Dec. 30th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet 26-30 December 2007

One Shots
[x] Anon: Being Snape [NC-17]
[x] Anon: Stolen, Stolen [NC-17] Charlie/Harry, Harry/Snape, Charlie/Harry/Snape
[x] Anon: The Beginning of Be Mine [NC-17]
[x] centaury_squill: Whose Dream Is This, Anyway? (NC-17)
[x] dementordelta: Proper Incentive [R]
[x] gin_tonic: Christmas [G-ish]
[x] irana: Changes (NC-17)
[x] joanwilder: The Rescue [R]
[x] rice_ball247: Bitter Black [PG-13] also DM/HP
[x] rice_ball247: Harry and Snape go to Pen Island [NC-17] Under-18
[x] screaminglungs: Justifying To Ghosts [PG-13]
[x] snakeling: Stress Relief (NC-17)
[x] torino10154: Do You Trust Me? [NC-17]
[x] unbroken_halo: All Wrapped up [NC-17] Harry/Draco/Severus

Works In Progress
[x] kibatsu: Chapter 20 of Nights of Gethsemane [NC-17/XXX] has been posted
[x] pdantzler2: The House Which Time Forgot (R) is now up to Chapter 4
[x] softly_sweetly: Chapter Sixteen - I Love You of Sottomesso [NC-17] has been posted

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] angela_snape: Coping Mechanisms [G-PG]
[x] angela_snape: Coping Mechanisms [G-PG]
[x] fngrpntsnotasin: Desperate (PG)
[x] lilyeyes: Cold Breath [R/Adult]
[x] sassy_cissa: Clothing Optional [G]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: When I Awake [R]
[x] swtalmnd: 28 Kisses Later... [unrated]

Art And Icons
[x] Anon: Post Victory Spoils (NC-17)
[x] artisticentropy: Art for Aseneth
[x] oldenuf2nb: Snarry Art (NC-17)
[x] saiyaku_chan: Hug (G)
[x] tripperfunster: The Creation of Snape (R)

[x] randhforever: Harry's Wish List [unrated] Harry/Alastor, Harry/Ron, Harry/Severus, Harry/Cedric, Harry/Glideroy, Harry/Remus, Harry/Oliver, Harry/Sirius, Harry/Draco, Harry/Victor, Harry/Neville, Harry/Fred/George

[x] 2008_drabbles: Nothing to do for New Year's Eve? Come join the HP drabble - or drawble - challenge with us
[x] Walking the Plank is asking forcreators to upload their fest work
[x] ails2605 is looking for possessive Snape stories
[x] jaime27: Is looking for virgin!Snape fics to add to a Masterlist
[x] marykris is looking for any fics where Snape changes to keep Harry
[x] santas_lap: Posted the Master List of fic written during the fest Under-18 community

This Newsletter
[x] [info]snapetoy and [info]magic_helmet would like to thank everyone who's stepped up to volunteer as an editor for the Prophet. You guys rock! We haven't reached you all yet, but we will! We would also like to once again thank [info]murklins for trusting us with the Prophet as she wanders fandom fields anew. The Prophet is a thing of beauty, Murk, and we love you for it! We promise to take good care of it and love it as much as you have.
[x] Happy New Year, Severus and Harry and to all those who love them. May 2008 be a wonderful year for all of us!
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Dec. 26th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet: 23 - 26 December 2007

One Shots
[x] Anon: Unforgettable [NC-17]
[x] akuma_river: The Trauma [NC-17] Squid/Harry, sort of Snape/Harry, Under-18.
[x] alisanne: Inspired [NC-17] Also includes Neville/Draco. This completes a drabble series.
[x] blamebrampton: It's a Blunderful Life [PG} Primarily Draco/Harry.
[x] dementordelta: Entertaining Notions [R] Under-18.
[x] inoru_no_hoshi: From Ashes [R] Under-18.
[x] shadowess: Wizard Harry [R] Under-18.
[x] tarie: Begin the Begin [NC-17] Also includes Snape/Regulus.

Works In Progress
[x] aspenlight: A Summer Like None Other. Now up to Part 23. Gen.
[x] attackfish: No Difference. Now up to Chapter Ten. Gen.
[x] autumns_slumber: A Fated Summer. A new WIP with one chapter.
[x] persepolis130: Reconciling Lily's Eyes. Now up to Chapter 5.
[x] softly_sweetly: Sottomesso. Now up to Chapter 15. DH Spoilers.

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Insomnia [R]
[x] gin_tonic: Christmas Crackers No. 1 & 2 [G]
[x] gin_tonic: Mulled Wine No. 1 & 2 [G]
[x] gin_tonic: Tropical Christmas No. 1 & 2 [G]
[x] lesyeuxverts: My Star, Christmas at Hogwarts, A Real Celebration [G - R]
[x] lesyeuxverts: Warming Charm, Christmas Picnic, Season of Giving [PG - R]
[x] paperbacked: Ghosts [R]
[x] pushkin666: Return [PG-13]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Bah, Humbug [PG-13]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Owned [NC-17] Also includes RL/DM.
[x] tarie: Yours [PG]
[x] torino10154: Mea Culpa [G]
[x] venturous: Entwined Fantasy [R]

Art And Icons
[x] Anon: Brawny, Not Brainy [R]
[x] jin_fenghuang: "Oh God, Potter." [NC-17] Under-18.
[x] lizardspots: And Then There Were Three [G] Snape/Harry/Draco

[x] femmequixotic: I Think I Love You [Not Rated]

[x] harry_holidays: Harry Holidays 2007 Masterlist
[x] snarry_holidays: Masterlist

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Dec. 23rd, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for Dec 18-22

One Shots
[x] Anon: Provocation (R)
[x] Anon: Pure, Bright Joy (With a Side Order of Masturbation) (NC-17) HP/SS HP/SS/DM
[x] Anon: Tabu (NC-17)
[x] Anon: The Stars are Bright Tonight (R)
[x] Anon: Snowdrop (PG-13)
[x] f13tch3r: A Fateful Chain of Events (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] joanwilder: Resistmas (NC-17)
[x] runawaydreamer: My Castle for an Eyepatch... Make That Two (PG-13)

Works In Progress
[x] persepolis130: Reconciling Lily's Eyes (NC-17) Chapter 4 (of 11) has been posted
[x] sevs_lil_secret: : How Severus Spends His Summer Hols Volume II (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 5
[x] softly_sweetly: Sottomesso (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 15

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Enough (PG)
[x] alisanne: A Little Pick Me Up (PG)
[x] alisanne: Emergency Call (PG)
[x] alisanne: Impossible (PG)
[x] alisanne: Melted (G)
[x] alisanne: Parasite (PG)
[x] alisanne: Preferences (PG)
[x] ensnarryed: Mistletoe (G)
[x] ethelnorthbrook: Non-verbal Approach (PG)
[x] gin_tonic: Christmas Twine No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Holly No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Presents No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Stars No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Tree No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] lesyeuxverts: Home for Christmas (PG-13)
[x] lesyeuxverts: The Only Solid Thing (PG-13)
[x] lilyeyes: His Very Breath (NC-17) Another in the Breathe Series - Locked
[x] lilyseyes: Anxious Breath (PG) Another in the Breathe series
[x] lilyseyes: Frozen (R) Another in the "Breathe" Series
[x] pyrate_sock: A Closet for Us (PG)
[x] queenrissa: How the Snape Stole Christmas (PG-13)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Look At Me (R)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Utter Bastard (R)
[x] swtalmnd: Twenty Little Kises, All In A Row (NC-17) BW/HP/SS
[x] venturous: Holiday Magic 16 (PG)

[x] ariel_lindt: Kinda I Want To (R)
[x] chaeche: Snape's #1 Crush (PG)

[x] potionssnitches: Site news and a challenge News on the Potions and Snitches site.

This Newsletter
[x] We at the Prophet would like to wish you all a Very Snarry Christmas!!!!
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Dec. 12th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for Dec 9 - 12

One Shots
[x] Anon: A Snarry Eistolary (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Between the Lines (Adult)
[x] Anon: Love So Belated (PG-13)
[x] Anon: Making Changes (PG-13)
[x] Anon: Miscommunication (PG-13)
[x] Anon: On the Verge (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Phantom Fingers (PG-13)
[x] Anon: To Cause A Hundred Veils To Fall (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Wandlore (NC-17) HP/DM/SS
[x] Anon: Welcome to Fantasy Island (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Infection (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Kiss You Where it's Sore (NC-17) Harry/Snape/Draco.
[x] Anon: The Will to Live (NC-17) RL/SS/HP
[x] ensnarryed: Like Minds (PG)
[x] irana: Happy Christmas, Severus (NC-17)
[x] lilyseyes: Divine Child (NC-17) In 3 parts Warning for Chan
[x] reddwarfer: Stone Cold Crazy (NC-17) HP/RL HP/SS
[x] svartalfur: Blackout (NC-17)
[x] swtalmnd: Number Nine (NC-17)
[x] the_minx_17: Tapestry of Fate (PG-15) In 3 parts

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: The Perfect Gift (PG)
[x] celandineb: Sighs and Whispers (NC-17)
[x] celandineb: Torch (G)
[x] daughter_moon: Years (R)
[x] gin_tonic: Advent Wreath No 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gin_tonic: Bells No. 1 & 2 (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Gold No. 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gin_tonic: Reindeer No 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gin_tonic: Silver No. 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gin_tonic: Stocking No 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gin_tonic: Yule Logs No. 1 & 2 (G-ish)
[x] gryffindorj: By and By (G)
[x] gryffindorj: Finger Licken' Good (PG-13 to Soft R)
[x] jadzialove: Living with Scrooge and A Compromise for Christmas (both PG)
[x] plotbunniofdoom: Confrontation (PG)
[x] sacrilege: Sometimes In the Night (PG-13)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Silver Balls (PG-13)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: They're Not Crazy, They're Just Eccentric (R)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Whispers (PG-13)
[x] swtalmnd: On the Twelfth Day of Kisses (NC-17)
[x] torino10154: Begging to Come (NC-17)
[x] venturous: Holiday Magic 6 (G)
[x] xylodemon: Dreams (unrated)

Art And Icons
[x] Anon: Naga's Pool (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Ssstop Sshaking my Dessk (NC-17)
[x] cnary_crem_dght: Snarry Art (NC-17)
[x] ships_harry: Beg to Differ (PG-13)
[x] stellamoon: The Letter (PG-13)
[x] tripperfunster: A Snarry Christmas Card (R)

This Newsletter
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Dec. 6th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet: 3 - 5 December 2007

One Shots
[x] Anon: A Tolerable End to an Unfortunate Situation (NC-17) DH spoilers.
[x] Anon: Caged Lust (NC-17) Under-18.
[x] Anon: Changes (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Contractual Obligations (R) Possibly Under-18.
[x] Anon: Evoking the Past [NC-17]
[x] Anon: Healing [NC-17]
[x] Anon: Master of Control (NC-17) Under-18.
[x] Anon: My Lord, My Life, My Keeper (PG-13) Also includes Sirius/Remus.
[x] Anon: Occam's Razor (NC-17) Also includes HP/DM.
[x] Anon: Scenes of a Life Together [R]
[x] Anon: The Golden Hour [NC-17]
[x] Anon: Typical Lucius (NC-17) Lucius/Harry, implied Snape/Harry.
[x] Anon: What He Wants (R)
[x] Anon: Whatever Remains [PG-13ish]
[x] brixxx: Just for Now (R)
[x] hambares: Esurio substancia (NC-17) Under-18. Also includes RL/HP, DM/HP, FF/HP.
[x] iulia_linnea: A Well-Managed End (G) Eileen-centric, implied SS/HP.
[x] torino10154: Time For a Change (NC-17)

Completed Chapter Fic
[x] sacrilege: States of Being (NC-17)

Works In Progress
[x] draconic_girl: Part Three of A Christmas Tale [PG] has been posted
[x] kibatsu: Nights of Gethsemane is now up to part 7 (NC-17) Also includes Harry/Ginny, Ginny/Harry.
[x] leelee_potter: Death Eater Takes a Holiday is now up to part 87 (NC-17)
[x] quill_lumos: A Second Chance At Life is a new WIP with one part. Gen for now but SS/HP eventually.
[x] softly_sweetly: Sottomesso is now up to part 11 (NC-17)
[x] winifredzachery and yivel: The Predators Club - now up to Part 5. (NC-17)

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: True Heroes (G) Gennish, crossover with Heroes.
[x] celandineb: No Resurrection (G)
[x] daughter_moon: Mistletoe Kisses (G) Harry/Ginny, Harry/Snape preslash.
[x] drachenmina: Prank (PG)
[x] drachenmina: Revenge (PG) Sequel to Prank. Also includes SS/DM.
[x] ensnarryed: Can't Fix Everything (Not Rated) Also includes SS/JP. DH spoilers.
[x] gin_tonic: Exploded Pudding (G)
[x] gin_tonic: Snowflakes No.1 and 2 (G)
[x] lesyeuxverts: Eggnog and Aphrodisiacs (R) DH spoilers.
[x] magic_helmet: Untitled Snarry drabble. (PG)
[x] shinesodark: A Welcoming Back (PG) Part of the Tentative Alliance series.
[x] shinesodark: Caged (PG) Part of the Tentative Alliance series.
[x] shinesodark: Seeing Red (PG-13) Part of the Tentative Alliance series.
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Marauding Mistletoe (PG)
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Three Drabbles (PG-13 and R) Scroll down to third drabble on the page.
[x] torino10154: The Good Son (G)
[x] torino10154: Viscum Album (G)
[x] unbroken_halo: Lords Of Light (R)
[x] unbroken_halo: Snow Incubus (PG)
[x] unbroken_halo: Striped Tease (PG)
[x] venturous: Holiday Magic 5 (R)

Art And Icons
[x] Anon: Handy Work (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Mine (R)
[x] jin_fenghuang: On Santa's Lap (R, NSFW)
[x] pinkelephant42: Untitled (G) Scroll way down.
[x] starlightforest: severus christmas icons (One might be considered SS/HP.)

[x] chaeche: Snapecast is looking for Snarry one-liners
[x] chazpure: Fest Tracking spreadsheets have been updated
[x] chazpure: has put together spreadsheets to track the major holiday fests - a really useful resource to make sure you don't miss any of the Snarry goodness!
[x] hp_darkfic_recs: December 5 issue has several SS/HP recs
[x] jennybliss: Looking for Snarry that has a historical setting
[x] phoenix_flies: Masterlist of Fics and Art
[x] skogin: Looking for some really good, longish, very well written SS/HP stories with plot
[x] snape_potter: Setting of LJ community changed to "Explicit Content"
[x] snarry_swap: is looking for pinch-hit authors and artists
[x] vihviu: is collecting information on the history of Snarry fandom for her Masters thesis and needs people to take her surveys

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Dec. 2nd, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for Nov 29 to Dec 2

One Shots
[x] Anon: When Did You Last See Your Father (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] Anon: Born to the Bit (NC-17)
[x] Anon: Only to Rise Higher (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] Anon: Quarantined and Begging (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] Anon: Severus & Harry (NC-17) In two parts, click the link at the bottom for part 2
[x] Anon: The Potter Scourge (R)
[x] Anon: The Seeker and the Sought (R)
[x] Anon: A Cure for Frost [R] - Warning for Under-18
[x] Anon: Angels and Ministers of Grace (PG-13)
[x] Anon: Severus Snape and the Pensieve Memories (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] Anon: Tainted R - spoilers for DH
[x] Anon: When The War Was Over (NC-17)
[x] arcencielfw: Christmas Eve (R) Warning for possible chan
[x] eriador117: Deep in the Shallows (NC-17) Warning for Chan Fic is in two parts - follow the link at the bottom.
[x] eriador117: Wizards for Wizards (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] rakina: Bah, Humbug! (NC-17) Repost

Works In Progress
[x] Josephine Darcy: The Marriage Stone Chapter 66 (R)
[x] leelee_potter: Death Eater Takes a Holiday Chapter 86 (NC-17)
[x] softly_sweetly: Sottomesso - Chapter 10 (NC-17)

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] BloodRedEnd: Disappear (PG)
[x] alisanne: Bonding Time [PG]
[x] irisgirl12000: A New Client (G)
[x] lesyeuxverts: Visions of Sugar Plums (PG-13)
[x] lilyseyes: Quiet Exhalation (PG) Another in the "Breathe" series
[x] unbroken_halo: Nothing But a Smile (PG-13)
[x] unbroken_halo: To the Victor Go the Spoils (PG)

Art And Icons
[x] Anon: A Thief in the Night [G]
[x] Anon: Prey [NC-17] - Warning for Under-18
[x] blackboggart: Snarry Art (PG)
[x] glockgal: Snape, Harry and Draco (G)
[x] lizardspots: Addicted (repost) (NC-17)
[x] lizardspots: Lust Drunk (NC-17) Warning for Chan

[x] lovemefearme: You (PG-13)

[x] aviria: is looking for dubious consent fics
[x] eriador117: Snarry D/s BDSM list has been updated
[x] f13tch3r: Needs volunteers with imagination for her snarry_swap She is also looking for pinch hitters.
[x] potionssnitches: Weekend update!
[x] snarry_reader: November stories added to their master list

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