Aug. 12th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet: 9 - 11 August 2007

Original poster: murklins

I am severely rusty at this newslettering thing, so apologies for any mixups or omissions.

[x] 101 Uses for a Pensieve by [info]emmagrant01 [Adult]. Snape/Lupin, Snape/Lupin/Harry.
[x] After the War by [info]kairiku [NC-17]. SS/HP/DM/multiple.
[x] A Happy Birthday by [info]jean_c_pepper [NC-17]
[x] At Ganymede's Hands by [info]bethbethbeth [R]
[x] Portraits and Pictures Past and Present by [info]alchemistc [G]. Gennish with discussion of Snape/Lily.
[x] Sweet Seduction by [info]ivylady [NC-17]
[x] What He Wants by [info]debchan [R]. Under-18.

Works in Progress
[x] Danger In The Healing by [info]faynia and [info]stormypups is now up to Chapter 20
[x] Silver and Gold by [info]eriador117 is now up to Chaper 7. DH spoilers.
[x] The Shrieking Shack by [info]kairiku is a new WiP with one chapter. Under-18.

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] Alchemy by [info]svartalfur [NC-17]
[x] Breathe Series: Gasping Softly by [info]lilyeyes [Adult]
[x] Breathe Series: Groaned II by [info]lilyeyes [Adult]
[x] Breathe Series: More Gasping by [info]lilyeyes [Adult]
[x] brought you this by [info]kairiku [PG]
[x] Full Moon Lovers by [info]calanor [PG]
[x] Indivisible by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie [PG]. DH spoilers.
[x] Never Hurts to be Prepared by [info]alisanne [PG]
[x] persuasion by [info]kairiku [PG]
[x] Plummet by [info]reddwarfer [PG-13]
[x] Solace from the Storm by [info]sirenprincess [PG-13]. DH spoilers.
[x] Spinner's End by [info]sweetmelodykiss [PG]
[x] Tentative Alliance drabble series by [info]shinesodark was updated with many new parts. Pre-slash.
[x] Understanding by [info]darkshimmer [G+]
[x] Undone by [info]torino10154 [G]

[x] First time by [info]perselus [R]
[x] Got Snarry? by [info]tripperfunster [R]
[x] LJ Buggery by [info]stellamoon [G]
[x] Nap Time by [info]artisticentropy [PG-13]. SS/HP/DM.
[x] by [info]soramame_kun [PG]. Gen, DH spoilers.
[x] Untitled by [info]highstresslevel [PG-13]

[x] Sexy Snarry Selebration by XXXsnarryprincessXXX [Unrated]

[x] [info]asahifirsa posted some Snarry doujinshi files for download
[x] [info]danaeonyx is looking for good SS/HP vampire stories
[x] [info]pornicators is now being mirrored at Insane Journal
[x] [info]potionssnitches posted the Potions and Snitches Weekly Update
[x] [info]snarry_holidays announced that sign-ups for this anonymous holiday gift exchange fest for Snape/Harry fans on InsaneJournal will begin August 21

This Newsletter
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Aug. 9th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for August 8, 2007

Original poster: magic_helmet

[x] A Most Satisfactory Breakfast by [info]jellybean_slash (PG) (squee!!)
[x] Diminish by [info]stoppedtherain (NC-17)
[x] Feet by [info]hkpadfoot (PG)
[x] Preparation by [info]ivylady (PG-13)

Completed WiP's
[x] The Bartender by [info]kariku (companion piece added)
[x] On The River by [info]kariku (NC-17)

[x] Another New Beginning is a new WIP by [info]norbert02 (NC-17) First 3 chapters have been posted WARNING: DH Spoilers!
[x] A Summer Inheritance by [info]faynia and [info]stormypups (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 17
[x] A Summer Like No Other by [info]aspenlight (PG) is now up to Chapter 19
[x] Fire on Darkness by [info]asrai99 (R) is now up to Chapter 10
[x] Silver and Gold by [info]eriador117 (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 5 Warning: DH Spoilers!!
[x] Snapes Return by [info]loralee (R) is now up to Chapter 2
[x] To Have and To Keep by [info]montana_dan (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 6

[x] Even Better by [info]alisanne (R)
[x] Fever Dreams by [info]kairiku (NC-17)
[x] The Light Melts to Nothing by [info]lesyeuxverts00 (PG-13)
[x] Necessary Corrections by [info]svartalfur (PG-13) Warning: DH Spoilers
[x] Shout by [info]lilyeyes (PG) Another in the Breathe Series Warning: DH Spoilers

[x] 26 Snape Icons by [info]iconszicons
[x] Birthday Art by [info]artisticentropy (R)
[x] Forbidden Kiss by [info]zeichenwut (R)
[x] Look At Me by [info]teawithvoldy (PG) Warning: DH Spoiler
[x] Snarry by [info]artisticentropy (R)
[x] Snarry Art (for ME! Squee) by [info]artisticentropy (R)
[x] Untitled by [info]gredandfeorge (G)

[x] [info]snapeartcontest has posted their July Contest Results
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Aug. 6th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for August 3 - August 7

Original poster: magic_helmet

[x] A Portrait of a Potions Master by [info]nenyaentwhistle (PG) Warning: DH Spoilers
[x] Homeless by [info]celandineb (G) Warning: DH Spoilers
[x] Lily's Eyes by [info]damianrose (NC-17) Warning: DH Spoilers
[x] Sleeping Beauty by [info]ravenna_c_tan (NC-17) Warning: DH Spoilers!
[x] Treasure Hunt by [info]celandineb (G)

Completed WiP's
[x] The Pendulum of of Choice by [info]rushlight76 (NC-17) Not all chapters are Snarry but there are many chapters that are
[x] 'Til the Sea Runs Dry by [info]faynia and [info]stormypup Link goes to the epilogue, but all other chapters can be accessed there.

[x] Darker Shades of Grey IV: Redemption by [info]gauriel (NC-17) has updated with Chapter 47
[x] Honor by [info]accio_kilt and [info]calanor (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 58
[x] Silver and Gold by [info]eriador117 (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 4 Warning: DH Spoilers and Underage

[x] Delighted Sequel by [info]lilyeyes (R)
[x] Is/Not by [info]paperbacked (NC-17)
[x] Most Gratifying by [info]alisanne (PG)
[x] Old and New by [info]alisanne (G)
[x] Sideways by [info]kairiku (R)
[x] Stocks by [info]kairiku (R)
[x] Truth by [info]rakina (PG) another in the Acceptance series
[x] Until That Day by [info]sweetmelodykiss (PG-13)

Our Much Maligned Art
[x] Anamagus Love by [info]majmunka (G)
[x] Art for The Dreaming Spires by [info]perselus (G)
[x] Birthday Art by [Bad username: artisticentrophy] (NC-17)
[x] Look At Me by [info]shatzy_shell (PG-13) Warning: DH Spoiler
[x] Polyjuice by [info]ac1d6urn (PG)
[x] Quidditch by [info]umino_morskaya (G)
[x] Untitled by [info]scarah2 (PG-13) Warning: Kinda spoilerish
[x] [info]snapeobviously has posted some Snape Icons

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Aug. 15th, 2007


SS/HP Prophet for Aug 12 - 15

Ok, Luuucy, I've got some s'plaining to do!

You'll probably notice in this edition that I have not linked the usernames of authors who's links appear on GJ or IJ. There is a perfectly valid explanation for this. I need to set up the macros in my Semagic... or something. (To be honest, I'm not sure what I have to do, but that's where my computer programming husband suddenly comes in) So for those of you on other journals, I apologize for not linking to your name. I should be up and running for the next time I post.

[x] Afterglow by [info]ivylady (PG-13)
[x] The Cave by centuary_squill (PGish) Warning: DH Spoilerish
[x] A Cuplet by [info]rakina (NC-17)
[x] The Elvis Effect by ausmac (G)
[x] Headmaster Potter by [info]loralee (PG)
[x] Puppet Master by [info]babblingbrook42 (PG) Warning: DH Spoilers!!!
[x] The Visitor by jellybean_slash (G) Warning: DH Spoilers!!

[x] In Memory Wake by CocoaSnape (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 3
[x] Fire on Darkness by [info]asrai (R) is now up to Chapter 11
[x] Silver and Gold by [info]eriador117 (NC-17) is now up to Chapter 9
[x] Unexpected Company is a new WiP being offered by [info]norsequeennyc (NC-17 overall) Warning: Chan
[x] Untitled is a new offering by [info]paperbacked Not rated

Completed WiP's
[x] Worthy by [info]kairku (NC-17)

[x] The Advantages of Eavesdropping by alisanne (G)
[x] Idiot Boy by [info]sweetmelodykiss (R)
[x] Not Just a Theory by alisanne (PG)
[x] Spinning by [info]shinesodark (NC-17)

[x] Better Late Than Never by cnary_crem_dght (NC-17)
[x] Giftart by artisticentropy (R)
[x] Got Snarry by [info]tripperfunster (NC-17)
[x] Happy Birthday Harry Potter by [info]mijan (NC-17)
[x] Snape and Harry by [info]glockgal (G)
[x] Untitled by majeskaylanna (G)
[x] 2 Pieces by [info]dreamgheu (G and NC-17)

[x] hp_springsmut has made an announcement about the state of their group
[x] snape_after_dh has opened a mirror site on IJ: HERE
[x] snarry_games are online with a new RSS feed and a profile on IJ
[x] Walking the Plank now has a challenge community on IJ
[x] Because you are all scattering to several different places in the fandom, I am begging you all to find me and friend me, so I know where you all are, and I can pick up your stories and art. I'm magic_helmet on GJ and IJ. OR if you'd rather not friend, please PLEASE don't be afraid to self-pimp your work!
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