Jul. 6th, 2008


Headline from July 6th 2003

Missing Women Total Five

With the sudden disapperance of one Ms. Calypso Merryweather, a witch of pureblood descent betrothed to Alberto Pucey, prominent cauldron businessman, the number of kidnapped women has reached an alarming value of five within the last two weeks. The Ministry notes that they have set all their resources to finding these women, releasing the following statement:

"It has come to our attention that it is possible that the vanishing of these women may be related to deatheater movement due to minor evidence found in the ransom letters received by the distraught families. This is not a reason to panic, as the Ministry is increasing its guard number and implementing auror patrols all about wizarding areas. We have it covered"

A curfew has been temporarily implemented for witches from 11pm to 6am. All institutions will be fined if they force any witch to work within those hours. Unfortunately, it seems that - Con't on P A1

Magic loss at all time high

The number of witches reporting a loss of magic has reached 78 (wizards reporting quirky magic is at 15), though no new cases have shown up in the last two days. Investigators are requesting detailed personal history from all witches suffering from the plight in order to pinpoint a possible cause. Wizards who have found their magic acting wildly should also report to their nearest hospital and provide such a history as well.

Bertha Pumpkinny, a halfblooded witch who lost her magic two weeks ago, is not pleased. "It's an epidemic and we still are no closer to figuring out the problem? The Ministry has been putting all their resources toward finding those poor missing witches, but if they hadn't been lacking magic in the first place, this wouldn't have happened! There needs to be a focus on prevention! It's ridiculous how - Con't on P A3

Jun. 24th, 2008


Headline from June 23rd 2003

Magicless Witches tops over 30 - There have been over 30 confirmed cases of Witches losing their magic. This count only applies to those who have a complete lack of magic and not those who have been experiencing strange side effects. There have been only two cases of wizards have issues with their magic, and no cases of a complete lack of magic. It is unclear why wizards have not been affected to the same degree as witches.

The incubation date between the first signs of magic loss and complete magic loss has been estimated to be within three to six days.

Anyone experiencing any issues with their magic abilities should report to the nearest wizarding hospital as soon as possible.

Hannah Abbott: Missing - Young Hannah Abbott has been reported missing by her father, Jonathan Abbott. The young girl was last seen Saturday evening, and workers at her restaurant, Bella's Pockets have noted that nothing has been heard of her since. She is the granddaughter of the wealthy Abbotts, Jacob and Ellen, who - [Con't on P2]

Jun. 20th, 2008


Headline from June 19th 2003

Mysterious Magic Mayhem

Over the last five days, St. Mungo's has received fifteen cases of witches of all ages showing signs of a lack of magic. They are unable to perform the simplest of spells, but are still capable of working with Potions. All individuals noted that previous to the complete lack of magic, any casted spells tended to go slightly haywire. No cause is yet known as Dr. Rajeev Conklegood, head healer at St. Mungo's explains: "At first, when it was just one or two cases, we thought it must be stress related. However, fifteen in such a short period of time lead us to believe that it's not just an individual phenomenon. Unfortunately, we are still unsure at this time, what is, in fact, the real cause. All tests cast on those affected come back normal aside from those related to magical activity."

Apparently, when the count of affected persons reached three on Monday, the Ministry was notified of a potential problem, but placed an order against publicizing it due to being unsure if it was just coincidence or something worse.

Anyone experiencing strange symptoms should go see a Healer immediately. It is unclear whether the problem is limited to just witches, or if wizards may be affected as well.

Jun. 19th, 2008


Headlines from June 18th 2003

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Headlines from June 9th 2003

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