Jun. 20th, 2008


Who: Snape + Dumbledore.
When: 11pm.
Where: Spinner's End.
What: TBA.

The day's heat had not dissipated even after the sun had set, but Snape, as usual, was robed in his heavy black cloak. The world beyond his windows was obscured by a thin layer of condensation- a testament to his general incompetence when it came to temperature altering charms. Any attempt he made to heat a space with a charm usually resulted in singed eyebrows for all parties involved, while his cooling charms had the potential to wilt any frost-sensitive plants in the immediate vicinity.
He leaned back in his chair, lifted a stray book from the table in front of him, gave the pages a noncommittal turn, and finally tossed the book across the room. A stream of vapor escaped his lips-a visible sigh. He placed his boots on top of the table and leaned farther back in his chair until it was balanced on two legs. A half empty bottle of firewhiskey gleamed at him from across the room. He couldn't remember when he'd put it there or how long it had been there for, but was that really any reason to neglect it? After all, the evening wasn't occupied by any other obligations...
The partronus burst into the room just as Snape shifted his weight towards the bottle, startling him just enough to send him crashing to the floor. The partronus waited with an air of infuriating patience while Snape untangled himself from his robes.
"Well?" He snapped at the phoenix, apparently hoping his shortness would be a sufficient stand-in for his momentarily misplaced dignity, "What is it... Sir?"