Dec. 1st, 2005


SS/HP News: 22-30 November

Original poster: atrata

[x] We Belong Together (R) by [info]harry_sev
[x] Attitude Adjustment (PG) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Open Road (R) by [info]executivehpfan [Ed. note: I think the stories by this author are re-posts, but I also think I've never heard of them, so I went ahead and listed them.]
[x] Exquisite Extreme (R) by [info]executivehpfan
[x] Dismissed (NC-17) by [info]beizy
[x] Putting the Damage On (NC-17) by [info]ofscarletwoman (Tarie)
[x] Curious (NC-17) by [info]fikushon_desu
[x] A Midsummer Night's Potion (NC-17) by [info]fikushon_desu
[x] Rainy Day Men (PG-13) by [info]starcrossedgirl
[x] .45 (PG-13) by [info]angelsotherlove
[x] Staring Down the Barrel (PG) by [info]maskofsmiles
[x] Happy Endings (PG-13) by [info]lobo_solitario
[x] Poison (NC-17) by [info]spadix

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Four drabbles by [info]occasusvenustas. Various ratings.
[x] Daydream (R+) by [info]silverphoenix69
[x] My and My (PG) by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie (Spirit)
[x] Frazzled (adult) by [info]alliekatgal
[x] Every Night (G) by [info]melora100
[x] Later by [info]tryfanstone
[x] Eclipse (PG-13) by [info]terra_belle
[x] Snarry Bliss (PG-13) by [info]sefyre
[x] About A Boy (G) by [info]jadzia7667

Works in Progress
[x] [info]hello_hbp is a multimedia collaboration between [info]sinick and [info]ac1d6urn. There is one chapter so far.
[x] The Cleanest Piece of Smut You'll Ever Find (NC-17) by [info]rakina is now complete. Three parts.
[x] [info]jadzia7667 has posted the epilogue to Ambiguous Morality, which I am assuming means the story is complete.
[x] Transposition (NC-17) is a new WiP by [info]lockythebunny with one chapter so far.
[x] Learning (NC-17) by [info]spark_of_chaos is now complete. Four parts, approx. 40,000 words.

Art & Icons
[x] Connections (PG) by [info]ponderosa121
[x] Ship icons by [info]nimori, including the one I'm using for this post.
[x] You don't have to call me Sir, Professor (G) by [info]ac1d6urn. Acid is selling it on eBay; the auction ends Sunday. High-res version available here.
[x] Hedonism (NC-17, Snape/Harry/Hermione) by [info]lizardspots
[x] Death Grip (G) by [info]endaemion
[x] Snape/Harry sketch (G) by [info]kaptainsnot [Ed. note: The artist is the 'Ev' in question in the sketch.]
[x] Pederasty2 (R) by [info]netbyrd
[x] Snape/Harry (PG-13) by [info]minitsu. Keep an eye on this post for more Snape/Harry by this artist.
[x] Trapped (PG) by [info]kero_sama, fanart for [info]ptyx's story of the same name. Links to different sizes and more by the artist can be found in [info]ptyx's post, here.
[x] [info]tasha_neko has pictures of customized Snape/Harry dolls

[x] Ouroboros (R) by [info]hesychasm

Fic Searches
[x] [info]mimiheart is looking for hurt/comfort recs
[x] [info]changclaire5 is also looking for hurt/comfort recs
[x] [info]tradesland is looking for fics in which Snape hurts Harry in some way and then tries to make amends
[x] [info]ryelle33 is looking for complete chaptered fics
[x] [info]sozuki17 is looking for professor!Harry fics
[x] [info]whitney112 is looking for novel-length fics with a nice buildup, set post-OotP

[x] The Yahoo group Two Broomsticks has issued a Snape/Harry cliche challenge. You'll have to join the group, but it involves writing your favourite Snape/Harry cliche, giving it a happy ending in no less than 1,000 words, and doing it all by 15 December.
[x] [info]snarry_slash is having a December lyric challenge
[x] [info]snape_potter's December theme is Christmas
[x] This week's challenge at [info]snape100 is dream

[x] [info]kuffla has updated volume 1 (A) and volume 2 (B) of the HP/SS completed stories list
[x] [info]sch_addiction has posted the community masterlist of all recs and reviews
[x] [info]master_of_one has a list of the similiarities and differences between Severus and Harry
[x] [info]mertonfanatic made a Snape/Harry wallpaper. 1024x768.
[x] [info]snarrydetention has an update about the status of the Detention archive
[x] [info]logospilgrim posted the transcript of her paper from the Witching Hour, Snape is not ambiguous

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Nov. 22nd, 2005


SS/HP News: 19-22 November

Original poster: atrata

[x] Catching the Snape (PG-13) by Qzeebrella ([info]qzee)
[x] Icon by [info]rantipole_ (NC-17): Part one and part two
[x] Smoky Memories (R) by [info]arachnethe2

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] His Only Joy (G) by [info]melora98
[x] In Anticipation of Grief (PG) by [info]reddwarfer

Works in Progress
[x] Strange Attraction by [info]atrata is a new WiP with two chapters so far.
[x] The Cleanest Piece of Smut You'll Ever Find is a three-part series by [info]rakina. Part one is posted.
[x] Shattered Souls by [info]eriador117 is now complete. 28 chapters, rated M+.
[x] The Law of Sexuality by [info]rakina is now complete. 61 chapters, NC-17.
[x] Scenes from a Mentorship by [info]gaeta is now complete. Gen.

[x] Marked, Defiled (R) by [info]trifles

Art & Icons
[x] Happily Ever After (G) by [info]shariot
[x] Snarry in Satin (G) by [info]yorugami_ahou
[x] The Fool & The Moon (G) by [info]miyoung_boz. Two separate pieces.
[x] [info]lament_du_lamia posted some Snape icons. Some of them are even pervy!

[x] [info]gothic_kaiba has made a Yukipon-inspired colourbar
[x] Remember the Snape Chocolate Harry Addiction League? Now it's a community: [info]schal. The mods would love everyone to join and post reviews of Snape/Harry stories and chocolate.
[x] now allows authors to respond to reviews. No more review responses in the text of chaptered fics!

This Newsletter
[x] I am in the process of tagging this community. Regular posts (like this one) will be tagged by month and year, which is largely an exercise in redundancy. However, the special WiP editions are all tagged as such, and therefore easily accessible.
[x] I'm reserving the right to take the rest of the week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States. If there's actually stuff going on, I may post, but don't be alarmed if this is the only post for the week.
[x] The SSHP Prophet is very pleased to announce our collaboration with the After Class mailing list. This means two things: First, our issues will be going out on the mailing list. Many subscribers don't have LJs, so we're hoping this will help bring together the different corners of the Snape/Harry fandom. Second, [info]snapetoy, [info]nimori and [info]magic_helmet, the lovely After Class mods, are joining the Prophet's editorial team. Yay! We're still working on scheduling and logistics, but I'm sure they'll do an excellent job. [info]murklins and I are absolutely thrilled to have them aboard.
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Nov. 20th, 2005


SS/HP News: 16-19 November

Original poster: murklins

[x] Captive Audience (NC-17) by [info]rexluscus. Also includes SS/LM.
[x] The Accidental Incident by [info]unbroken_halo
[x] Hope Raises No Dust (R) by [info]the_con_cept

Completed Chapter Fics
[x] Anything, Professor Snape (NC-17) by [info]roedhunt: Part 1 and Part 2

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] Nothing More (R) by [info]occasusvenustas
[x] Snarry P0rn (R) by [info]cs_whitewolf
[x] The Bump (NC-17) by [info]eriador117
[x] Better Get Ready To Bow To The Masters (R) by [info]reddwarfer. Sequel to It's All About the Game.
[x] In Anticipation of Grief (PG) by [info]reddwarfer

[x] Green Eyes (PG-13) by [info]qzee

[x] WiP Book 6 illustration (G) by [info]ac1d6urn. Gen.
[x] Unembraced (PG) by [info]electromoon

[x] [info]fetishism was looking for snarry colour bars
[x] [info]_outercourse was searching for AU fics, or pre-OoTP fics, where Sirius is alive, and Snape and Harry are shagging like dogs
[x] [info]harry_sev was looking for a completed Snarry story based on the movie "Pretty Woman"

[x] [info]ssilver_serpent is a new Snarry friendly RP which is currently looking for members

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Nov. 17th, 2005


SS/HP News: 14-16 November

Original poster: murklins

[x] Potentially SS/HP (pairing is listed as HP/?): The Price of Freedom (PG) by [info]betsanne
[x] Harry's Secret Itch (Adult content, Hot) by [info]cruisedirector and [info]ldybastet

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] Gillyweed Lies (R), In the Stands (G+), Three Years Later (NC-17) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Elevation (PG-13) by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie

[x] Untitled (G) by [info]tikigeek. Gen.
[x] Learning to Play (G) in [info]fanart_fairy
[x] Untitled (G) by [info]mieronna

[x] Interview with Daniel Radcliffe, at the end of which he talks a bit about Snape and Harry

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Nov. 15th, 2005


SS/HP News: 10-14 November

Original poster: murklins

[x] No One Expects the Snapish Inquisition (NC-17) by Veritas ([info]moltensulfur)
[x] Gothic Fantasy #z (R) by [info]ptyx. Part of the Gothic Series but can be read as a stand-alone.
[x] So Much More (NC-17) by [info]harry_sev (quixotic_hope)
[x] Having to Defend being Unique (PG) by Redrum ([info]lobo_solitario). Sequel to Unique.
[x] Pink Slip (NC-17) by [info]cluegirl. Includes background Zach Smith/Macnair.
[x] Only To You (R/NC-17) by [info]reddwarfer. Sequel to Beautiful.
[x] A Surprising Turn of Events (Hot Smut) by [info]the_con_cept

Works in Progress
[x] Darkness Shadows Light 2 by Maddy has been updated with chapter 13

Completed Chapter Fics
[x] Special Delivery (NC-17) concludes [info]jadzia7667's Handle With Care series. Primarily HP/DM.

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] The Little Things (PG) by [info]occasusvenustas
[x] Indulgences for the Sinner (PG-13) by [info]reddwarfer
[x] Acceptance (G) by [info]melora98. Gen.
[x] It's All About the Game (PG-13) by [info]reddwarfer
[x] Fondue Wishes (PG-13) by [info]yorugami_ahou. Sequel to The Evening Cupcake.
[x] Last Breath (G) by [info]melora98
[x] The Elixir of Life (G), Mad Monkey Sex Drabble #1 (NC-17), Mad Monkey Sex Drabble #2 - A Well Laid Trap (G) and No Comparison (NC-17) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Moving On (PG-13) by [info]lightgoddess_69. A companion piece to A Not So Happy Birthday.

[x] Disturbing Limerick (NC-17) by [info]jadzia7667

Art & Icons
[x] Former Professor Snape's Illustrated Guide to Grudging Redemption (G) by [info]pen_and_umbra
[x] Harry Potter dressed as Severus Snape (G) by [info]tanpopomiso. Gen.
[x] Leather and Licks (R) by [info]chrysos
[x] Some Snape icons by [info]dracopottamus, one of which leans a bit toward Snape/Harry.
[x] Cocklumency (R/NC-17) by [info]vimessy

[x] Nym has reposted her SS/HP Sins of Omission series to her site
[x] [info]valis2 is looking for Snape hurt/comfort fics for a masterlist
[x] [info]lusciouslucius9 made a rainbow snape is love banner thingy
[x] [info]kuffla posted the HP/SS List of Finished Stories Version 2.0, Volume 25 (Miscellaneous). The full list can be found here.
[x] Goblet of Fire is this week's [info]snarry100 challenge.
[x] [info]stainedpaper is looking for a website that has every interaction between Snape and Harry in the books
[x] The [info]snarry_reader has posted a list of stories and art added to the Master List in the first two weeks of November

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Nov. 10th, 2005


SS/HP News: 7-10 November

Original poster: atrata

[x] Dude. Where are the one-shots?

Drabbles & Ficlets
[x] Two drabbles by [info]tipgardner (those are separate links).
[x] Deciding Factor (PG) by [info]coeur_de_ma_vie
[x] There are three Snape/Harry drabbles in the comments of this post. Look for [info]sharp_tongue, [info]swtalmnd and [info]iulia_linnea.
[x] A Smutty Interlude (NC-17) by [info]rushlight75. It's multi-fandom; the Snape/Harry is, I believe, the fifth one down.
[x] Truth (R) by [info]reddwarfer
[x] In the Middle of Things (NC-17, Snape/Harry/Remus) by [info]reddwarfer

Works in Progress
[x] Gods and Monsters is a new WiP by [info]jin_fenghuang with one chapter so far
[x] Liberation is a new WiP by [info]evilremmy with three chapters so far.
[x] [info]darth_stitch has posted the prologue to a new WiP, Waking the Prince.
[x] Anything, Professor Snape (NC-17) by [info]roedhunt. This is part one of two.
[x] Nhandu (adult) by [info]ptyx is now complete, with eight chapters and an epilogue.

[x] Ordinary Celebrants (NC-17) by [info]venivincere

Art & Icons
[x] Harry and Snape 3 (R) by [info]perselus
[x] Icons by [info]ack_attack. I like to think anything that includes the phrase, "there's no need to call me sir, professor," is automatically Snape/Harry.
[x] This post has two Snape/Harry icons by [info]spadix
[x] Monastery!Snarry (G) by [info]killingswine
[x] .35 Sigma, a Snape/Harry doujinshi. You have to be a member of [info]yaoi_daily to see it. Part one, part two, part three, and part four.

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Nov. 7th, 2005


SS/HP News: 4-7 November

Original poster: atrata

[x] Icon (NC-17) by [info]rantipole_
[x] Unique (PG) by Redrum ([info]lobo_solitario
[x] The Evening Cupcake (PG-13) by [info]yorugami_ahou
[x] Breathless Beginnings (R) by [info]jadzia7667 [Ed. note: This is listed as being fourth in a series, but I think it can stand alone. I hope you'll all forgive me for being slightly out of the loop.]

Ficlets & Drabbles
[x] Anniversary (PG) by [info]littlecup
[x] Wanting (PG-13) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Untitled Queerditch drabble by [info]likeaglass
[x] Kiss (PG-13) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Untitled Queerditch drabble by [info]likeaglass
[x] There are a few Snape/Harry drabbles in the comments to this post
[x] Impotent Rage (G) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Nine SS/HP drabbles by [info]occasusvenustas

Art & Icons
[x] I am not a coward (G) by [info]glockgal
[x] [info]ac1d6urn posted chapter 11 of Toil & Trouble
[x] [info]raven_feathers posted some icons, one of which is Snape/Harry!
[x] [info]lidi has 60 HP icons, more than one of which is Snape/Harry.
[x] Untitled cross-dressing art (R) by [info]mnb123clowngirl.

[x] The [info]snarry_reader has posted a list of pen names and LJ names, to help people find their favourite authors.
[x] [info]dotty23 is searching for completed HP/SS vampire fics
[x] [info]ac1d6urn posted the notes for her Snape/Harry story The Price of Magic
[x] [info]the_con_cept wonders about writing for a fest versus writing for LJ, and also has a Snarry pic.
[x] [info]yorugami_ahou has a plot bunny up for adoption and is willing to draw fanart for whomever writes it.
[x] [info]kuffla has posted Volume 24 (XYZ) of the HP/SS List of Finished Stories (ver. 2)
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[x] Hi.



SS/HP special edition: Works in Progress

Original poster: murklins

This is a master list of all the in progress stories that the [info]sshp_prophet has listed in previous issues. Any that have been updated since they were last noted in the prophet are indicated with a bold [x]. If a story has no index page listing all of its parts, I have linked only to the most recent part. You are on your own when it comes to tracking down the other parts, I'm afraid.

The Silver Snitch is still down so any stories that were hosted there will not have functioning links. If you know of any alternate places to find those stories, please do let us know.

Format: Title | Author | Chapter as of my putting together this post | Date of most recent update (DD.MM.YY)

Cut for length )

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Nov. 5th, 2005


SS/HP News: 2-4 November

Original poster: murklins

[x] Private Lessons In Piety (NC-17) by [info]isidore13 and [info]dementordelta
[x] Chocolate (R) by [info]eriador117. Follows Games Without Frontiers and His Master's Voice.
[x] I Want to Be Your Rent-Boy (Adult) by [info]alliekatgal
[x] Respect (G) by [info]jadzia7667. Pre-slash.
[x] Whose Idea Was This? (G+) by [info]jadzia7667

Completed Chapter Fics
[x] Tears of the Sun (M+) by [info]eriador117

Drabbles and Ficlets
[x] Cunning Child (G+) by [info]jadzia7667
[x] Mine! (R) by [info]magdelena1969

[x] Everybody loves Severus (PG) by [info]vimessy. Multiple pairings.
[x] Give It Up, Severus (PG-13) by [info]littlecup
[x] [info]tasha_neko has photographed (somewhat suggestively) her Snape and Harry dolls

[x] If you are not yet a member of dawn-to-dusk, you can read more about Wave X of the HP/SS Fuh-Q-Fest in [info]djin7's and [info]painless_j's informative posts

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Nov. 3rd, 2005


SS/HP News: 31 October - 2 November

Original poster: murklins

[x] Challenged (R) by [info]the_con_cept
[x] Escape (PG-13) by [info]lightgoddess_69
[x] Protecting Harry (R) by [info]ravenrosebud

[x] The [info]snarry_slash November Lyric Challenge is Shinedown's 45
[x] The [info]snarry_reader has posted a list of stories and art added to the Master List in the last two weeks of October
[x] [info]hp_kinkathon posted a Masterlist of Kinkathon entries, which includes one HP/DM/SS story, The Trouble with Invisibility... (NC-17) by [info]kallipiak
[x] The theme for Wave X of the From Dusk Till Dawn Severus Snape/Harry Potter Fuh-Q-Fest has been announced: "Not Here, Not Now! No Magic?" To participate, you must join by December 20th, 2005.

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[x] This issue is tiny! Has it been a slow couple of days for this pornalicious pairing, or am I off my game?
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