Sep. 20th, 2008


Who: Hermione Granger and Pansy Parkinson
What: Hermione researching on various things for the DA.
Where: Ministry, where files are stored.
When: Afternoon.

Hermione skimmed her fingers across the tabs of the folders on the shelves, looking for any that could help provide her further enlightenment. She was trying to find as much information as possible on the Renegades, suspected members, known Death Eaters on the run and anything else she might find that could be useful.

Finally she found a rather interesting file on a list of Death Eaters noted during the First War. Not notice anyone around or any hearing anyone approach, Hermione became totally engrossed in the names and which she recognized. "This could be very useful..." She said to herself as she scanned the list.

Sep. 14th, 2008


Who: Pansy Parkinson and Anyone Else
What:  Pansy stops for a sandwich and drink before heading home.
When: Sunday Evening; September 14, 2003
Where: A pub just on the far side of Diagon Alley called Ye Olde Pub. A great place for drinks and food.
Rating: G
Status: Incomplete

Late, again.  Her boss had owled her in earlier that afternoon, on a Sunday.  She was supposed to take Liam shopping for a kitten and her plans had been canceled.  If that was not enough to out her on edge, the fact that it was now past Liam's bedtime and she was just heading home was.

She sighed as she disapparated in front of the Ministry and apparated in front of the small pub near her house.  Her luck, Mathilde would already be asleep and not able to make her dinner.  It was better not to risk it and just stop for food before going home.  A drink, right about now, would be useful, too.

She walked in and took at seat at the nearly empty bar and ordered a glass of elderflower wine and a roast chicken sandwich.  As the barkeep set off to fill her order, she shrugged off her rich, green traveling cloak and hung it over the back of her chair.

Jun. 10th, 2008


Tag to Parvati

Who: Pansy and Parvati
Where:: Starting at Pansy's work
When: This week.
What: Parvati interrupts Pansy at work.

She sat at her desk, parchments scattered everywhere, her hair in a loose bun as she hovered over said messy parchments with quills and inks. Pansy had been working on this particular advertisement for Moonchant and Minks for a week now. Something just wasn't quite right...

As her thoughts heavily saturated her brain, she didn't notice that a particular pink minx had walked in her office door demanding immediate attention. In fact, it only took Parvati one shrill moment to get the Slytherin's notice.