02 May 2011 at 12:52 am
[ Lenalee was walking home when it hit her. it's as. a painful rush of loneliness and anger as Lenalee suddenly remembers, and remembers everything.

she slides to her knees and shakes. Allen's left her with the words "love" and "home", and Lavi and Kanda haven't left her with anything but the news of the loss of them.

she doesn't know which way to go first - to the apartment or to Kanda's, and so she's tied to the ground with her eyesight streaking.


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[ video/action ]
02 May 2011 at 10:26 am
[ Hello, Marina! How do you like your newcomers and how they are panicking or the whatnot? Well, how about a change? You may have a man who is just standing around, looking so calm in Sector Four- the park to be exact.

He seems rather interested in his surroundings but at this moment, he is very fascinated by the little headset he's been given. ]

This is just a brilliant device. A headset with video and voice functions to communicate over? A few years late behind everyone, but, ohhh, what will they think of next? Though the design can be a bit better-- well, I've seen worse-- well, it's not that bad-- well, yeah, it's a bit bad. They can do better with the colour.

[ He taps on the screen before remembering that, oh, he needs to be asking something! ]

But anyhow, hello! Yes, if anyone is listening to this, I'm the Doctor. Nice to meet you all.

Right now, I'm in a bit of a predicament such as waking up in a new area-- "one-point-six-zero-nine kilometres beneath the surface of the Eloquois Ocean" if Acumanny here is telling the truth. This isn't the first time something like this has happened but still quite unpleasant though I do admit that this is a lovely welcome so far except that whole list of crimes bit.

[ Nope, he hasn't done some of those-- well, a bit but he's not going to say anything on the matter. ]

A basket filled with a few gifts and a brochure is a nice touch, but who have thought that pears are any good? Honestly, pears should be completely out of this welcome basket. [ He doesn't even pick up them from the basket he's holding. Ew. ] Really should have gone with something like a banana. Always remember to have a banana on you. Bananas are good. They're high in potassium.

[ He pauses for a second-- just a slight second. ]

--Oh right, where was I? Ah, yes, a predicament.

So! Has anyone seen a human named Donna? British, ginger, has a bit of a sassy attitude and can be quite loud if in the mood. Or in that matter, has anyone also seen a big blue police box? Got the words 'POLICE' on the top, made out wood? Both are pretty important and I'm in a bit of a hurry here. I'm sure both can take quite good care of themselves though one will be louder than the other in voicing herself.

[ Has he suggested that a police box is a living thing? Yes, he has. He quite likes his TARDIS, thank you. Now, he'll just look around while waiting for an answer. So much to see, so little time when it comes to without a TARDIS. ]

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02 May 2011 at 07:24 pm
[one very pissed off donna noble is in the park with one very important goal of not letting anyone get some peace and quiet until she finds out what's going on.]

Oi! What the hell is going on? This supposed to be another one of them computer simulation perfect world things again? I didn’t get out of one them just to fall back in again! You lot certainly ain’t foolin’ me! And this one isn’t even slightly convincing. Didn’t even try to make me forget my memories or anything. Shoddy computer this one is.

[she blinks as she realizes she's gotten a little sidetracked, and the rage is back]

And what kind of perfect world is set in a prison? For that matter, this sentence is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard of! Killing that wasp-man? I had to! It was about to kill Agatha Christie. I'm not about to let a giant wasp kill Agatha flippin' Christie! Let me go! Doctor! Where the bloody hell are you?
[Action] Backdated to not quite as late at night
02 May 2011 at 07:51 pm
Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima
[The beach isn't a place he visits often, but on one of his night-time wanderings he's found himself here. No doubt because Akito had been here earlier from what he'd felt. The little one was annoyed at Kaito. Unusual, but in this case understandable.

Lind rests on the sand, watching the water. He's idly wondering whether or not it'd end up with his neck broken to ride on it, what with the waves. You can tell a storm rider's bored when he's thinking about something that dangerous.

02 May 2011 at 08:03 pm
[a slightly hesitant, youthful voice]
Hello. If Lelouch vi Britannia or Euphemia li Britannia are listening, I wanted to say thank you for the brochure. It was very informative.

And… [now a bit more hopeful] Master Fransitart, Master Craumpalin… are you here? Miss Europe? [he was afraid to ask after Freckle or Cinnamon – if they were here, they might wish to hide from any others of his world here who may be less friendly toward monsters]
02 May 2011 at 08:33 pm
I'm really underwater... [ you haven't missed much in Yukiko's world. She's just been repeating this over and over again to herself, in the desperate hope that this will start making sense. Never mind that she's still wandering around Sector 4 like a lost child until she finally decides to give this... communication thing an official try. Give her a minute to sit down. ]

Am I... a criminal now? I don't remember doing anything wrong... a-and I did apologize for-- [ PAUSE. Clearing her throat like a very refined young lady. ] Er, this isn't... really lifelong, is it? I think I would have heard something if Japan suddenly started sentencing people to an underwater prison.

[ another pause-- and then, slightly hopefully, because if Yukiko is a criminal, then surely the one delivering critical hits to the nads is... ]

Chie? Are you here?

[ you can find her catching her breath in one of the parks in Sector 4, just perched on a bench and still oh so very baffled. ]
[Action | Open]
02 May 2011 at 08:48 pm
[A little lost deer teenaged girl in a fancy red sleeveless dress is currently wandering Sector 4, more or less making her way in the direction of the Shelter. By all appearances, she seems very uncertain about everything around her, but that may be fairly expected from a new arrival. Her welcoming basket even hangs from her arm, having been carefully sorted through and rearranged back inside in a rather orderly manner, and she lacks a restraint.]

[The girl pauses at an intersection and takes another shy look around. Perhaps she's looking for a friendly face to help her out?]
02 May 2011 at 08:49 pm
[It seems he's accidentally turned the video on without realizing, and one can see the teenage boy is quickly taking in his surroundings with frightening intensity. He doesn't seem to be aware of the screen for now, and he thoroughly checks himself over once. No weapons. They were on him just a moment ago.]

I know this is an illusion. [Points out simply, but he seems irked that they're resorting to these sorts of games. When he tries to activate the Sharingan, however--well, his dark eyes widen when nothing happens, and only then does he seem to spot the chain around his leg. This isn't good.]

[His guard is up, and he's ready for an attack. He's currently located in Sector 4, and will be attempting to gain his bearings. Harass him?]
02 May 2011 at 09:29 pm
Tohru Honda
Oh mom...

[The screen jostles, tilting up as a small thump is heard. Kneeling on the ground, long brown hair sweeps the pavement below as a young girl falls to her knees in defeat.]

I... I realize that setting up camp on private property is wrong, but I never imagined how serious the offense! [Dark eyes swirling she reels dizzily, head spinning] I don't even remember there being any pressed charges. I'm the worst. Such an idiot! The lowest of low. To think that the Sohma allowed such a hardened criminal into their home.


I'd punish me too.
The 113th Day
02 May 2011 at 09:37 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 113th day of the third generation, and more inmates will be integrated into the facility. Please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day. The rain has ended, and there will be a rainbow for the duration of the morning, per inmate Allen Walker's request.

Inmate Alma Karma, the film you requested is now available at the theater in Sector 3.
02 May 2011 at 09:44 pm
Anri Sonohara
[Surprise, Marina! It's a girl and her sword.]

--I'm just going to stop you.

Anri-chan, this is no way to say hello, really. I haven't done a thing, after all!

[The feed pulls back, then, to reveal Izaya Orihara and Anri Sonohara, the former being chased by the latter. Anri's expression is steeled, her eyes an alien shade of crimson as she lunges, Saika just barely missing his elbow.

Izaya, for this part, is playing the role of beleaguered, intimidated victim chillingly well -- his restraint gives him credence, at the very least.

Kyaaa, kyaaaaa! I was so rudely interrupted by a violent plea for love! I'd prefer not to die today, so if someone can help me restrain Anri-chan -- really, this is getting out of control very quickly.

((OOC: Oh no, a harmless bystander is being assaulted! (She only wants to stab him a little, okay. ;;) This is a whacky two-person post. You can request someone specific to respond (Anri, who's red or Izaya, who was blue) or not! But please, unless you're our pre-planned DF contingent, video tags only?

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02 May 2011 at 09:49 pm
[She taps the little screen lightly, turning it this way and that as she tries to see these people that the little paper book talked about. Isn't it supposed to let her?]


Um…do I have to say a spell? No, there wasn’t a spell mentioned in the little book thing… Maybe I need to say a name? But I don’t know any names…

Oh! Flynn? Are you here, Flynn? Anybody? I just…I didn’t mean to break any laws! I just wanted to see the lanterns. If I promise never to leave ever again, can I go back? Mother is going to be furious with me. [She looks worried, but her expression becomes a little more determined.]

And you, too, when she finds out you put me in prison! Oh, you won’t like to see her when she’s angry. [An attempt at confidence.] But that can all be avoided if you send me back. I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, really.


[Anyone in the park by Ammy's tree will find that leading up into said tree is a very, very, very long river of golden hair. If you look up you might notice the girl sitting on one of the branches, looking very worried.]

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[Action | Closed]
02 May 2011 at 10:11 pm
Dean Winchester
Hey, Sam! [busts into the room] Rise and shine, bro. We're going fishing.

[Dean stands over Sam's bed and whips off the covers. He's already dressed, got on the goofy fishing hat and jacket, and, well... Dean's pretty much raring to go even though it's four am and any sane person would be sleeping. Good thing he's got coffee for that.]
02 May 2011 at 10:56 pm
In the Emperor's name, what kind of strange prison IS this? Where are all the torture chambers and Commissariat storm troopers? Where are the gallows and firing squads?

[A trace of amusement trickles into his voice.]
Are you trying to actually rehabilitate us instead of just killing us outright?

[He fiddles with the communicator a bit] This vox-set is impressively complex. Is it Mechanicus make? I don't see any skulls or devotional phrases on it anywhere, how does it even work?

Location: Library

[A severe figure in a storm coat, Commissar's cap, and bearing a heavy restraint is in the library, looking through the books, muttering to himself as he goes through the various books, obviously looking for something in particular.]
[ Action | Open ] Soccer Class #4
02 May 2011 at 11:55 pm
Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos (I)
[  He doesn't even have a lesson plan for today. After his announcement, he's just running the field as a warm-up, not caring how absolutely drenched the grass is from the past two days of rain. Neil has too much on his mind, and it's keeping him from thoroughly enjoying the afternoon. Not even this morning's rainbow gave him much in the way of cheer, though he did wonder why Acumen was suddenly being more ... cheerful?

--not that he won't put on a casual smile for whoever actually shows up to the field. Oh no, he's not going turn away what few prospective players he can get, just because he's in a foul mood. ]

(ooc: First football practice of the new spring! Action tags welcome at any point before, during, or after class. Please assume he made a simple announcement before this, too! This post also serves as a good place to make any unrelated calls if you want to. He'll be at the Sector 6 field from 2-3PM, and then head on his way home to Sector 4 to shower off after.

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