Oct. 31st, 2009


SS/HP Prophet for October 24 - 31

One Shots
[x] alisanne: About Mr. Right [PG]
[x] anonymous: Battle Born [PG-13]
[x] atypicalsnowman: A Dark and Stormy Night Never Seemed So Scary [PG]
[x] atypicalsnowman: The Ones In Between [PG]
[x] lemondropseven: Defeated in Victory [PG-13]
[x] torina_archelda: Once Earned [PG]
[x] torina_archelda: Where No One Was Looking [G]
[x] torina_archelda: Home [PG]

Works In Progress
[x] atypicalsnowman: Pains and Contradictions has been posted up to Chapter 27 [R- NC-17]
[x] kibatsu: Nights of Gethsemane has been posted up to Chapter 54 [NC-17]
[x] the_con_cept: It Sucks to be Severus Snape has been posted up to Chapter 8 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] Kyrie: Some Rescue [PG]
[x] alisanne: A Good Review [PG]
[x] alisanne: Breakfast of Champions [PG-13]
[x] alisanne: Doing His Duty [G]
[x] alisanne: Fruity Flavour [R]
[x] alisanne: In The Spirit [PG]
[x] alisanne: Lion in a Den of Snakes [PG]
[x] alisanne: Living On [G]
[x] atypicalsnowman: Sometimes Warnings Are Silly [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: What They Don't Tell You [PG-13]
[x] joanwilder: Building Beauty [PG]
[x] kibatsu: Halloween Drabble [Unrated]
[x] lilyseyes: Protective Heart [PG]
[x] lilyseyes: Samhain Distrust [R] chan
[x] naturegirlrocks: End of an Era [PG]
[x] quixe: Foiled Again [PG]
[x] shadowess: Family [G]
[x] sillypowers: Growing Up [PG]
[x] sillypowers: Sleeping Arrangements [PG]
[x] snarry_ldws: Week 6 Drabbles [PG - R]
[x] torina_archelda: Harry's Halloween by Torina Archelda [G]
[x] torina_archelda: Loss [G]
[x] torina_archelda: With You [PG]
[x] torino10154: Heat [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: One More Time [PG-13]
[x] torino10154: Seaworthy [PG-13]
[x] vividzephyr: Living in the Past [PG-13]
[x] weasleybits: End of An Era [G]

Art And Icons
[x] Yuki-Almasy: The Magic of Autumn [Unrated]
[x] tessisamess: Snarry Art [Unrated] NSFW
[x] veridian_dair : Undivided Attention (WS) [PG]
[x] weasleybits: Halloween Suckfest [G]

[x] potionssnitches: Weekend Update for October 25th

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Oct. 24th, 2009


SS/HP Prophet for October 17 - October 24

One Shots
[x] alisanne: Lost and Found [PG]
[x] anonymous: Achilles' Heel [NC-17]
[x] anonymous: Sweet Religion [NC-17]
[x] drachenmina: A Holiday Romance [NC-17][Chan]

Works In Progress
[x] eriador117: Apprenticed to Love is up to Chapter 34/? [Adult]
[x] lucius_complex: Heart of Darkness is up to Chapter 3/?? [Unrated]
[x] the_con_cept: It Sucks to be Severus Snape - Part 3/? [PG]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: By the Book [PG]
[x] alisanne: Cravings [PG]
[x] alisanne: Dramatic Entrance [G]
[x] alisanne: Her Secret [PG]
[x] alisanne: House Warming [G]
[x] alisanne: Joyful News [PG]
[x] alisanne: Night Bumping [PG]
[x] alisanne: Pet Name [G]
[x] alisanne: Real Life [PG]
[x] bertas: Porn for White Cotton [NC-17]
[x] bethbethbeth: Far From the Pegasus, A Home [Unrated]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Memories [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Off to Hogwarts [R]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Solution to the Problem [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Thngs that go Bump [PG-13][Severus/HarryDraco]
[x] joanwilder: Missing [G]
[x] la_dissonance: Lines [PG]
[x] leela_cat: Tough Love [PG]
[x] lilyseyes: Breathe with Relief - Part of the Breathe Series [R]
[x] lilyseyes: Fresh Things - Part of The Eastes Series [R]
[x] lilyseyes: Magic [NC17]
[x] lilyseyes: Sincere Praise - part of the Erastes Series [R]
[x] mac_tunes: Quick Recovery [R]
[x] naturegirlrocks: trick and treat [PG-15]
[x] sweetmelodykiss: No Words [PG]
[x] torino10154: End of an Era [G]
[x] torino10154: Meu Príncipe [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: Symphony in 'O' Major [R]

Art And Icons
[x] littleblackbow: Snape's Inner Monologue [PG]
[x] wochertonks7: Good Advice [R]

[x] potionssnitches: Weekend update for October 17
[x] snarry100: Has posted prompt #185 - End of an Era
[x] snarry_games: Final Announcement
[x] snarry_holidays: Has an announcemet
[x] snarry_swap: Has Posted a call for Beta Readers
[x] snarry_swap: Has Posted a call for Pinch Hitters

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Oct. 17th, 2009


SS/HP Prophet for October 10-17.

One Shots
[x] atypicalsnowman: Best Laid Plans [R] SS/HP/LM
[x] faeryqueen: A Birthday Surprise [NC-17] SS/HP/LM
[x] thesewarmstars: Here With You [NC-17]
[x] torina_archelda: Jolly Old England [PG]

Works In Progress
[x] SHaria: Eclipse of the Soul has been updated with Chapter 15 [M]
[x] atypicalsnowman: Pains and Contradictions has been updated with Chapter 26 [R]
[x] brissygirl: Philoprogenitiveness has been updated with Chapter 3 [M] SS/HP/CW

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] Lillibet: Magic Balls: A Ridiculous Birthday Ficlet [PG-13]
[x] alisanne: A Proper Hello [PG]
[x] alisanne: Adequate Devotion [PG-13]
[x] alisanne: Fallen Leaves [PG]
[x] alisanne: Favourite Game [PG]
[x] alisanne: Gryffindor Gold [G]
[x] alisanne: Well-Earned Praise [R]
[x] fancypantsdylan: How Harry Got Detention [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Six Months [R]
[x] joanwilder: Contested Memory [NC-17]
[x] lesyeuxverts: World Enough and Time [PG-13]
[x] lilyseyes: Promises Made [R] Warning for chan - Another in the Erastes Series
[x] snarryldws: Week Four Drabbles [PG - NC-17] Warning for chan
[x] sweetmelodykiss: A Wise Decision [PG]
[x] thesewarmstars: Just Words [G]
[x] torino10154: Out of the Rain [PG-13]
[x] torino10154: Playing Favourites [R] SS/HP SS/DM
[x] torino10154: Sight Unseen [PG]
[x] torino10154: The Chosen One [NC-17] Warning for chan
[x] torino10154: What's in a Name? [G]
[x] weasleybits: Liquid Sovereignty [G]
[x] whitecotton: Unrequited [R]

Art And Icons
[x] candygram: Detention, Please? [Not rated]
[x] veridian_dair: Fallen Leaves [PG]
[x] vividzephyr: This is NOT What I Had in Mind! [G]

[x] chaeche: 2009 Snarry Games Tribute Video [Not rated]

[x] snarry100: Challenge 184 - Terms of Endearment

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Oct. 10th, 2009


SS/HP Prophet for Oct 4- Oct 10

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: Not Merely a Mentor [PG-13]
[x] atypicalsnowman: Love is a Black Dress [PG]
[x] bertas: Desperate Measures [NC-17]
[x] joanwilder: Severus and Harry's 2009 Snarry Games Debrief [NC-17]
[x] leela_cat: The Gloves Upon Those Hands [NC-17]
[x] whitecotton: The Idiot's Guide to Courtship [R]

Works In Progress
[x] SHaria: Eclipse of the Soul has been updated up to Chapter 14 [M]
[x] aspenlight: A Family Like None Other has been updated up to Chapter 19 [PG]
[x] lucius_complex: Heart of Darkness has been updated up to Chapter Two [R]
[x] sweetjerry: Harry Snape has been updated up to Chapter 1, part 2 [PG-13]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] ac1d6urn and sinick: Pop Goes The Voldie [G] Ficlet and Art
[x] alisanne: A Reasonable Idea [PG]
[x] alisanne: A Short Ride [R]
[x] alisanne: Hero [PG]
[x] alisanne: Into Freedom [PG]
[x] alisanne: Knowing and Loving [PG]
[x] alisanne: Never Dull [PG-13] HP/SS/DM
[x] alisanne: Preferred Celebration [R]
[x] alisanne: Private Rooms [R] Warning for possible chan
[x] alisanne: Scratching That Itch [PG]
[x] alisanne: Shaping Up [PG]
[x] alisanne: Word of the Day [PG]
[x] atypicalsnowman: Steps [PG]
[x] bertas: Discovered [PG]
[x] bertas: Shoeboxes [PG]
[x] bethbethbeth: Far from the Pegasus, a Home [unrated]
[x] cluegirl: What Do You Get? [Tame]
[x] dead_sexydexy: Inexplicable Peace [G]
[x] eeyore9990: Have Your Cake [NC-17] Snape/Harry/Snape
[x] fancypantsdylan: Eileen Lily [PG-13]
[x] fancypantsdylan: Madness, Love & Humour [R]
[x] ivylady: The Next Adventure [G]
[x] joanwilder: Classics [G]
[x] joanwilder: Double Dare [PG-13]
[x] leela_cat: Snitch and Cauldron Drabbles [PG-13] Set of two drabbles; scroll down
[x] leela_cat: Rainy Day Blues [G]
[x] lilyseyes: Satin [R]
[x] littleblackbow: Untitled [PG]
[x] montana_dan: Fighting with Snape [NC-17]
[x] naturegirlrocks: Collecting Rain [PG]
[x] quixe: When You Hear Hoof Beats… [PG]
[x] snarryldws: Week 3 Drabbles Various ratings
[x] sweetmelodykiss: The Right House [PG-13]
[x] tessisamess: Commercial Breaks [M]
[x] thesewarmstars: The Shoebox [PG]
[x] torina_archelda: Surprises [G]
[x] torino10154: The Truth Will Out [PG]
[x] whitecotton: Harry Tops [NC-17]
[x] whitecotton: Into the Sun [PG-13]

[x] centaury_squill: Untitled Limerick [Unrated]

Art And Icons
[x] andreanna: Untitled Snarry Art [NC-17]
[x] ariadneelda: Twp Pieces of Untitled Snarry Art [G-PG]
[x] eriador117: Snape's Pet [R]
[x] glockgal: Untitled Snarry Art [G]
[x] plantinshadows: Topping from the Bottom [NC-17]
[x] swtalmnd: Untitled Snarry Art [NC-17]
[x] swtalmnd: Untitled Snarry Art NSFW First three are Snape/Harry
[x] synn: Close [G]
[x] undunoops: The Tipping Point [G]
[x] venturous: Our Queen [R]
[x] veridian_dair: Fresh Ink [PG]

[x] severussighs: Are Accepting Questions For Their Author Interviews
[x] snarry100: Challenge 183 - Rain
[x] snarry_games: Snarry Mixed Games Medal Ceremonies

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