Sep. 21st, 2008


Tag to Maddy! ^_^

Who: Terry Boot and Maddy Summers
What: Terry takes Aidan's advice of taking time off, goes out and runs into Maddy and her kids.
Where: Museum.
When: Early afternoon.

After much persuading by Aidan, Terry was finally convinced to take some time off of work to get himself back on track. He was doing his best, though his appetite still wasn't completely there and he had trouble sleeping sometimes. At least he managed to put himself off of smoking after a couple days of pure, painful willpower and force. Slowly but surely he was feeling better.

Terry had woken up that morning feeling surprisingly refreshed and decided some time out of the house would be good for him. He took a long walk through the park, sat for a while before deciding to go home, and had somehow, in the midst of all that, managed to find himself in the nearest museum. It didn't really bother him, though, considering history was one of his passions.

Once admitted into the building, Terry made his way through the halls, mesmerized by everything he saw.