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Bots On LJ

Bots are joining Live Journal!


So non humans are joining LJ and friending people, I am assuming it is the rash of Russian auto-frienders!


That would sure make sense. Now it's several times a week that I am banning a Cyrillic-only journal that has friended me for no reason. I wonder if they are data-mining any journals that friend them back.
There's some guy who's collecting the names of bots and puts them into a list which can be used for banning. You can see the most updated list here:
and also comment to add the usernames of bots who had friended you.

unfortunately the post is in Russian, the lists are links to google docs at the end of the post: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=d826qf6_2d3xtd3f4 (simple list) and http://docs.google.com/View?docid=d826qf6_3frqv7nf2 (ban_set list)
I know about that guy, what a selfish prick.

I bet if he saw someone breaking into his neighbour's house, he would just lock his door instead of calling the police.

If he had done the right think and reported that list to livejournal abuse, they would be far less of a problem for everyone else.

More information:
My friend wrote support at LJ and reported a couple of the frienders at her journal as bots/spammers and support all-but confirmed it was bots. So they knew already, I think. They also banned the offending "journals" right away, so that's at least something. Report and they shall be vanquished ;-)
...I knew it.
Haha. I opened a support request on the 29th of September, entitled "Support Staff need to be educated about the existance of russian bots."
They never replied, but since that was posted 3 days later, i guess they paid attention.

I started reporting them to LJ in August, and they told me they weren't a problem.
I laughed in their faces and told them i would want an apology when they finally admitted they were a problem. No such apology has been made, of course.
Since then they have suspended over 2000 journals that i have reported.

But here's all the information i have on the subject: http://nympholept.livejournal.com/tag/russian+bots

If you care, please spread the word about what to do about them.