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September 30th, 2013

Texts to Oswin

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>> I'm going to stop texting you every day. You haven't answered and I'm starting to think you won't any time soon.
>> Anyway, I'm heading out of town for a week. Going to San Francisco before Lucifer decides to destroy it. I'm homesick right now.
>> I'll try talking to you when I get back. Take care of yourself, okay?

September 29th, 2013

Tech Types

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One Peter Vincent came to me with a pretty brilliant idea, guys. Why don't we try getting a loop of the exorcism playing on the radio? Maybe cut into tv programming here and there. Subliminal commercials or something, maybe.

(ETA) [Musicians & otherwise musically inclined folks]
Who wants to make the exorcism into a song and make the next viral youtube video?

September 25th, 2013

Filtered to Oswin!

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Is everything all right? You've been awfully quiet.

I don't like it. You're not supposed to be quiet.

September 23rd, 2013

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[Texts To Oswin]

>> Hey. Are you okay? You got kind of freaked out when you opened that note.
>> Do you want to talk about it? I could use tea and a walk as a distraction.

[Texts To Jo]

>> Is there any place near the Roadhouse I can shoot stuff with my phaser?
>> Don't really want anyone to see me using it.

September 22nd, 2013

Lucifer's gifts to the displaced - ROUND TWO!

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Anonymous deliveries for: Elijah Mikaelson, Oswin Oswald, Kat Warbler, Sarah Manning, Scorpius Malfoy, Harry Lockhart, & James Rogers. )

Filtered To Oswin

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Have any idea where I can get a motorcycle for a day or two, maybe three? You won't let me drink and I need to get away for a bit to clear my head. I figure small road trip might help.

September 20th, 2013

Filtered Against Evil, Ginger and Ginger's Friends

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Looks like I really know how to screw a good thing up. And it looks as though my playboy past is being held against me. I don't know why I even tried to change. And I don't know what to do to fix things.

I need to get drunk. Very drunk. Anyone feel like keeping an eye on me?

September 18th, 2013

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[Filtered against evil, Death and all those sorts of things]

I'm starting to think September is a horrible month for having a birthday in. Not that I needed more reason to dislike my birthday.

[House Warehouse]

Needless to say, I'm going to spend quite a bit of time working on traps and so forth around the house. I'm also thinking putting some Devil's Traps around will be most beneficial. If anyone needs to brush up on their Latin, I can help with that as well.


Are there any vacant rooms on your floor of the complex? If things start to become exceptionally bad, I may move Emily to the complex. It may be safest there for her than at my house.

September 10th, 2013

Texts To Oswin

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>> Okay. Tell me whether I sound paranoid or not.
>> But the guy who looks like Khan, Sherlock?
>> He seems to have taken an interest in my public posts. And it's weirding me out.
>> It's like every time he talks to me I see Khan and hear his condescending tone even though the posts actually aren't all that bad.
>> I think. I mean, he could be being condescending in his head as he writes them. I don't know.
>> But yeah. It's making me feel weird.
>> Also, I am officially in my first actual relationship. I think I was freaking out over nothing back in Hawaii.

September 9th, 2013


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So because you've met me as someone else I clearly don't

Any sort of puzzle to this Death thing we should figure out?

September 4th, 2013

No Evil

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I knew I should have avoided the TV tonight. Apparently my movie comes out on DVD next week. It was really hard seeing my crew and not having them here. And Khan. He still pisses me off. God, I hate him.

[Ginger & Oswin]

And no, before anyone asks, I do not have the urge to drink myself into a coma. I just got over alcohol poisoning because of that stupid movie.

September 3rd, 2013

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[Texts to Oswin]

>> I had a weird night.
>> Tell me you're still here? I need to talk to someone.

[Texts to Ginger]

>> Hey. You're here, right? I just want to make sure.
>> I heard someone got taken back and I want to make sure it wasn't you.

[ooc: Just pretend these got sent out after the Roadhouse shut down for the night]

August 28th, 2013

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[Text originally sent to Ginger but goes to Oswin due to the prank]

>> Hey. I promise I will do whatever you want in bed tonight if you wear the black lace set you own.
>> You look great in it.

[Text originally sent to Jo but goes to Ginger due to the prank]

>> I need a few extra shifts next week if I can get them.
>> Spent more in the last two weeks than I'd planned.
>> I'm willing to work day shifts.

[Text originally sent to Oswin but goes to Jo due to the prank]

>> I know you said you didn't need anything from Hawaii but I got you stuff anyway.
>> I promise it's not tacky.
>> Also, I planned a surprise for Ginger. Picnic on the roof of the complex. She liked it a lot.
>> So I'm fairly sure I'm not going to screw things up.
>> At least, not if I keep stealing ideas from romantic comedies.

August 22nd, 2013

Filtered against evil

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[OOC: For House Warehouse people, there was quite the shriek when Helena opened the door to her workroom. It was not quite a scream, but it was close enough.]

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Oswin you have a delivery!! )

August 20th, 2013

Texts to Oswin

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>> Okay.
>> So, technically, how long should you be seeing someone before you use the terms "boyfriend" and "girlfriend?"
>> Because I'm pretty sure I just introduced Ginger to someone as my girlfriend.
>> I don't know if she heard me, though, and I'm freaking out. We haven't really had that conversation yet.
>> Help?
>> I am so glad we didn't go to Vegas. There would be the distinct possibility I might come back married.
>> Which, strangely, I don't think I'd mind. What is wrong with me?

August 8th, 2013

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[Texts to Jo]

>> I need to leave town for a bit, get my head straight.
>> It has to do with why I'm in the medbay.
>> Am I still going to have a job if I leave for about a week? Maybe two?

[Texts to Oswin]

>> I got my phone back briefly. I just want to say thanks for getting me here.
>> And thanks for humoring me. I don't know if he is who he says, but I shouldn't have reacted that way.
>> So...yeah. Thanks for being a good friend.

[Texts to Ginger]
>> Got my phone back for an hour. I should be out tomorrow. Saturday at the latest.
>> If I get the okay from Jo, how soon do you think we could leave for Hawaii? And how long can you stay away?
>> I need to think and I can't do it here.

August 6th, 2013


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saw a ghst
fuck hes herr
di somthng realy stupid

watched a thng i should noy hve watchd tonght. saw it all. ben driinkng. lots.

August 1st, 2013

Edit: Filtered against Evil

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How'd I get here then?

July 30th, 2013

Filtered To Oswin

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So, I kind of think I'm in a relationship. I'm not sure. We were talking about going to San Francisco last night. Together. And I'm pretty okay with all this. It's weird, but I think I like it.
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