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09 August 2011 at 03:41 am
[Yuki woke up about 25% of the way outside...in the park. He was mostly irked because it was hot, but didn't wake up completely. So he's now sleepily wandering in the direction of his house... He bumps into things along the way and eventually activates his communicator. The picture is of a scrawny, sleepy teenage boy who does not look at all happy. Or sad really. Just blank. He also groggily mutters things occasionally.

Well, he finally bumps into a wall, the wall is cool on his forehead so he stays there. Inevitably his eyes close and his breathing steadies. He falls asleep against that wall.]


[Well! Feel free to bother him. Be careful about being violent with him though~ ♥ Also, if you knew him before, he's been gone for about a couple days now! He's back!]
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22 April 2011 at 11:18 pm
[It was the rain that woke Diva up, splashing her with water and proving Orihime's words were correct as the powder from Yuri's sneak attack washed away. Staring at the paint tainted water washed down the building, Diva slowly gathered herself together. She was cold, wet, and after a full day of holi, insufferably hungry. Jumping down off the rooftop, Diva landed lightly. Lifting her dress, Diva smiled at her bare feet, pleased that even the color on her shoes was quickly fading.]

[It was as she turned towards home that she caught sight of oragne fur out of the corner of her eye. Stooping, Diva poked at it, her gaze quickly flicking over the ground and making note of the puddle of clothes a few feet away. Poking the cat again, Diva bent down and picked it up by the scruff of its neck.]

You're ugly.

[Baring her teeth, Diva laughed and then flipped on her video. Suddenly, somehow, Diva was in a good mood.]


I've found someone's cat. You better come take him before I throw him through a window [ ♥ ]
[video | open]
28 March 2011 at 09:41 pm
[Deep, steadying breath.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Euphemia li Britannia for those of you I haven't met. [It feels like she needs another one of those deep, steadying breaths now, but she charges onward with nothing but sincerity and concern in her voice.]

I wanted to apologize to all of you for the horrible, unspeakable things I've said and done since I returned. I just want you to know I don't wish anyone harm, and I don't think any less of the Japanese. [She pauses here. It's hard to say all this with the way she is still fighting the geass back. Cross' sorcery had lessened the effect, but it hadn't removed it completely. It just made it manageable. Controllable.] I understand that I'll need to show this through my future actions as well as my words. If there is anything I can do to make amends, please don't hesitate to tell me.

I don't want to take up any more of your time. Thank you for listening, and once again. I'm deeply, deeply sorry to everyone and especially to those I threatened individually and Orihime.

[She hesitates a moment as if there is more she wants to say, but finally completes her broadcast with a soft click.]
[Action/Video - Open] Backdated to Early Evening
20 March 2011 at 12:23 am
[When the video turns on, Yuki is muttering a quiet thank you to a bot that is scurrying away.] Ah, I've moved from the shelter to a house in sector four... [He wasn't sure if he should tell, but then figured he might as well. He faces the camera towards the house, showing it to you.]

I'll probably still be coming to the shelter for food though... [Laughs quietly, despite himself.]


Kyou, I would appreciate it if I didn't have to bother the poor bots anymore, they seem so busy... [So please don't punch walls or anything. B| And yes, he is announcing this publicly.]

[[OOC: Yuki needs housemates. There is no question of this. So! Castmates as well as anyone else can help me with this, yes? :'D]]
[ Video | Action ]
11 March 2011 at 09:07 pm
[ After clicking some of the buttons of the communicator, the video feed shows a perky blonde boy in the kitchen, surrounded by pots and other kitchen utensils-- It's obvious he's been trying to cook something. ] I think I missed yesterday's announcement about today's Valentine's event, so I wasn't prepared at all! But to make up for it, I'll be at the kitchen preparing chocolate in case someone wants to come over to help me out.

So how has everybody's Valentine's Day been like?

Oh and, for the new inmates, my name is Momiji Sohma and I am pleased to meet you all! [ smile~ ]
{ ooc: He has no memories of ever leaving the prison. }
08 March 2011 at 09:36 am
[There is a flash of video, a shot of an iris a very unusual shade of brown--almost more of a red or orange hue to it before the video cuts out.]

They expect us to actually use this stupid thing? [The sounds of movement over the microphone, the kid obviously has no idea the machine is even on. But hey! The video switches back on and you get a full face of someone who is obviously pissed and holding his temper together by sheer willpower.]

Just forget it. It doesn't matter. [The device is clenched tightly in Kyou's hands, which are shaking. Therefore the screen is shaking as well. He has no idea the communicator is on but it's actually amazing he hasn't broken it yet.]
[Action/Video - Open]
01 March 2011 at 02:05 pm
[If you live in the shelters and happen to have a nose, you will smell the unmistakable scent of smoke. If you perhaps wander into the kitchen, you will find that the fire that had once been here is completely gone, but instead there's a large amount of fire extinguishing residue. This substance is all over the stove and the guilty assailant holding the fire extinguisher.

That was close.

Yuki sure hopes that no one comes to investigate or something. He really didn't want his first impression on people to be of a horrendous cook. But then again...how would he clean this mess? He wasn't very good at this sort of thing.

So he turns on his communicator and sets it to video]

...perhaps I am going to need a bit of help... [As he says this, the smoke detector finally kicks in and begins to obnoxiously warn anyone in the vicinity that there was indeed a fire in the Shelter kitchens.]


[H-he just wanted...to try and cook something...]
28 February 2011 at 08:49 pm
[Roxas spent most of yesterday curled up in a ball and being miserable. He drank only water and probably refused food even after he was feeling better. He did not talk to anyone or even listen to anyone who may have talked to him.

And now he is awake, and running over the fuzzy events of that night. He doesn't like not remembering. So he's nibbling on toast (still not excited about too much food) and drinking water, out on the porch in front of their house, writing in his diary... and thinking.]

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19 February 2011 at 05:32 pm
You know-- You know...

I don't really see the big deal about alcohol. It doesn't really -- taste all that great at first. Sort of like... it burns. But it's warm! I like that it feels warm.

[this is a slightly wobbly fifteen-year-old Nobody. he is still in the bar, with Shiki just visible behind him]

But I can handle it. [he is also slightly smug]

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[voice | open]
14 February 2011 at 11:12 pm
So...I can't be the only one that sees the flaws in Acumen's new policy.

[And this has nothing to do with the whole commitment thing and that Axel doesn't do commitment, oh no.]
[video | open][action | closed]
11 February 2011 at 06:25 pm
[The video clicks on to a smiling face that should be familiar to most of the dome.]

Hello! I wonder if I could have everyone's attention.

[She tilts her head, looking fondly out into the video audience.] I need some help. You see, [She turns the device so that the shelter stairwell is visible and at the bottom is a redhead—twisted and lying limply.] Orihime is blocking the stairs, and I wouldn't want anyone to trip and get hurt! Could someone remove the body? Watch your step please!

Acumen took the gun I was using, but I still need to kill the rest of the Japanese here. So, if you're Japanese please go ahead and kill yourself or meet me by the koi pond. I'll drown everyone just as fast as I can.

Oh, I hope the fish don't mind.

[Video - Open]
07 February 2011 at 10:55 pm
[A puzzled boy's face appears on the video feed.] Ah...! [He got it to work!] This is a jail...right...? It doesn't look very much like a jail...it seems more like a city...at least the ball and chain is realistic... [Frowns softly and tilts his head.]


Well...! My name is Yuki... [Dazzling smile is dazzling.] It is very nice to meet all of you...I hope we can get along...

[The only reason he isn't freaking out and asking so many questions is because he has already been reviewing notes and pamphlets. He also listened to other newcomers and their responses to the situation. He's a little bit shocked...but trying to keep his calm.]

Can someone direct me towards my living quarters...? [First survival tactic: Find shelter.]