02 August 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Announcing: The Fifth Annual [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap  

banner by angelfireeast, from art by [info]noirenails

snarry_swap: Fireworks of Snarry

Sign-ups: August 4 to 21, 2010


The [info]snarry_swap is under new management and sign-ups for the fifth annual [info]snape_potter Daft Day [info]snarry_swap will begin on August 4th. They will remain open until August 21st.

"Snarry Swap" is an anonymous fic and art exchange fest that has always been hosted by [info]snape_potter. In previous years, this fest was posted only on IJ at the [info]snarry_swap community. However, beginning this year, Snarry Swap, like all other fests hosted by [info]snape_potter will be cross-posted directly to [info]snape_potter on LJ, IJ, and DW. The [info]snarry_swap community on IJ will remain, but will not be updated. All entries after this one including sign-ups will be posted at [info]snape_potter with one exception: a master post that links to the "Snarry Swap" tag on [info]snape_potter will be posted at [info]snarry_swap to enable readers to easily locate the entries.

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