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Whatever LJ is doing it's weird. I just got two months of an LJ feed dumped into my friendslist. Joy. @.@


i've had that happen to me before. >.< and it'd sort my stuff by journal, not by date.
that's a hiccup on the feed end - have it happen every now and again with all my syndications
Yeah, that's not LJ, it's the source of the feed. That happens to me here, and I've had to dump several feeds because of it. Raw Story, for example, has a habit of not bothering to proofread anything, and then when they do corrections, it's like one typo at a time. Trouble is, they insist on re-bumping the story on their feed every single time, whether it's a significant update, or a trivial edit. The result: a dozen entries for the same damn story jamming up my friends page. Mac OSX Tips does something similarly annoying. Every so often, they'll re-bump several months worth of entries all at once. Page after page of old news. Infuriating.
this is just someone's journal. And I hadn't got any post for nearly 2 months. It's like the gate opened and they just all flooded out at once.
Oh. Well, in that case, I'm more than happy to see LJ take the rap.

LOL Stephen Fry's feed does the same doofiness you described. That I expect ;)

But this time I think it is LJ's fault.
I've occasionally had large clusters of feeds re-appear on my f'list. It's a recurring bug that I believe is fairly low priority. (Because unlike comment rot, it doesn't keep people from wanting to be here, and it doesn't happen often.)