Daily Scans - April 30th, 2009

April 30th, 2009

April 30th, 2009
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Magneto and Wolverine.

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SemiCasstoons Reaction: Real Life Super Team in Cincinnati
Context and Poorly Drawn Cartoon Behind Link  )

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Flash: Rebirth #2 Preview
The Source, DC's blog, has posted the variant cover and a six page preview for The Flash: Rebirth #2 out next week. The cover and four of the pages from the preview under the cut.

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Not so fast, Pussy.


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Justice Society of America #26
Spoiler Cut )

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only one-sixth of the issue

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Streets of Gotham

So I already put this on my pull list coz of the awesomeness that is Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen (and don't forget Derek Fridolfs!)

And then I saw this and I felt like *icon Spongebob* WHY CAN'T IT COME OUT SOONER?

Preview page.


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Spectacular Spider-Girl: More Surprises!
BIG spoilers from the latest issue of Spectacular Spider-Girl/Amazing Spider-Man Family. (ASMF is 55 pages in total, the SSG segment is 23, I counted!) DON'T click the link if you don't want to know, folks, I cannot stress that enough.

Sadly, I couldn't include more of the newest "Parker", because I think I already love her, but I figured people would want to see this more...

Should I call you Uncle Pete from now on? )

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Bat/Cat: True Love

My favorite Bat/Cat moment yet...
(Scans: Pencils by Don Newton, inks by Dan Adkins; story by Gerry Conway.)

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Runaways vol. 3 #9
Three scans from Terry Moore's last issue.


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Aetheric Mechanics
Title: Aetheric Mechanics (Avatar Press, 2008, 46 pages)
Creators: Warren Ellis (writer), Gianluca Pagliarani (pencils)
Availability: In print.

A Sherlock Holmes pastiche as written by Warren Ellis. When I first posted this back at the old comm, I described it as "what awesome will be once it grows hair on its chest and finds the confidence to talk to girls". I stand by this opinion.

It's not what you think.

Anyway -- good book. Lots of fun. Deserves your money.

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GALACTA (or "The World-Eater's Daughter")
First post at the new scans_daily! Hopefully I haven't forgotten how to do one of these things. My biggest concern is the new cut system, as requested in the userinfo, so if my HTML is borked, I'll get on it ASAP. Apologies in advance.

So! Onto the scans.

I imagine most of us didn't pay much attention to the two-part MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR, featuring offbeat stories helmed by Marvel's intrepid Assistant Editors.

I'd have thought a MINI-MARVELS Hawkeye comic by Chris Giarrusso would certainly get attention, as would the comic debut of THE DAILY SHOW'S Wyatt Cenac writing Luke Cage. Hell, I wish more people had noticed the fact that D-Man finally got treated with dignity after the crap Bendis put him through.

But as such, few folks probably even care that Marvel is having a poll to vote on which of the six stories deserves continuation.

For me, there is only one contender:

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Hal Jordan is a bad person
Four pages from Green Lantern 40.
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Sherlock Holmes is on the case.

Four scans from Sherlock Holmes #1, by Leah (spawn of Alan) Moore, John Reppion, and Aaron Campbell.

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New X-Men 42 (September 2007)
This is my virgin post. I think this moment is comedic gold. The timing, the style, the dialogue... I love Wolverine.

"Previously in NEW X-MEN:

The students of the Xavier Institute have had a rough few months... Then, Mercury was abducted and tortured by the FACILITY, which used her liquid metal flesh to help create PREDATOR X-- a creature conceived by the people who created X-23, designed to hunt down and kill a specific mutant target..."

Wolfcub and Loa are discussing who the Target might be. It's supposed to be the youngest. Meanwhile Pixie is avoiding a lesson in the danger room from Logan.

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Is this a cameo I see before me?
With only a handful of specials and a run of Hamlet to occupy his time this year, it looks David Tennant is grabbing himself some face time in the prequels to the forthcoming GI Joe movie.

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I feel sad all my old Kamandi post are lost in the ether...

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What the smurfing smurf is going on here?

A sizeable gap in my cultural awareness is my lack of knowledge about the Smurfs. Until I came across these covers for the German editions, I hadn't even noticed that they have short stubby tails sticking out of a hole in their trousers. All I knew about these folk was the gag "Where do baby Smurfs come from?" (answer, "Smucking.") But these covers are intriguing and appealing enough to make me want to check the series out. (I do know that "smurfs" is just the American name for these critters, and they were created by a Belgian named Deyo. Well, that and the merchandising which was huge for a while, and which you would have to make an effort not to have noticed. I still liked the Troll dolls better.)

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Adventure Comics Content Revealed (SPOILERS for Lo3W #4)
So while DC announced a new Adventure Comics title months ago they've kept the contents of the book a (somewhat) mystery. They've finally revealed the contents at there blog the Source.

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