[info]antiaol wrote
on January 1st, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Oh, and I suppose if IJ had the same censorship policies that LJ now supports, you'd make me hide the word "bullshit" behind a cut or get me banned for using it...what is your point, otherwise? Yeah, so I use the word "bullshit" a lot...thanks for pointing it out, Captain Obvious. Maybe I'm just not PG-13 enough for your taste?

My problem with the OP is, you should have established this was not a censorship issue before you wrote about it. You could have started a lot of trouble, all for nothing, all because you use rich text and inserted the wrong character.

I never use the rich text editor, so that must be why I never have a problem.

*But* the actual video embed problem documented on LJ doesn't even involve using the rich text editor, so as it turns out, this problem was completely your own fault.

It's perfectly alright to not know enough HTML to write it yourself, but it is NOT alright to not double check your work in the rich text editor before publshing it, *especially* if you're going to just go on a misleading rant about LJ as a result. There is nothing I hate more than a story that not only just isn't true, but that came about from your own careless actions.

Again...doble-check the facts before you write *anything*, OK? You are a danger to The Truth as we all know it. A tendency to blame anything and anyone besides yourself does not lend you much credibility.

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