Sep. 23rd, 2008


Who: Daphne and Seth
What: Lunch date
Where: Daphne's home and then restaurant
When: Lunchtime :]
Rating: TBD

Lovers went to dinner. Friends went to lunch. )

Sep. 21st, 2008


Who: Daphne Greengrass & Aidan Chambers.
Where: Near the Ministry of Magic.
When: Around noon.
What: The good old-fashioned random encounter. Spiced up with sneers, disdain and prejudices. On both sides, of course.

Truth be told, Aidan hated paperwork and everything that was remotely connected to that dreaded subject. Such as getting the documents he needed to hand in to his superiors at St.Mungo's in order to get an official 'invite' to partake in his exams. As if the way he spent the last few years of his life weren't indication enough, no – they needed even more formalities to waste his time with.

Having finally obtained the aforementioned documents, Aidan all but fled the Ministry not slowing down until he was a good few paces away when he noticed that his shoe laces were open, forcing the Ravenclaw to a halt. Giving the Ministry another dark look – they were the keepers of the bureaucracy that made his life so complicated, after all! - Aidan bent down to tie his shoes laces.

Sep. 20th, 2008


Who: Parvati Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass
Where: Orchids Tea Leaves Charity Tea Party for Illiteracy
When: September 20th 2003
What: These girls do not like one another

As the Orchids' prized future pledge (Though not a member as she was still one year too young), Parvati Malfoy had been having a surprising amount of fun at the charity tea party. Though she HAD always thought the Orchids were the establishment to be involved with, she was plenty aware that they were all fairly stuffy and much too traditional for her liking. No matter. She would change that all when she was a part of it.

The auction had just finished, and most were making their way into the beautifully done up hall for a spot of high tea. Explaining her husband's noticeable absense (he still had a spot of the flu, her poor Dragon) to some of the older upperclass women, Parvati bashfully showed off the blinding sapphire ring Draco had bought her the other week.

"Oh, yes, it was such a lovely surprise. It was a gift for filling in as his secretary the last few months. It's been so much fun, though the new girl will be starting soon-"

Brown eyes sharpened as she noticed a certain former Slytherin join the group of women.

Sep. 11th, 2008


Who: Daphne and Tracey
What: Catching up... and a bit of questioning
When: Thursday
Where: Greengrass manor

Turning back she just laughs, the boulevard is not that bad )

Aug. 20th, 2008


Who: Theodore Nott and __OPEN to Ministry Dwellers__ (if not, it can be a good ol' standalone thread)
Where: Theodore's office
When: Wednesday morning
What: Theodore always picks and chooses his fights...and this time he chooses not to really care about Malfoy's stupid rules since he likes loves his caffeine and sugar.
Rating/Status: PG/Incomplete

There was nothing to worry about... )

Jul. 23rd, 2008


Tag to darling Daph!

Who: Demelza and Daphne
Where: Bar in London
When: Evening
What: Dem and Daph commiserate about not being able to do anything.
Rating: PG? PG-13?

Demelza hunched over a little more, brooding in the dark corner of 11Oak, the newest, chicest bar in London. Cupping her vodka and tonic grimly, she took another rather unladylike slurp, not really caring how she looked any more. Her magic was gone, for Merlin's sake, so why should other bothersome things like her appearance matter?

However, in her designer leather jacket and slim black pants, she was looking quite pulled together, and couldn't help priding herself on the little things that she did do for herself... even in the midst of such a crisis.

Someone slid casually into the bar seat next to her, and without even looking up, she knew who it was. "Hi, darling," she said quietly, draining her drink and motioning to the bartender for another.

Jun. 28th, 2008


Who: Seth Moon and Daphne Greengrass
Where: Greengrass estate
When: Early evening
What: Daphne is not okay

I was walking with a ghost )

Jun. 15th, 2008


26th Charity Luncheon and Auction

In a beautiful hall filled with wooden tables covered in butter yellow tablecloths and settings, the 26th Charity Luncheon and Auction held by the Foundation of Squib Integration began as it always did. A quick speech was made by the president of the foundation: Mollie MacFerson, a pureblood who had two squib siblings, and a plentiful array of finger foods and sandwiches were available admidst vibrant yellow and purple decorative flowers.

An expensive bottle of champagne was handed to each guest as a complimentary donation by Johnson Flightweather, a squib who had made his money in the muggle world as a car dealership owner. In fact, the free champagne never stopped coming during the entire event.

Following the lunch came rounds and rounds of auctioning, the lots ranging from strange muggle items to expensive artwork and wines. In between all of this, of course, was plenty of time to explore the grounds, talk to the Foundation members, and as one couple did: snog. (Honestly, people, this isn't Hogwarts!)

As day turned to evening the event was capped off with a speech by Johnson Flightweather.

"I would just like to thank everyone for coming and spending some of their money on this auction. Many wonder what our foundation does, and although attitudes have changed greatly, any squib wishing to remain in wizarding society find themselves without jobs or any support at all. The money you have so selflessly provided today (which by the way, I'm told is 5% more than last year, perhaps due to the champagne?) will go to helping support those individuals in the ventures they may attempt. I myself was forced into muggle society to make a living, but hopefully, with what everyone has learned today, squibs will not be so unlucky from here on in. Cheers!"

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