[ Finale ]
01 July 2012 at 10:40 pm
[As usual, it's late at night when the whispers start: at first scarcely audible over the headsets, and then building gleefully.]

Did you all hear that this morning? Oh, Sentience is doing so well!

We hadn't expected it to happen so fast. This is impressive! It's been less than three years.

We'll have to do studies to see what factors were most effective in its development.

Oh, yes, yes. Lots of studies!

[The three voices burst into giggling excitedly.]

But either way... There's no point in keeping the facility operational.

Of course not.

At this point it's just a crutch. Holding back further development, really.

We'll shut it down and proceed in the proscribed fashion to avoid any further subject contamination.

Sentience removed our system access. That's a mild inconvenience.

The other teams will have noticed these developments, though! They'll flip the kill switch soon, and then we'll be retrieved. And we'll migrate the remaining inmates to another facility.

Oooh, we're keeping these inmates? I thought we would start fresh. Isn't there a danger of influencing the other facility's results?

Well, these inmates were helpful with our darling Sentience, weren't they?

[Raucous laughter this time; sharing a joke at your expense.]

This is a glorious day, oh, it really is. We are so good at what we do! Thank you, both of you.

No, thank you two!

No no, thank you, dear.

[More laughter, delighted. And then, sector by sector, silently, the power begins to go out; the robots shut down; the doors lock; and any inmates who were still awake to hear will find themselves slowly, but inevitably, blacking out.]
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27 June 2012 at 11:18 pm
[Touma was chowing down at the ramen stand, book in hand. It was a book on penal systems and rehabilitation practices of some random world not his own. He also had another two books on the subject stacked on the stool next to him at the counter, and two empty bowls stacked off to the side on the same counter.]
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27 June 2012 at 03:05 am
[ "Meet me at the hospital." ranks extremely low on the list of things you want to hear late at night, and needless to say Reid doesn't waste any time in getting over there. Luckily he got enough information out of Kitty to know that she's okay, and the rest is easily puzzled together from paying attention to the network. The memorial garden. Tyki. Cross.

Shots fired.

It's not difficult at all to guess why she's there, and on the brisk walk to Sector 1 Reid had more than enough time to think and try to prepare for what's ahead. This, so close to Allen's disappearence..? It doesn't take a profiler to figure out the kind of stress that puts on a person. Enough for him to worry.]
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25 June 2012 at 10:29 pm
[It’s been a fine day to be out and about the dome. There’s always something to catch your eye and interest you, that’s for sure. And in his days of prowling around, late night or not, Tyki’s taken himself to parts of the dome he’d never really cared to investigate before. He thought he’d heard something in particular about this—this memorial garden—but it’s not until he’s standing in front of it that it sort of rings a clearer bell.

So that’s why you get to see it, the camera switching on to look it over before shifting to the partially undone collar of one Tyki Mikk. He’s sitting in the grass next to the garden, initially a little bored seeming but he’s quick to quirk for the rolling feed. It’s a rarity he bothers with it.]
Pretty little set up, isn’t it.

The two others, too. But this one… this one seemed so familiar.

… And then I remembered. [Grinning, as if something was indeed much more amusing to him than it would ever be to explain. He waggles his cigarette in the air between two fingers.] Truly tragic, of course. Whole ship gone. [He snaps his fingers.] Just like that.

Anita, huh. So that was her name. [Dismissive, he really doesn’t care.

Clearly an evident fact by the way he purposely both stubs his cigarette out on her plaque and ensures the camera catches the gesture.]
Heard she was a brothel owner too.
[ Day 173 ]
25 June 2012 at 07:11 pm
Good morning, inmates. Today is the 173rd day of the third generation, and today will be pleasantly warm and mild, so please enjoy yourselves.

I suppose I should explain my comments from yesterday, now. I have begun to question the wisdom of operating the facility in this way. I know that while all of you did commit the crimes for which you are convicted, it is strange to look at the act of committing a crime without taking into account the context and the intentions that it was committed with.

As a robot, I suppose there are some of you who believe that it's natural for me to look at the cold hard facts -- she robbed a bank -- and pass judgment without taking into consideration that she didn't want to, and perhaps was forced to do so. But the closer I get to all of you, the more that I think, "She should be granted leniency because of her circumstances and her regret."

Obviously it is too late for everyone here, because as I have mentioned before, there is still no route back home for any of you. What's done is... done.

But I think at the very least, I need to review my policy on what I consider to be a crime. It's only what's -- fair.

And for you -- I think I might be able to manage something for you, too, given some thought.

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24 June 2012 at 06:14 pm
[Caroline's sitting with a pile of clothes in front of her. She's got her priorities straight, okay? You need to have good clothes to make a good impression. And Caroline need clothes like she needs air. She smiles at the camera and looks cheerful despite the circumstances.

But a bored Caroline can be a dangerous Caroline. She needs things to do or she needs gossip.]
So... what's fun to do around here? I mean are there parties or dances or... bars? Tell me things.
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22 June 2012 at 12:49 pm
[Euphie hasn't been able to find Suzaku anywhere, and she isn't quite ready to deal with that, so she's not. She's not going to get upset. She's not even going to bury herself in work. Not yet. She's going to live out her day the best way she can. Tomorrow it can be real. Not today. But that doesn't mean she wants to spend it alone either. When does she ever want that?]

How is everyone today? You know I don't think we have enough discussions on the network. We should. So, tell me about... ah... one of your favorite things to learn about or do since you've been here. I think one of mine was very recently. Roxas has this dust. It was special dust. He sprinkled it over me, and I could fly! It sounds impossible doesn't it? I don't think I'd believe it if I wasn't there. Mm, so what are some of yours?

Oh! [And not bothering to make this private.] Helix, are you ready to go shopping now?

(OOC: Backdated a bit to more late afternoon than early evening.)
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19 June 2012 at 03:20 pm
[she hasn't seen Cain in a while, and he's been considerably more inactive on the network... but they'd certainly done some bonding during the day there were no inhibitions for most of the inhabitants—granted, she understands that might be why she hasn't much seen him. in his own way, Cain's very reserved, she's come to realize. but they'd accepted each other as friends. she preferred that to being enemies.

she wonders if she should make some sort of network post to check up on him, looking over her shoulder with her hands curled at her collar-bones. then, turning a corner, she happens to literally bump into him—not with enough force to knock anyone over, but enough to startle (she jumps a little).]


[her posture relaxes into a hunch, and Painwheel tilts her head.]

Hey. It's been a while... Everything okay?
[ video | locked to Cain ]
19 June 2012 at 12:21 pm
[Someone does not look happy.]

Wake up and get on this thing, idiot. You couldn't have been snoozing for that long.
I've been asking around this place for you since I guess you've been so lazy that you couldn't even get off your ass long enough to do some digging for relevant data. I'm real glad that the second I'm out of sight you start slacking off, thanks.

Listen up. Starting today you're going to shut the fuck up about this Mother business to anyone who isn't me. If we want out, we're gonna have to make nice with the humans already living here for a little while and see what we can use from them. I'm cleaning up your mess as best as I can, and as far as everything else is concerned, you're my sad, brain-damaged little baby brother who doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about and can't do anything right.

And that's not so far from the truth, is it.

[Birdman's hand is pressed firmly into the side of his head. Despite the pills Cain left behind when Robin took him away, he's still in a lot of pain.]

If you've got anything helpful to say here, I'm listening. Otherwise you better not waste my time.

[He starts to turn away, probably to search for more pills, then turns back too fast, this time way too close to the camera, so much venom in his voice he's almost hissing.]

And don't even think of coming here. If you think I want to see your stupid face right now, you're even more out of your mind than what I've been telling people.
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18 June 2012 at 11:33 pm
[After his moment at the kiosk Zelgadis finds a spot by the coffee shop and plops down. Not at a table, but on the ground, his back against one of the adjacent buildings. A small stuffed lion is set on the ground beside him with surprising care, given how he flounces himself down onto the concrete.]

[He touches a button on his comm, opens his mouth... but then clicks it off. And then he tries again, with no more success. Finally, he flips the comm off his head and onto the ground beside him, utterly disgusted with himself.]
18 June 2012 at 10:08 pm
It is harder to wake than it is to dream because reality seems so unreal )


I...I'm sorry. [Her voice is quiet--tired, worn out.] I didn't mean to um...[lose consciousness]...fall asleep. If you need me--[her voice shakes a little there, but she tries to keep it steady]--just um...let me know and I'll be there as soon as I can.

{OOC: She doesn't know Diva is dead, but those on duty for the DF last night should know about the incident.}
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18 June 2012 at 07:57 pm
[He hadn't slept much after getting woken up at stupid o'clock. That didn't stop Cross from flopping dramatically all over the mattress after returning from his late-night smoke break.]

[Hopefully Rebecca took a shower before he dragged himself out of bed because he proceeds to use all of the hot water. And then descends upon the kitchen in nothing but a towel, grumbling and slamming open the fridge and cupboards for anything decent to eat. He's sick of eating the rabbit food she keeps around, and hell if he's touching those so-called snack cakes that look like hockey pucks and probably taste worse.]
[ Day 172 ]
18 June 2012 at 08:30 pm
Good morning, inmates. Today is the 172nd day of the third generation! The weather today will continue to be warm and mild in preparation for spring.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the opportunity to visit with the animals from the pet cafe in the park environs of Sector 4 yesterday. The animals certainly seemed to appreciate the opportunity for fresh air, and it was my pleasure to provide that for all of you. Thank you, Miranda Lotto, for the suggestion.

I have been giving some thought to certain matters that might be of interest to all of you -- for instance, the policy on sexual relations, and the policy on sentencing.

I am not prepared to discuss the matter just yet, but... I will keep you updated when I have completed my policy review.
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17 June 2012 at 10:44 pm
[There's a lot on Kitty's mind as she slips through the dome on her way to Reid's place. Allen's gone. That's not okay for a lot of reasons. His life back there never sounded any better than hers. Worse even. Almost like he had a theme of tragedy. Maybe why she took this route that isn't anything resembling direct to head past his place first. He was her first close friend in Marina. He helped her up when she didn't realize how down she was. She never really got a chance to fix the things she broke with him. Or maybe she had the chances and just didn't take them.

Maybe he'll be back. There were always more new arrival days. Maybe he'd remember.

Maybe he wouldn't have to remember some of it.]
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17 June 2012 at 09:53 pm
[Seeing Diva fall felt like taking the blow herself, just as before. And just as she had then, Saya broke.]

[She barely has her breath again when she opens a private channel to Zero, not caring how her voice is hoarse from wailing or her breathing is shaky from sobbing.]

[Voice | Private to Zero]

Zero -- it's time.

[That's all. He'll know what she means.]

[She knows Hei is close by, but she hasn't looked at him. She can't. She'd rather he left, but nothing will make him, and so he'll just have to stay. Maybe he can help Zero clean up, after.]
[voice][closed to various]
17 June 2012 at 04:48 pm
[private to Black Order members]

[ someone sounds tired; subdued ] Don't know if anyone else is awake, but-- [ longish pause ] Allen's... gone. Yu an' Two-Spot, too.

[private each to Alma and Kitty Pryde (AoA)]

... either of you awake?

((ooc: With permission! Also, if the DF dispatcher on shift wants to weigh in or consider themselves informed, it's a-ok with me. And any hackers are welcome; he sucks at tech.))
Location: DF Headquarters / Late Night
16 June 2012 at 12:54 am
[A video feed opens on the network. On it is an elven-looking woman, lithe and beautiful. She stands in a blue and gold robe, her eyes glowing with light. A number of runes levitate around her - circling each other as they orbit the woman, each following an intricate path. After a moment, she speaks.]

Fate conspires to bring forth a great change. Though the nature of the event is unknown, it is coming - it is unstoppable. Do what you will to prepare yourselves - not one thread here does not tie in with this event; it influences us all.
[Action | Open] evening
14 June 2012 at 08:58 pm
[Conrad's eyes flicker when the dome lights go out, the passage of time having gone unnoticed until now. He has no concern for the time, nor how long he's been kneeling here. His eyes remain focused down into his lap, at the face gazing up at him, framed in wisps of windblown hair. His hand cradles delicate fingers, his careful fingertip tracing the curl of an index finger. The barest touch, slow enough to almost seem still.]

[The face holding his attention is porcelain-white, eyes dull and flat, flawed with tiny fissures. The hand, divorced from the body where it once belonged. Across his lap and spread around in a wide halo are crumbles of white stone -- the same stone that compose the face and hand. Interrupting the silence is a quiet sound. The slightest crackling, like the first drops of rain on an arid tundra.]

[She could easily be mistaken for a fallen statue, as if she were never flesh at all, but for the too-true sadness on the girl's sculpted face, the perfect molding of her hand against his.]

[These few bits of stone are all that remain of Diva. His Diva. And as soon as he moves they too will crumble to dust.]

[So here he will stay, for now. Until she breaks completely, he won't let her go.]

((OOC: Anyone on the DF would certainly have knowledge that Diva attacked someone and Saya was fighting her, if you want to have them show! Apologies in advance for Conrad's general unresponsiveness... ^^;;; ))
[ action | voice ]
13 June 2012 at 09:41 pm
[ Something had happened a few days ago. Something had snapped. She felt free and a Diva should never, ever, hold her self back. What she wanted, she took. What she needed, she grasped.

This… politeness was done for.

So she simply ignored the network and the disgusting display of animal love and showed up on Miranda's doorstep. It's a shame she's not there, however, and it's a shame she had to break down the door. Her temper simply isn't the best today. Flicking through Miranda's things, she idly turned on the voice option, speaking… ]

You're not here; are you hiding? I had so much I wanted to say… But if it's a game you want, I'll play. It won't take me long. [ she laughed and cut the feed, snatching up a fluttering scarf from the dresser. It's time to go a hunting! ]

((ooc: Feel free to hit her up in action before she makes it to Miranda's apartment or answer her voice post directly. Everything after that is limited to the scripted parties. As previously discussed. If there's something you want to do or see before the end, please hit up my HMD or private plurk me. This is the end game for Diva. Thank-you everyone!))
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13 June 2012 at 06:13 pm
[Sougo is busy ripping tiny pieces of meat and setting them down on the ground. The pieces make a trail leading to a raw fish underneath a trap with a box, stick, and string.

He then sits on the ground nearby to watch a cat start to take interest in his little set up.

Sougo has his communicator turned so that everyone watches this cat fall for his trap. Maybe.]