25 July 2012 @ 04:57 pm
Summer of Snarry: FIC: It Was Summer When...  
Challenge: Summer of Snarry
Title: It Was Summer When...
Author: [info]btch_sprinkles
Other pairings/threesome: Harry/Ginny (sort of)
Rating: Hard R
Word count: 4,669
Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *Some Het, post DH*
Summary: Harry never envisioned his life the way he was living it, yet never had the courage to change anything. Summer after summer he finds himself asking the should-be dead man for help to keep living a life he hates. Severus Snape, however, gets a bit tired of it, and takes matters into his own hands.
A/N: Strangely, I had a more difficult time with this prompt than I thought I would. Huge hugs to [info]nevereverposts for her input and beta. Much love! Any mistakes left in the fic are solely mine. Hope you enjoy. Oh and Mods, I can't cross post, so if you're willing and would like to, I would appreciate the cross post to the other sites. Thanks!

It Was Summer When... )