03 May 2011 at 12:11 am
Seiji Date [Korin no Seiji]
[He stares into the video screen intently. His expression isn’t angry or upset, but instead completely calm. When he speaks, his voice belies a small hint of the frustration he feels.]

I am grateful to whoever provided the basket and its contents. The pamphlet is very informative, though the circumstances necessitating it are not ones that could be called desirable.

If I have been brought here for crimes committed in self-defense, it is unlikely that I would act in a manner in which chains would be necessary to ensure good behavior. Is there a manner in which they may be removed before the designated time?

[They'll find Seiji traveling while he can, careful to stay away from wide open spaces because the chain on his leg is cumbersome. His dark green jacket is draped over his arm, because it's warm enough without it.]
Location: Everywhere / Morning
[ action ]
03 May 2011 at 12:21 am
[ Unlike some of the other newcomers, he isn't having a lot of trouble understanding his predicament. While he doesn't absolutely accept it yet, the facts and the evidence are beginning to accumulate. It isn't hard for him to stomach the thought that someone has considered him a criminal and incarcerated him for it. After all, people have been telling him for years that he's a psychopath (wrong: he is a high-functioning sociopath) and that he's one crime scene away from going on a mass-murdering spree of his own. Really, it's about time. With his brother, Mycroft, functioning more or less as the British government itself and his undeniable contribution to Scotland Yard's successful case-solving, he was nigh untouchable by normal policing. Fitting, then, that he should have to be abducted by another world to be imprisoned.

But this isn't like any prison he's ever seen or heard of before. He's woken up in a flat and there's no ball and chain. There is a bed and basic amenities. He checks everything -scanner too- to be sure before settling back to read his pamphlet again. The welcome basket is reviewed and a small, potential psychological sketch is done on those who provided it before it is cast to the wayside.

Things seem pretty solid. He doesn't believe he's mad, but he hasn't yet written it out of the realm of possibility.

The door is unlocked.

Outside, there is a rainbow.

Definitely not his construction, then. This is most probably real. And most definitely not like any prison he's ever seen.

This may be Hell. He never really bought into the conventional standard of a lake of fire.

Well, might as well go and investigate. After doing a quick inventory -phone, magnifier, and gloves are all he has left of home- and inserting the welcoming pamphlet into his trouser pocket, he's off. ]

[[ OOC: Sherlock can be in any district! He is exploring and taking samples. You might see him striding down the street or catch him picking at the soil/concrete. He may have peeked into a building where you were hanging out, but he's promptly gone again. If he passes you on the street, he isn't likely to say anything to you. He doesn't seem interested in people unless they approach him. Or are very, very obviously different. Then he might have to stare at you a little.

Let's have some fun! ]]
03 May 2011 at 01:43 am
[Aerith is kneeling when the video turns on. She looks confused, her brow furrowed faintly.]

This...isn't the Temple. [She unclasps her hands and rises, slowly, to her feet.] Hello? [Turning in a circle, she takes in her surroundings bit by bit.] ...Cloud? Did you follow me?

[It seems unlikely that Cloud would have relocated her without her knowing, but how else could this be explained?]

Hmmm... [She notices the device watching her and bends down, picking it up.] My name is Aerith Gainsborough. Can anyone hear me?
03 May 2011 at 03:33 am

[There's one very baffled blue-haired demon staring into the communicator.]

Dis ain't right...

Have I been out for very long? Where's Sera? Sentience? You still here, sis?

...Who done went and moved me??

((ETA: Ack! Gotta run! I'll get to replies later.))
[Action/Video | Open | Education Complex]
03 May 2011 at 10:56 am
李 紅蘭 | Kohran Li
Sad thoughts... then put on a smile! )

Good day everyone! I'm Kohran Li and I'm new here! Thank you very much for the welcome basket and this really neat communication device! Wow, how can something so small do so many things...?

[Toggling through the various functions and getting distracted --]

I wonder how this was made...? Who made it? I have to meet them!

[Suddenly enthusiastic and going completely off-topic!]

Oh! Oh! Does anyone know who made this device? I have to know how this communicator's been assembled! It's so marvellous!

(( OOC: For action, you can catch her before her broadcast or do as if you didn't hear it. Apologies in advance for slow-ish tagging, but I'll definitely get back to you guys! o/ ))
03 May 2011 at 11:42 am
Rainbow Dash
[A rubbing on the head with a hoof turns the video. She may or may not have just crashed into a building. As her vision returns, kinda lying on the ground, Dash reads the screen. Guess who's suddenly not a happy pony]


No, okay, no. No, no, no. Who came up with this stunt, because it is SO not funny. Seriously. I was THIS CLOSE to pulling that trick off! Who thought it'd be smart to interrupt me when I'm training?! And me, a criminal! Ordinarily I'd be amused by this, but when I was THAT CLOSE to pulling off the Sonic Rainboom again-!

[She takes off mid-way through this to 'pace' angrily in the air. This tirade goes on for a little bit before she calms down enough to actually think]

...guys? You guys are here, right? This is all just a prank, right Pinkie Pie?


....this is so not cool.
03 May 2011 at 11:59 am
[ ... all the water here seems like such a waste. though, he supposes the beach is even more egregious. at least these "baths" serve a somewhat useful purpose. it's been a long time since he bathed like a civilized person. but ages of rushed travel and then living in an environmental wasteland were hard memories to shake.

keeping an eye out for anyone else, Kamui gives into the temptation of a nice, hot soak and settles into the giant, hot bath. he doesn't relax for a long time, unable to shake the sense that he's doing something unnecessary. ]

((ooc: Wide open! But if he gets too annoyed, he might try and drown someone...))
Location: Day 113 / Baths, Sector 6 / Mid-Morning
03 May 2011 at 12:38 pm
Allen Walker
[The robots coming in after breakfast to clear away her overnight things from the guest room have made it perfectly clear that she isn't just back at Zelman's house. Allen frowns at them as they go, but he doesn't make a move to stop them.

...These last twenty-four hours. He wants a do-over.

He gathers up his books and heads into the living room, switching on his communicator.]

I was going to ask Miss Saki if she's any good with math, but it would seem she isn't here any longer. [mildly, but with just that small added touch of formality that had been worn away before]

So is there anyone who might be able to help me study? It turns out I'm not any good at it despite all that card counting and debt management... [sigh. apparently he's only good at practical math!] And don't start with me, Naoya, I'm just seeking out tutoring, it's perfectly legitimate.
03 May 2011 at 05:30 pm
How frustrating. I must have terrible luck after all ...

[which is to say hello, marina. this small, blond boy looks rather... well, confused, given the circumstances. he's kneeling beside the koi pond on sector 4, idly munching on some cookies he got from the welcome basket while... watching the fish. still, even that doesn't seem to be helping his mood.]

Aaah, I didn't think this would happen when I woke up this morning. And with such ridiculous crimes... [though, to be honest, they made him pause a bit... and had some degree of honesty. but he's not going to admit this in public at all.]

[a pause, as oz finishes off one of the cookies, wiping the crumbs off his mouth with his thumb. a small sigh. well, seems like he's composing himself slightly.]

If I may ask a question... Has anyone happened to see a man named Gilbert? He has hair like this [here oz makes a wavy gesture on both sides of his head with his hands] and a face like so--[and here he makes a sullen, rather frustrated looking expression.] He might possibly be accompanied by a small, energetic girl named Alice. They're most likely arguing, somehow. [no, really. he pauses, putting a hand to his head. he wouldn't want them to be here at all, but he had to make sure. he becomes a bit more serious, then.]

... You have my thanks. For the welcoming basket, as well.