15 October 2012 @ 08:23 am
Severus/Harry Big Bang: Follow Me Home  
Title: Follow Me Home
Author: [info]emilywaters76
Artist: [info]laniern
Other pairings: Past Severus/OMC; Implied Ron/Hermione
Fic Rating: NC-17
Art Rating: R (NWS)
Word count: 33K
Content/Warning(s): (highlight for spoilers) *OoC, violence, noncon, BDSM, rough sex, corporal punishment, bondage, humiliation, knife-play, rack (risk-aware consensual kink)*
Summary: Seven years after the war, Harry Potter is gone from the wizarding world. A chance meeting in a Muggle BDSM club leaves Snape wondering about the reasons that made Harry leave.
A/N: Please click on the art to make it larger.

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(Follow Me Home)