25 July 2011 @ 09:42 am
Announcing: Cliche Fest  
Because too much of a good thing can be wonderful: CLICHE FEST

Cliche Fest Banner
Banner and art by [info]veridari

Forced marriage, detention, and amnesia, OH MY!

Whatever your poison, whatever your favorite Snarry cliche, it's allowed in this fest. Want to see Snape get transformed into a sleek but cantankerous feline? How about some Snape saves Harry from the Dursleys fic? Perhaps someone can't help but want to play matchmaker or is curious about Snape's reputation as a Slytherin Sex God? How about some Patronus sex? And is there a hint of mpreg in that forced bonding fic?

Maybe that isn't your flavor. Perhaps you like your Snarry dark or angsty. Maybe you want something where Voldemort won? Or where being used as a pawn for so long had less than fluffy consequences for either (or both) of our heroes?

Perhaps you'd like to turn a cliche on its ear. Maybe Harry catches Snape masturbating in the Quidditch changing rooms or the broom shed. Maybe it's Harry who is a 40 year old virgin. Whatever the cliche, whatever you do to it, we want to read/see it, too. Put a new spin on an old trope or revisit an old favorite. All cliches are welcome here.

"Cliche Fest" is an anonymous, one-shot, theme-based fic and art fest hosted at [info]snape_potter on LJ, IJ, and DW. Since the theme is "Cliches", posting will be throughout the month of October and end on Halloween.

Sign-Ups Begin Monday, August 1, at 12 Noon EST

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