[info]keieeeye wrote
on June 10th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

God, I hate the new main page designs. I've hated them for ages, ever since they started making them. I don't want a site for twelve year olds - and that's what it looks like, with the big icons and the big text, separate sections for everything as though we're incapable of finding things that don't have a big arrow pointed to them. Last I checked I was capable of motor control and didn't have to have every link image two inches by two inches just so I'd be able to move the mouse there and click on it.

I do like GJ's notifications feature - you click on "Notifications" in the sidebar menu and it loads a page that has all replies made to you, whether they were on one of your own posts or not, which is useful when I'm on a public computer and don't have my email (since I use POP) or if it's not emailing the comments for some reason. LJ's comment section rather pales in comparison.

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