May. 2nd, 2010


SS/HP Prophet for April 25 - May 1.

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: Both Sides Now [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Corresponding with Snape [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Creatures of Ruin and Need [NC-17] Chan
[x] Anonymous: His Lover's Keeper [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: In Conference [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Ladyhawke [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Precious [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Rites of Passage [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Sibilant Seduction [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: The Arrangements [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: The Marauders Ride Again [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: The Other Potter [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: The Secret of Three [NC-17] HP/DM/SS
[x] Anonymous: The Venus Fly Trap [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: The Young Master [NC-17]
[x] alisanne: Erotic Visions [NC-17]
[x] bertas: Paying Debts [R]

Works In Progress
[x] SHaria: Eclipse of the Soul updated with Chapter 30 [M]
[x] eriador117: The Fountain updated with Chapter 12 [Adult]
[x] starcrossdkayla: Nights of Gethsemane updated with Chapter 62 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Heroic Action [G]
[x] alisanne: Proper Encouragement [PG]
[x] alisanne: Pungent Assignment [PG]
[x] alisanne: Well Matched [G]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Bath Time [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Scars [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Triumphant [PG-13]
[x] lilyseyes: Keeping Promises [R] Chan; another in the Erastes series
[x] lilyseyes: Shared Things [R] Chan; another in the Erastes series
[x] lilyseyes: Stimulation [PG]
[x] lovetoseverus: Dunk and Plunder [PG-13]
[x] r_grayjoy: Issuing Dares to Gryffindors [PG-13]

Art And Icons
[x] Anonymous: Always Come Back To Us [NC-17] HP/DM/SS
[x] Anonymous: Dark Lord Potter [R]
[x] Anonymous: Entertain Me [G]
[x] Anonymous: Love, Pet and (or) Master? [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Still a Long Way From Home [G]
[x] Anonymous: Tango [G]
[x] Anonymous: Tender is the Night [R]
[x] Anonymous: The Secret Snarry [G] Chan
[x] Anonymous: What He Needs [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Winner by a Nose [R]
[x] Anonymous: The Rare Vegimagus [G]

[x] severus_sighs: Grand Challenge Beta Sign-Up Post
[x] snarry100: Challenge 212: The Classic Elements - Earth
[x] snarryathonmod: Snarry-a-Thon Week 3 Wrap-Up

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Apr. 24th, 2010


SS/HP Prophet for April 18 - 24

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: A Hero By Any Other Name [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Something In Common [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: The Importance of Plum Trees [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: The Mentor [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: A Pocket Watch Mystery [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: All Heaven's Glory [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Glasses Lost [R]
[x] Anonymous: Niemöller, or Four Times When Harry Didn't Speak Up... [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: On His Terms [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Only In Their Dreams [M] Warnings for Chan
[x] Anonymous: Son of Darkness [PG]
[x] Anonymous: The Awaited Day [G]
[x] Anonymous: The Power of Words [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Time's Boomerang [R] Warnings for Chan
[x] aceia: I Love Your Cream Sauce [NC-17] Warnings for Chan
[x] eeyore9990: Inferi 101, or Why One Should Always Use the Buddy System When Disposing of Zombies [R]
[x] k8bnimble: A (Slightly) Grown-Up Fairy Tale [PG-13]
[x] o0o_faor_o0o: For the World is Hollow [M]

Works In Progress
[x] aspenlight: A Family Like None Other has been posted to Chapter 25
[x] atypicalsnowman: Pains and Contradictions has been posted to chapter Chapter 30 [NC-17]
[x] eriador117: The Fountain has been posted to Chapter 11 [Adult]
[x] slashpervert and aveeno_baby: Held in Darkness has been posted to Chapter 24 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Deserved Praise [PG]
[x] alisanne: Letting Go, Justice For All, Grace Under Pressure, Love Not Faded, Never Happier [PG-13]
[x] alisanne: Once a Spy [G]
[x] alisanne: Perfect Enthusiasm [PG]
[x] bridgetmkennitt: Our Words Are Harsh, But Our Love Is True [G]
[x] celandineb: Let Me Get What I Want [G]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Floating [R]
[x] misbehavingmom: A Simple Sweep [G]
[x] misbehavingmom: Cherished [R]
[x] misbehavingmom: You Won [PG-13]
[x] ships_harry: In Which Snape has a Problem with Northern European Languages [G]
[x] suburbnsisyphus: Dazzled, or How to Totally Ruin an Evening that Otherwise Would Have Included Hot Monkey Sex [PG-13]
[x] torina_archelda: Persnickety [G]
[x] torino10154: At Long Last [R] Mention of Severus/Others

Art And Icons
[x] Anonymous: Harry in Wonderland [G]
[x] Anonymous: We Should Not Have Taken the Left at Gladstonebury [PG]
[x] Anonymous: Blood on the Snow [PG]
[x] Anonymous: Flight [G]
[x] Anonymous: Riding the Dark Horse [G]
[x] Anonymous: Serpentine Seduction [R]
[x] Anonymous: Under the Tuscan Sun [G]
[x] prayer_at_night: Dessert [R]

[x] snape_potter: Snarry-a-thon has posted their Week 2 Wrap-Up
[x] snarry100: Challenge 211: The Classic Elements - Water
[x] tripperfunster: The Official Milky Wave Amputation Donation Page Auctioning art, some of which is Snarry

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Apr. 17th, 2010


SS/HP Prophet for April 10 - 17

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: Bollocks and Broomsticks [Adult] Has some beautiful art in the mix
[x] Anonymous: Escape from the Dark and Into the Black [NC-17] Chan
[x] Anonymous: Expecto... [PG-13] Harry/OMC
[x] Anonymous: Finding the Way Home [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: His Jealousy [NC-17] Snape/Lucius mentioned
[x] Anonymous: Ley Lines [Adult]
[x] Anonymous: Owl You Need Is Love [Unrated]
[x] Anonymous: Punishment? [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Requirements [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Restitution [NC-17] James/Severus, Severus/Harry. Chan
[x] Anonymous: Science Fiction, Double Feature [Adult]
[x] Anonymous: The Mostly Entirely Truthful History of Recent Events as told by Narcissa Malfoy [R] SS/HP, SS/HP/LM, LM/NM, LM/?
[x] Anonymous: The Best Laid Plans of Severus Snape [PG-13] Chan
[x] Anonymous: Unnatural Desires [NC-17]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Moonbeams and Surf [NC-17]
[x] joanwilder: Secret Soup [PG]

Works In Progress
[x] SHaria: Eclipse of the Soul has been updated with Chapter 29 [M]
[x] eriador117: The Fountain has been updated with chapter 10 [Adult]
[x] kibatsu: A Bunny Tale Part 3 Chapter 5/6 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Swept Away [PG]
[x] alisanne: Never Boring [G]
[x] alisanne: Sensitive Side [PG]
[x] alisanne: True Nightmare [PG]
[x] alisanne: Unlucky Chance [G] SS/HP/DM
[x] countesszero: 5 Minute Snarry [NC-17]
[x] daisygirl_080: Frustrated at Best [PG-13] The pairing is implied though
[x] daisygirl_080: Getting the Best of Frustration [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: It's good to laugh [PG-13]
[x] sassy_cissa: Making His Day [G]
[x] serenetragedy: Just a Moment [PG] The pairing is implied, but it's there!!
[x] torina_archelda: Acceptance [PG-13]
[x] torino10154: A Very Special Teapot [PG-13] SS/HP/DM
[x] torino10154: Flight Assistance [PG]

Art And Icons
[x] Anonymous: Godric's Hollow [G]
[x] Anonymous: Have Your Cake (and Snarry) and Eat It, Too [G]
[x] Anonymous: "I'm not brave in bed?" [R]
[x] Anonymous: It's Mostly Harmless [PG]
[x] Anonymous: My Beauty [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Professor Snape and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Snooker Snarry [PG-13]
[x] Anonymous: Tails, You Win [G]
[x] Anonymous: The British are Coming! [NC-17]
[x] Anonymous: Too Sexy [G]
[x] daisygirl_080: A Bad Day Blow Up [PG]
[x] lemondropseven: Long Awaited [G]
[x] littleblackbow: Snarry Chibi [G]
[x] venturous has made some banner and icons for the Severus Sighs Grand Challenge [G]

[x] Potionsnitches: Announces sign-ups for Challenge Fest 2010
[x] SNARRY-A-THON10: Week 1 Wrap-Up
[x] snarry100 has posted Challenge 210: The Classic Elements - Air

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Apr. 10th, 2010


SS/HP Prophet for April 3 - 10

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: A Hundred Million Suns (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: Anglesey (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: Berries Under a Blue Moon (R)
[x] Anonymous: Better Homes and Dungeons (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: Delusions of Madness (PG-13)
[x] Anonymous: Hope Springs Eternal (PG)
[x] Anonymous: In Between The Lines (R) Warning for Chan
[x] Anonymous: Know Thine Own Heart; The Scandalous (and Spiritual) Tale of Mr Harry Potter (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: Meeting a Legend (R)
[x] Anonymous: Patronus Play (R)
[x] Anonymous: Speed Dating (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: Ssspilling Sssecrets (NC-17)
[x] Anonymous: The Path to Enlightenment (PG)
[x] Anonymous: The Victory March (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] alisanne: Serpentine Satisfaction (NC-17)
[x] alisanne: The Need For Adventure (PG) SS/HP/DM

Works In Progress
[x] quill_lumos: Magorian`s Ruby Part 1 of 2 (NC-17)
[x] starcrossdkayla: Nights of Gethsemane has been updated with Chapter 61 (NC-17)

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: A Decent Reunion (PG) HP/SS/DM
[x] alisanne: Clever Cat (R)
[x] alisanne: The Best Line (R)
[x] angela_snape: Accio baby! (PG)
[x] asnowyowl: No Matter What (PG)
[x] asnowyowl: Noteworthy (R) Chan
[x] asnowyowl: Truth and Consequences (PG) Chan
[x] fancypantsdylan: Buying Robes (R)
[x] fancypantsdylan: Names (R) HP/SS/DM
[x] fancypantsdylan: Nappy Change (PG-13)
[x] fancypantsdylan: Play Time (R)
[x] fancypantsdylan: The Talk (PG-13)
[x] hpfangirl71: Two is Better Than One (NC-17) DM/HP/SS
[x] leela_cat: Fever Dream (PG-13)
[x] leela_cat: Spring Has Sprung... Allergies (PG-13)
[x] lmeden: March Drabbles (G-PG)
[x] nimrod_9: It's Code (Unrated) Harry/Snape/Draco
[x] synn: 300 Letters, or Time Measured in Postage (PG-13)
[x] synn: A Play in Silence (PG-13)
[x] synn: Confessions (PG-13)
[x] synn: Electricity, Recitation and other Lessons in Desire (PG-13)
[x] synn: Lexica, a Hierarchy (PG-13)
[x] synn: The Continental Shelf (PG-13)
[x] synn: The Translator (PG-13)
[x] synn: Three Kisses, or the Visiting Prince (PG-13)
[x] synn: What Hope Remains (R) Implied Chan
[x] torino10154: The Best Medicine (PG)
[x] unbroken_halo: Burnt Offerings (PG)
[x] unbroken_halo: Fresh Measure (PG)
[x] unbroken_halo: Sensations (R)

Art And Icons
[x] Anonymous: Arabian Nights (PG)
[x] Anonymous: Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet... (PG)
[x] Anonymous: Bento Snarry (G) - please note, Rating should be Y for yummy!
[x] Anonymous: Just Another Customer (PG-13)
[x] Anonymous: Snuggle Bunnies (G)
[x] Anonymous: Some Secrets are Better Left Unsaid (G)
[x] Anonymous: Time is Too Slow for Those Who Wait (G)
[x] Anonymous: When We Two Parted (G)
[x] Anonymous: You Love Him, Don't You? (PG-13)
[x] veridian_dair: Egg Hunt (G)
[x] veridian_dair: Memories (G)

[x] snarry100: Challenge 209 - Laughter

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Apr. 3rd, 2010


SS/HP Prophet for March 27 - April 3

One Shots
[x] alexcaster: Injuries, Jealousy, and Your Mother Too [PG-13]
[x] triceybabe: Milk Chocolate [NC-17] Chan

Works In Progress
[x] eriador117: The Fountain has been updated with chapter 9 [Adult]
[x] starcrossdkayla: A Bunny Tale Part 3 is now up to Chapter 3 (NC-17)

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Bedroom Cookery [PG]
[x] alisanne: Custom Robes [PG]
[x] alisanne: The Best Parties [PG] Main pairing is Charlie/Neville, but our favorite pairing makes a dazzling cameo
[x] alisanne: The Scent of Home [PG]
[x] eeyore9990: Flaunting It [PG]
[x] entrenous88: Breaking the Law [G]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Always Together [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Now, Later [PG-13]
[x] hambelandjemima: Rule Breakers [R] Harry is of age in the UK, although this may be different if you are reading elsewhere.
[x] lmeden: Codfish [NC-17]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: A Change of Heart [R]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: Serving the Purpose [G]

Art And Icons
[x] glockgalt: Untitled [PG-13] The snarry is the last one on the page
[x] rossellaohara: The Beauty and The Beast [G]
[x] tripperfunster: Snarry Plane Doodles! [PG]

[x] 2010 Snarry-A-Thon starts posting this weekend!
[x] Snarry-a-Thon10 Posting Schedule...
[x] Walking the Plank Updates for the Month of March
[x] aspenlight: Wonderful news on the Audiobook -- Ch 67 up
[x] snarry-a-thon: Coming Soon to Your Corner of the Internet...Snarry-a-Thon10
[x] snarry100: has posted Challenge 208 - Pungent
[x] snarry_ldws: Snarry_LDWS Round Two Final Drabbles

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