[info]uniquewonders wrote
on August 20th, 2007 at 07:39 pm

"I'm not just saying that; I try to participate in no_lj_ads as much as possible, too, if/when I can add info."

*raises eyebrow* Well, that's a strange way of seeing things. I wouldn't say AD gives us info at no_lj_ads. He may have done it, I won't say he didn't (that would mean going through tons of posts to check) but if I had to name someone, I would speak of janinedog or chasethestars or even kimmi8.
Also, he usually pops up here and there to make a comment but very rarely answer people's replies. Despite what he often states, I've never gotten the impression that he was particularly interested in talking with users. He says what he wants to say and that's about it.

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