05 September 2015 @ 11:35 am
Sign up to rec Snarry at Crack_Broom!  
If you're a big Snarry fan--and I know you are because you're here at [info]snape_potter *g*--why not sign up to rec Snarry over at [info]crack_broom? You don't need to be a "professional" reccer, just someone who loves the pairing and wants to point out their favorites to other fen looking for a great read!

The queue is currently terribly short so you can hop on the broom right away! You need only make four recs in one month and it can be fic, art, even podfic! What better way to spread the Snarry love!

The Big Queue, with links to all the rules, can be found here but if you want to head straight to the sign up page, it's here!

If you have any questions about reccing at [info]crack_broom, I'm sure the lovely mods there will be happy to help you out!
30 March 2015 @ 04:27 pm
author signups 2015!  
Hello, all Snarry shippers!

We are having a Summer themed round this year and need lots of fic to choose from. If your fic has anything to do with summer (starts or ends, vacation, heatwaves, solstice), we'd love to have you sign-up granting permission to record your fic! [info]snape_potter has hosted a summer fest for quite a few years, so there should be lots of good fic to choose from, but we podficcers need your permission. Any and all Snarry fic is welcome!

Let your fics be HEARD!!!
[info]hp_podfic_fest 2015

Authors 2015
Authors Sign-up Here!!!

08 October 2013 @ 11:56 am
200-word spooky goodness needed!  
Hi, all! The annual [info]hp_halloween Double Drabble Exchange is open for sign-ups HERE through Thursday, and we could really use more Snarry fen! It's a gift exchange of only 200 words. You can do it!

hph co-mod
25 March 2013 @ 02:49 pm
come list your offerings!  
Everyone, please come out and offer your stories for podficcing. There is so little Snarry currently podficced, and this is a great opportunity to get more. There is no guarantee that your story will get recorded if offered, but the more offers the better chances that ANY Snarry gets produced. Any rating, any length, any genre. So please come give blanket permission!

Let your fics be HEARD!!!
hp-podfic-fest 2013

Sign-up Here!!!

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