 17th, 2014

Avengers Warehouse (No Skye)

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Can we up the security even more?  Is it possible?

How about all the magic protection things that people keep talking about?  Spells preventing people who mean any of us harm from coming inside?

Stiles & Lydia M.

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Explain it. Now.

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Thanks for the ranting guys. But I'm fine

He took it a step to far, so did I, he's better at escalation. But we're good

No Evil And Mean People Who Want To End The World

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Alright, people seem to be upset about things.

So, I thought I could cheer us up a bit with something a bit fun.

How about we all list five things that we're grateful for?

I'll start:

  1. I have wonderful friends like Belle, Caroline, Rose and Elena.
  2. I have my bracelet which gives me legs.  Thank you Regina.  Even if it was in payment rather than you making up for ruining
  3. I have the opportunity to learn so much about humans here.  And, you've all been so nice and answered my questions.
  4. I know that I am going to get my happy ending when the seal decides to send me home.
  5. Ice Cream!  I still think it's my favourite human food.

Filtered to 16s and under

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Does anyone else ever find that the adults can be more childish that we are?

Merde, they take so much looking after.

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Meet Timothy! )

Filtered to Teleporters

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Is there anyone free who would be willing to teleport me somewhere tomorrow evening?

I will pay, of course.

[Filtered to Brits who aren't Alex, Hal or Tom]

So, Fish and Chip shops.  I hear those are a thing in the UK.

Say, if a guy wanted to take a Birtish Girl on a day trip back to the UK for something she seems to think is properly lacking in this country.  Where would be the best place to go?  Out of curiosity.

No evil.

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Got some hunts available.

If you ain't done the classes you ain't getting a hunt.
No one hunts alone.
Arguing ain't getting you anywhere with me.

1. Minnesota--Peter and Ward
2. Seattle--Tom and Hal
3. DC--Mal and Becker
4. Florida--Kirk and Charlie
5. Maine--Jo and Felicia

Filtered to Friends but not Much

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Much is back.

He's come from much later. After I died, there. Which he doesn't seem to be handli He isn't quite ready to talk on here yet but I know he'd love to see some of you.

Sam & Ruby

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So, I should probably stop crashing on your couch between hunts.

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SCIENCE PENGUIN!!!!  I mean, it's not a monkey.  Fitz would have loved it if it was a monkey.


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I might have a hunt lined up in Florida but I'll need a partner. Anyone want to go?

No evil or things with Apocalypse-starting tendencies

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So...some questions. Is college/university attending absolutely necessary? And in that same vein, does one have to know what they want to major in? Because right now the only college class I can think of starting for next year is Russian. And I don't think Superheroing is an allowable major.
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