October 4th, 2015

[info]sollicitussnape in [info]veritaserum_rp

Well- I remember enough about RP etiquette to know that it's bad form to post out of character on a main board- however, I'm not sure whether any of the other affiliated boards are still in use, so...
Tonight I booted up this dusty relic of a PC that's been stuffed away in a basement for something like 6 years, hoping to clean it out a bit and pass it on to a younger relative. I came across some really cringeworthy art/writing I had on the hard drive while I was sifting through old files, but I also came across a few Veritas rp threads that I happened to save. I think the last time I was really active on here was somewhere around 2007-8ish, so I kind of doubt anyone on here would remember me. But, on the off chance that someone does, I just wanted to. Maybe? Say hello? Or, thanks? Maybe? Thanks for, I dunno, taking part in this bizarre act of collaborative fanfiction authorship? For creating this alternate universe which, at the time, felt totally immersive?
Anyway, I feel like this is the internet equivalent of bumping into a distant highschool acquaintance at a grocery store, 10 years post-graduation: Trying to make vague small talk with a person who has become unrecognizable, a stranger. But for me, it was pretty nostalgic to pick through those old rp logs, and kind of amazing to see that some of you are still keeping plots going after all these years.
So, um, so, yeah. Later, guys. Hope you're all well. Snivellus, over and outtttt.