War Is Coming Communications.

September 10th, 2013

September 10th, 2013

Hidden from the sight of Lucifer and his Ilk

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I do not lower myself to human trappings easily.

And yet my message, it seemed, was lost in the translating. I am informed some of you were brave enough to wish to speak to me.

Speak. Those of you that will.

Filtered to Close Friends

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Scale of one to ten, how much would you hate me?
Do you even understand why?

Before anyone says anything, I'm not jumping at Death like some overexcited school kid, I just wanted the facts. I still want to find another option.

[Filtered to Jack Harkness]

It's going to be okay.

Filtered to Jane

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Robin and Cas are trying sacrifce themselves to death

no evil

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No Lucifer, Evil, or Children

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I have a confession to make.

My name isn't Kate Jones.

My name is Sydney Bristow. And I'm not an English teacher, though I have a degree that says I'm qualified to be one.

For several years in my world, I was working for what I believed to be a covert branch of the CIA. I didn't realize until later that it was really a terrorist organization. When I found out the truth, I immediately went to the real CIA and became a double agent.

As a CIA agent, I've taken more lives than I care to think about. I've been both directly and indirectly responsible for the deaths of people who were not bad people, but were casualties of a war between right and wrong.

To those who are considering offering to switch places with Death, I urge you to ask yourself if you can live with the deaths of innocent people on your conscience. To think about whether you can handle it if you're required to take the life of someone you know or love, and to not let that destroy you when the day is over. Because it's not an easy thing to live with.

I understand wanting to help, but please weigh the consequences closely before you make any kind of decision like this. It isn't something that you can ever be free from once it's done.

Filtered from Evil/Death

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I would like to make something abundantly clear here.

There are those of you volunteering for this task. To give yourselves to Death. And I have noted two distinct types. Those that seem to understand what is being asked and offer in spite of the pain it will inevitibly bring them. And those who believe it will be easy and offer themselves out of a belief that they can do it and be fine.

Now as I've said. I could do it. I would have no qualms about what he would ask of me because what he does, what he seems to have always done, is garden. Pluck the weeds, the dead, so that life may flourish. He understands when and why. Cause and Effect. Someone young, innocent, may die but in that, in not saving them springs a new host of possibilities for others that would not have been possible had he saved a life. I believe this planet equates it to stepping on a butterfly.

To make this choice I believe it needs to be hard. I believe it needs to be someone who has not killed so easily as I and others have. Pure in deed, he said. I do not believe that means purity or innocence in the conventional sense but rather understanding the gravity of what he asks you and not finding it easy.

Many of us do and I urge those people to step back from this as I have. There is too much at stake.

Filtered From Evil

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I went and changed my appearance, thanks to the encouragement from old and new friends alike. I believe I like this shorter hair style, though the electric razor they used was a bit disconcerting, as was the...styling product, I believe it was called, that was put into my hair. But I look close enough to what I had envisioned. I think this will definitely suffice.

No Evil

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I believe MP3 players and stereo headphones are the best inventions of the last fifty years, possibly followed by the computer. At least I will not annoy people with loud opera performances in the middle of the night, as I used to do at home.


Thank you very much for your help, as well as your patience in getting every single opera I wanted on the MP3 player. I know I asked for a lot of music, but already it is helping. I feel much more relaxed.


I think I would like to talk to you for a bit, if that is all right. I don't know what your customs are, but usually in England we chat over tea. Are you free this evening?

Texts To Oswin

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>> Okay. Tell me whether I sound paranoid or not.
>> But the guy who looks like Khan, Sherlock?
>> He seems to have taken an interest in my public posts. And it's weirding me out.
>> It's like every time he talks to me I see Khan and hear his condescending tone even though the posts actually aren't all that bad.
>> I think. I mean, he could be being condescending in his head as he writes them. I don't know.
>> But yeah. It's making me feel weird.
>> Also, I am officially in my first actual relationship. I think I was freaking out over nothing back in Hawaii.

no devil thanks

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if we win the war what happens next? do we all go home?

but if we do then what about my baby sister? does she come too?

cause i don't wanna leave her behind. i'm her big brother. i've got to protect her. it's what big brothers do

Texts to Ruby Winchester

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» So, Death's being chatty.
» Your hubby is winding up Death.
» Your bro-in-law is offering himself to Death.
» You know what is awesome right now?
» Russia. Russia is awesome.
» Let's go to Russia.
» You can bring the kidlet, have a nice vacation, watch me make some deals.
» There can be classy vodka.
» And no Death.
» Capital D Death. There could be other death.

No Evil

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Who needs a drink? I figure there are at least a few of you who would say yes. I say anyone who wants to celebrate with me or drown their sorrows in alcohol meet me at The Roadhouse at nine. As I said, I'm there to celebrate, but I'm all for having people there who just want to get pissed. I can always lend an ear.


I went and did it. Found a place to get apprenticed to learn the trade in fixing things. God, it feels good not to be a copper anymore.

No evil or Death

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So, pretty sure I am the very very last person Death wants to speak to.

Is it weird that I'm more scared of him than Lucifer?

Lydia Martin

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So, you looked like you had fun last night. Did you?

Beacon Hills

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I thought about it, you know. Offering myself to Death.
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