[info]das_dingsi wrote
on March 31st, 2008 at 09:33 pm

Something IJ-related

(Note: I know this is kind of a borderline case, but I've talked to the maintainer to make sure it's not against the rules or something. I'll keep myself short!)

As we have a lot of newcomers and co-refugees from LJ, I decided to revive the InsaneJournal Asylum Meme. Initially I created it in January 2008, with the main purpose of raising activity on IJ and, as a side effect, the awareness of existing asylums. In short, you cross-post one of your old entries (be it essays, general [i.e. non-fandom] discussion, icons, fan fic...) or otherwise post to asylums that haven't been active in a while, and then all updates are compiled in a master list. More info in this post.

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