Jan. 3rd, 2006


SS/HP News: 30 December - 2 January

Original poster: murklins

[x] Helping Hands (PG) by [info]nuavarion. Under-18, also includes Ron/Draco.
[x] Criminal Mind (PG-13) by [info]veiledndarkness
[x] A Friend Indeed (G) by [info]imkalena
[x] Sight Unseen (NC-17) by [info]unbroken_halo. Possibly under-18.
[x] A Day And A Half In The Life (NC-17) by [info]dementordelta. References to under-18.
[x] Silvered (R) by [info]auctasinistra
[x] Ley Lines (R) by Joolz
[x] Wormwood (NC-17) by [info]rexluscus. SS/HP/RL.
[x] Coldest Night (NC-17) by Anon
[x] Amid the Falling Snow (NC-17) by Anon. Under-18.
[x] Cinammon Twists (NC-17) by Anon. Under-18, also includes HP/BZ.

Works in Progress
[x] The Midday Sun by [info]rakina has been updated with chapter five. Sequel to Only in Dreams and The Cold Light of Dawn.
[x] Lost Raven by [info]tarlwen is a new WiP with a prologue
[x] MARROW by [info]ekawa has been updated with chapter four
[x] Everything's Not Lost by [info]eriador117 is a new WiP with one chapter. Also includes HP/CD.
[x] A Question of Etiquette by [info]swtalmnd has been updated with chapter 13. Under-18, also includes all permutations of SS, HP, George Weasley and Fred Weasley.
[x] A simple Game by [info]aracale is a new WiP with one chapter
[x] The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue has been updated with chapter 19

Completed Chapter Fics and Reposts
[x] [info]rakina wrote an Epilogue to The Law of Sexuality
[x] Severus Snape and the Ulterior Motive (PG-13) by [info]hel_bee has been reposted without password protection

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] The Delirium Will Pass (G) by [info]rosedemon. Gen.
[x] Bloodless and Blind (R) by [info]occasusvenustas
[x] Household Objects (PG-13) by [info]beathen
[x] Simple Gift (PG-13) by Anon

Art & Icons
[x] Kiss (R) by [info]lysa1
[x] he's calling again (G) by [info]dosandazalbra. Gen.
[x] Many, many icons, including some SS/HP by [info]laurel_tx
[x] Illustration for stasia's fic Darkness in Light (PG) by [info]mieronna
[x] The Gift of Stillness (R) by [info]nym_updates (password on main page)
[x] Untitled (PG) by [info]cnary_crem_dght
[x] Just a Kiss On the Cheek (PG) by [info]matyas_adina
[x] Harry and Snape (G) by [info]caladan_dd
[x] Thought you could hide from me, filthy traitor? (PG) by Anon. Gen.
[x] Christmas Gift (G) by Anon.

Fic Searches
[x] [info]____aesthetics is looking for any stories in which Harry or Snape are 'part creature'
[x] [info]scifiroots is looking for stories wherein Harry or Snape has amnesia
[x] [info]silenceisacrime is looking for Snape/Harry fics in which either of them is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs
[x] [info]sozuki17 is looking for stories with Harry basically withdrawing into himself or where Snape-finds-out-about-Harry-being-abused

[x] [info]kuffla has updated the HP/SS List of Finished Stories Vol 6 - F
[x] The [info]snape_potter January theme is Severus Snape's Birthday
[x] The [info]snarry_slash January Lyric Challenge is Austin (by Blake Shelton)
[x] Potions and Snitches.net is temporarily down
[x] The [info]snarry_reader has posted a list of stories, art and reviews added to the Master List in the last two weeks of December

This newsletter
[x] We have worked out a posting schedule! We will be trying once more for that elusive Mon-Wed-Fri thing. What do you mean it's Tuesday? I'm sure it must still be Monday somewhere. Maybe. :)
[x] To help out our Australian readers, we will attempt to include warnings on links that lead to chan, but may not catch everything on the first pass. If you find chan in a link we've listed but not warned about, please let us know and we'll add a warning. Today chan means under eighteen, becuse I forgot to ask Toy what the cutoff was.
[x] Give a warm welcome to [info]magic_helmet, who will be posting Wednesday's issue!
[x] Man, it's been a while since I did this. Sorry if I missed things or duplicated links from past issues.
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!

Dec. 30th, 2005


SS/HP News 25 - 30 December

Original poster: snapetoy

[x] Well In Hand (NC-17) by [info]psyfic
[x] Severus Snape and the Ulterior Motive (PG-13) by Hel Bee (password protected at the Slash Advent Calendar)
[x] When the Hero is Gay, Gay, Gay... (NC-17) by [info]nenyaentwhistle
[x] This Thing of Darkness (NC-17) by [info]auctasinistra - the third part of the Scratch series (Passwork protected at Ink Stained Fingers)
[x] Where Is My Home? (NC-17) by Anon
[x] Raining With You (R) by [info]occasusvenustas - warnings for AU, no magic
[x] Fucked (NC-17) by Anon - warnings for Lucius/Harry, many anonymous Death Eaters/Harry implied, Non-con, allusions to non-con, and other nasty things
[x] Ten Years Later… (NC-17) by [info]innocentimp17
[x] Oubliette (NC-17) by RaeWhit (password protected at the Slash Advent Calendar)
[x] The Snape Holiday (PG) by [info]nenyaentwhistle, part of The Year After series
[x] Shame (R) by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie - warnings for Mild violence, Non-graphic rape, Other graphic imagery
[x] In the Bleak Midwinter (NC-17) by Anon
[x] The Spoils of War (NC-17) by Anon - warnings for character death, spanking, cross-dressing, UST, rent-boyness/prostitution, mild bondage
[x] On Thin Ice (NC-17) by Anon - warnings for teacher/underage student
[x] The Yule Promise (PG) by Corgi (password protected at the Slash Advent Calendar)

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Days of Christmas (PG-13) by [info]marginaliana
[x] Ornament (PG) by [info]ziasudra_fic
[x] Wounded Healer (PG) by [info]ziasudra_fic
[x] Shades of Gray (PG) by [info]ziasudra_fic
[x] Untitled (G) by [info]soawen - warnings for mpreg
[x] Untitled (NC17) by [info]whispersindark1 - no author warnings, but appears to be chan, non-con
[x] His Shadow (PG13) by Redrum - warnings for Character death
[x] Winter Routine (G) by Redrum
[x] Denial and Acceptance (NC-17) by Redrum
[x] Idiotic Reasoning (PG) by Redrum
[x] Christmas Decorations (G) by [info]daylyn
[x] Fuzzy (PG) by [info]sheena_bandy
[x] Frightened (NC-17) by [info]occasusvenustas
[x] Seven Untitled Drabbles (NC-17) by [info]likeaglass - warnings for chan, non-con. [info]likeaglass has put up an Australian version, with the chan removed, here
[x] Temptation and Don't Forget About Other Little Edible Touches Like These (PG) by [info]skuf - warnings for chan
[x] Twelve Drabbles (G through R) by [info]snakeling - warnings for at least one chan drabble in the same entry. [info]snakeling has put up an Australian version, with the chan removed, here

New & Completed WiPs
[x] Cambiare Podentes: Invocare (NC17) by [info]jordangrant - warnings for dubious consent, non-consensual sex, violence, hurt/comfort, and use of druglike substances. Author states that the fic is complete, and will be posted over the next week.

Art & Icons
[x] Mistletoe (G) by [info]naomi_noelle
[x] Epithalamium (G) by [info]ac1d6urn
[x] Photomanip (G) by [info]ausmac
[x] A belated Christmas card (G) by [info]pervert_bitch
[x] Learning to Play (G) by Anon
[x] Snarry at the Beach (G) by [info]shored
[x] Come on, Potter (NC-17) by [info]lithrael
[x] Detention (NC-17) by Anon

[x] [info]snapetoy announced that Walking the Plank is now up and running smoothly
[x] [info]regan_v is hosting a crack!fic fluffy!Snape challenge - all the entries so far are Snape/Harry

This Newsletter
[x] A huge Thank You this week to everyone who's emailed us with links - we can't cover the whole of Snape/Harry without you, and your contributions are greatly appreciated!
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Dec. 25th, 2005


SS/HP News 16 - 25 December

Original poster: snapetoy

[x] Humbug (NC-17) by [info]jadzialove
[x] Clause And Effect (R) by [info]imkalena
[x] The Mark of Cain (NC-17) by Anon
[x] Bound and Determined (NC-17) by Anon
[x] The Magic Word (NC-17) by [info]dementordelta
[x] Putting the Damage On (NC-17) by Tarie

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Where are all the drabbles and ficlets? Please send us links!

Completed WiPs and Reposts
[x] Paradigmatic Praxis (NC-17) by [info]unbroken_halo has been archived
[x] Sick by [info]auctasinistra has been archived
[x] Paradox of Existence (NC-17) by [info]ze_dragon has been rewritten and reposted

Art & Icons
[x] Two Snape/Harry sketches (G) are included in a collection by [info]miyoung_boz
[x] Lead Me Through The Darkness (NC-17) by Anon, warnings for underage
[x] Happy Holidays - A Yule Snarry (R) by [info]trekkiegrrrl
[x] Holiday Snarry (G) by [info]nimori
[x] I haven't seen any Snape/Harry icons around lately - please send us links if you make them!

[x] [info]kuffla has updated the master lists for D and E
[x] The Mods of the Silver Snitch report that they hope to have the archive open in January
[x] [info]snapetoy reports that it could take 48 hours for Walking the Plank to resolve on the servers
[x] A new Snarry archive has opened! SnarryNet is an unmoderated archive exclusively for Harry Potter and Severus Snape (aka Snarry) fan material

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!
[x] My apologies for the lateness of this edition, RL has been hectic
[x] A happy and safe holiday season to all our readers, and may 2006 be a wonderful year for Snape and Harry!


Dec. 17th, 2005


SS/HP special edition: Works in Progress

Original poster: murklins

This is a master list of all the in progress stories that the [info]sshp_prophet has listed in previous issues. Any that have been updated since they were last noted in the prophet are indicated with a bold [x]. If a story has no index page listing all of its parts, I have linked only to the most recent part. You are on your own when it comes to tracking down the other parts, I'm afraid.

The Silver Snitch is still down so any stories that were hosted there will not have functioning links. If you know of any alternate places to find those stories, please do let us know.

Format: Title | Author | Chapter as of my putting together this post | Date of most recent update (DD.MM.YY)

Cut for length )

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Dec. 15th, 2005


SS/HP News: 10-15 December

Original poster: atrata

[x] Nothing But Scars (R) by anonymous
[x] The Fourth Year (NC-17) by anonymous

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Slipping from my hands (G) by [info]dottyficons
[x] Holding (R) by [info]melora98

Works in Progress
[x] Angel in Charcoal is a new WiP by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie with one chapter so far
[x] Declaratio (PG) is a new WiP by [info]myashke with two chapters so far
[x] No Heaven is a new WiP by [info]_majenta with one chapter so far

[x] Death Has Dark Hair (R) by [info]stuttermoan

Art & Icons
[x] The Flight of the Prince (G) by [info]mneomosyne
[x] Cuddling on the Bed (Sims2 art, G) by [info]trevelyan_s
[x] A Snarry Xmas Avatar and Mythical Beasts (G, PG) by [info]yorugami_ahou
[x] Here With You (G) by [info]manraviel
[x] At a Quidditch match (G) by Coral Grace. Art for [info]aspenlight's A Year Like None Other (Severitus).
[x] Snape's Office (G) by [info]gnatkip. Not Snape/Harry, but totally cool.
[x] [info]basilico has posted 30 Snape icons

[x] [info]tradescant reports that the death of Snape/Harry has been greatly exaggerated. A new archive is in the works; watch her LJ for details.
[x] Remember [info]snarryficfind for your linkity needs. They're trying to come up with alternate links for the stories hosted on Detention, and any and all help is appreciated.
[x] The links on [info]ptyx's SS/HP recs page have been fixed.
[x] [info]kuffla has updated volume 4 (D) of the HP/SS List of Finished Stories
[x] [info]coeur_de_ma_vie is looking for Snape/Harry wingfics
[x] [info]oceana_ is looking for fics in which there is a strong taboo against being gay

This Newsletter
[x] The posting schedule is likely to be erratic during the holidays, and we appreciate your patience. We also appreciate links!
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!


Dec. 10th, 2005


SS/HP News 5 - 10 December

Original poster: snapetoy

[x] Midnight Oil in the Temple (NC17) by [info]superbondo
[x] Games We Must Play (NC17) by [info]reddwarfer, to go with [info]merry_smutmas art for [info]djin7 by anonymous here
[x] Hit the Shower (NC17) by [info]f13tch3r
[x] In Neglect (NC17) by anonymous
[x] Honorary Christmas (PG) by Tara Tory

Completed and New WiPs
[x] Shattered Hearts (M+) has been completed by [info]eriador117
[x] The Cold Light of Dawn (NC17) has been completed by [info]rakina

Fic Reposts
[x] Gifted has been reposted at her site by Nym. Strong adult content.
[x] [info]snapetoy has reposted three SS/HP NC17 fics removed from the net after changes in Australian legislation. Details here

Art & Icons
[x] Twilight Time (NC17) by anonymous
[x] A Snarry Christmas Card (PG) by [info]yorugami_ahou
[x] Family Boy is a semi-monthly spoof of Harry Potter and The Family Guy by [info]nimori
[x] Detention Served (NC17) by [info]yukipon
[x] Silence (G) by [info]perselus

[x] [info]dotty23 is looking for long, romantic, high rating, completed fics here
[x] [info]nicole_snapeis looking for dark Snarry fics, where Snape is in control here
[x] The Detention archive has been closed by the owner, announced here
[x] Join [info]snarryficfind, a community to retrieve alternative places of fics lost with the Detention shutdown. The [info]snarry_reader is also fixing their links. Help them out where you can!

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com - if we don't know about it, we can't link it!


Dec. 5th, 2005


SS/HP News: 1 - 4 December

Original poster: snapetoy

[x] Consolation Prize (NC-17) by anonymous
[x] Please Come Home for Christmas (PG) by [info]sev1970
[x] Peach Colored Walls (NC-17) by [info]ravenrosebud
[x] The Dangers of Experimentation (PG-13) by Altaira [scroll down until you see it]
[x] The Great Exchange (R) by Altaira [scroll down]Password protected site
[x] A Length of Silk (NC-17) by [info]dementordelta [scroll down; it's the last story]Password protected site
[x] Care (R) by [info]inari_ki
[x] Redeeming the Time (PG-13) by Willidan

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Drabbles (various ratings) by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie
[x] Say Yes (adult) by [info]the_con_cept. Snape/Harry/Draco.
[x] Christmas Present (PG) by [info]beathen

Art & Icons
[x] More Gifts to Come (R) by anonymous
[x] Dark Incubus (PG) by [info]yorugami_ahou
[x] Wintertime Snarry (PG) by [info]anethole
[x] [info]mertonfanatic posted some Snape/Harry themed art
[x] [info]kano made a bunch of icons, many of which are Snapey. [No Snape/Harry, sadly.]
[x] Twilight Time (NC17) by anonymous

[x] [info]cruentum is new to the pairing and is looking for good places to start
[x] [info]snarry_reader posted the list of stories and art added in the latter half of November
[x] Remember, everyone, [info]sch_addiction has been given up in favour of [info]schal, for reviews of all flavours of Snape/Harry and chocolate.
[x] [info]mmariep2 is looking for good fic that was posted in the last four months or so
[x] [info]iheartwillhoge has issued The Stick...bristles Challenge
[x] A reminder that NC17 posts to [info]snape_potter must be friends-locked

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!