Jul. 7th, 2015


Malfoy Manor - Tag to Draco - 10 Year Anniversary Thread!

Who: Parvati, Draco, Rodolphus, ??
When: Two time Frames (The big breakup and current day)
Where: Malfoy Manor in two ways
Music: I of the Storm by of Monsters and Men

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Aug. 30th, 2008


Tag to Rodolphus

Who The Lestrange brothers
When Disgustingly early in the morning
Where The cottage in which the Lestrange brother are sharing.
What Brothers having breakfast

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Aug. 25th, 2008


Who: Rodolphus Lestrange, Adrian Pucey, Mafalda Hopkirk
When: Aug 25th 2003
Where: Renegades HQ some random cottage in Northern England
What: TBD.

After the Ministry raid on the previous cottage, Rodolphus had immediately retrieved another Headquarters for his followers. This wasn't the place where the elder Deatheaters resided (That was somewhere secret, known only to them) but rather an area to gather, for younger deatheaters to receive their missions, for meetings, for punishments, and of course for naps if someone ever really did need one.

Rodolphus rarely spent time in this place. He would swoop in and out on occasion, his presence usually meaning that one of the deatheaters was soon to feel a lot of pain.

Tonight, however, Rodolphus was nostalgic. Nostalgic for the days when he, Lucius and the rest would spend their nights drinking and smoking cigars, swapping stories both evil and other. And after a few days of tormenting many a witch and wizard, Rodolphus was in the mood for conversation. Preferably with a female - his flirtasion with Padma Patil had whet his appetite.

Aug. 20th, 2008


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Aug. 17th, 2008


who: Padma Patil & Rodolphus Lestrange
when: Early evening.
where: Just outside of Padma's flat.
what: An uncomfortable meeting where Padma is alternately charmed and creeped out.

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Aug. 1st, 2008


Who: Severus Snape + Rodolphus Lestrange
When: Nighttime. >>;
Where: Spinner's End.

Few things bear the stamp of one's personality the way a house does, and Snape's was looking as dismal and dreary as ever. Although the atmosphere was unchanged, the house had undergone some small alterations, changes that only the house's most frequent occupant would notice. The tall bookshelves were punctured by dark holes where books had been removed but never returned; the shelves now stood clear of muggle authors. The empty and half-empty firewhiskey bottles that had become the house's most prominent decor in the past months were now absent, if only from sight. Chairs and tables that had been shifted and shoved and sometimes flung across the rooms had been rearranged, if not carefully, than at least consciously.
The house at Spinner's End had seldom suffered from prolonged states of filth by Snape's hand, but it had never boasted any sort of meticulous cleanliness, either. But there was good reason for the house's prepared state tonight. Rodolphus was coming. Maybe not in the next hour, or week, or month, but soon. It had been a blow to Snape's dignity to resort to rumors- the spreading of and the listening to- to get in touch with Rodolphus, but he had let a few choice words slip to the right people, and he was certain that his messages must have gotten through to Rodolphus by now.  He would show up. He had to.
Regardless of what Dumbledore thought, being Severus Snape still stood for something. Something that Rodolphus wouldn't dare ignore.
He hoped.

Jul. 25th, 2008


Who: Narcissa & Rodolphus.
When: Late afternoon.
Where: Malfoy Manor.
What: Unexpected visits.
Warnings: ... I'll get back to you on this.

Silence was something that Narcissa had entirely too much of. )

Jun. 21st, 2008


Who: Hannah Abbott, Adrian Pucey, and Rodolphus Lestrange
Where: Hannah’s flat.
What: Stuff like Hannah getting kidnaped.

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Jun. 16th, 2008


Adrian's Flat, tag to his man crush...I mean Roddy

Who: Adrian Pucey and Roddy Lestrange
When: 10.00 pm
Where: Adrian's flat
What: Finished. Adrian gets a VERY unexpected visit from Rodolphus Lestrange. Plot is revealed and kidnappings will soon take place. NOW YOU KNOW.

Adrian stepped out of the shower, stepping through the thoroughly steam filled bathroom. He grabbed a smaller towel and ran it over his head lightly. Then he used the larger one to towel off the rest of his body and wrapped it around his torso. He slung the smaller one over his shoulder and then opened the door to his sitting room. The coolness pulled at his skin. He enjoyed the transitioning temperature and allowed a grin between him and his flat. He'd probably have a snack, flip through Playwizard, have a wank and then call it an early night.

He moved over to the cooler box and grabbed a beer, taping it open with his wand. Then he tossed his wand onto the relatively unused and rather dusty kitchen counter. He gave a contented sigh and turned back to his sitting room. Where had he put that bloody magazine anyway?