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Something IJ-related

(Note: I know this is kind of a borderline case, but I've talked to the maintainer to make sure it's not against the rules or something. I'll keep myself short!)

As we have a lot of newcomers and co-refugees from LJ, I decided to revive the InsaneJournal Asylum Meme. Initially I created it in January 2008, with the main purpose of raising activity on IJ and, as a side effect, the awareness of existing asylums. In short, you cross-post one of your old entries (be it essays, general [i.e. non-fandom] discussion, icons, fan fic...) or otherwise post to asylums that haven't been active in a while, and then all updates are compiled in a master list. More info in this post.


Don't suppose you could add any of the information you get to the Fan History article about InsaneJournal or community information to new or existing articles about asylums on IJ? That way, IJ looks a bit more representative than it does now. :)