Aug. 31st, 2008


Who: Parvati Malfoy and Severus Snape
Where: Hogwarts School/Potions Dungeons
When: Sept 2nd 2003
What: Parvati doesn't appreciate when someone doesn't fully adore her so she pays everyone's favourite potions master a visit.

The position of school governor had, upon Lucius' death, passed unto Draco. As it was a family affair, Parvati and Draco often took turns attending meetings, though both kept a low profile due to being much younger than the rest of the council. That said, Parvati did not refrain from using the benefits of the position, hence her flooing to Hogwarts Grounds to see her little cousin off on her first day of classes (Little Yasmin was in Ravenclaw and very excited).

Taking advantage of her visit, Parvati decided to give a short visit to Professor Snape. Their last meeting had ended fairly badly and for the sake of her husband and her own obsession with being everyone's best friend, she had decided to give the dark bat of a man a quick hello.

Knocking on the door of his office, having already found out from Dumbledore that Snape was not teaching at the moment, Parvati waited for the door to swing open before she chirped out a cheerful, "Hello!"

Aug. 1st, 2008


Who: Severus Snape + Rodolphus Lestrange
When: Nighttime. >>;
Where: Spinner's End.

Few things bear the stamp of one's personality the way a house does, and Snape's was looking as dismal and dreary as ever. Although the atmosphere was unchanged, the house had undergone some small alterations, changes that only the house's most frequent occupant would notice. The tall bookshelves were punctured by dark holes where books had been removed but never returned; the shelves now stood clear of muggle authors. The empty and half-empty firewhiskey bottles that had become the house's most prominent decor in the past months were now absent, if only from sight. Chairs and tables that had been shifted and shoved and sometimes flung across the rooms had been rearranged, if not carefully, than at least consciously.
The house at Spinner's End had seldom suffered from prolonged states of filth by Snape's hand, but it had never boasted any sort of meticulous cleanliness, either. But there was good reason for the house's prepared state tonight. Rodolphus was coming. Maybe not in the next hour, or week, or month, but soon. It had been a blow to Snape's dignity to resort to rumors- the spreading of and the listening to- to get in touch with Rodolphus, but he had let a few choice words slip to the right people, and he was certain that his messages must have gotten through to Rodolphus by now.  He would show up. He had to.
Regardless of what Dumbledore thought, being Severus Snape still stood for something. Something that Rodolphus wouldn't dare ignore.
He hoped.

Jul. 24th, 2008


Fairytale bridge - Tag to Snape

Who Seth and Snape
When Late
Where Who knows
What Seth lands on Snape.
Warnings Drugs.

Thursday night, and they fought again. Seth couldn't remember what it was about as he climbed on to the stone railing of the bridge, swaying slightly as he looked out into the night with beer goggles, and decided that it did not matter. Nights in these parts were chilled and endlessly dark, save for the few pale lamps that hung like ghosts in the shadows. Seth looked back to where he had just been standing, then to couple of metres below him, and could not remember how he got here in the first place. The bridge wasn't very high up, Seth could probably jump, even in his inebriated state, and all he would get was a sprained ankle, but his alcohol-acid-whatever addled brain could not calculate that. All he saw was an endless pit, and how nice would it be to-

He slipped- at least, that was what he will claim later- and fell. For a brief moment, Seth thought he saw a monster as he landed on something that broke his fall was an unceremonious grunt.

Jun. 20th, 2008


Who: Snape + Dumbledore.
When: 11pm.
Where: Spinner's End.
What: TBA.

The day's heat had not dissipated even after the sun had set, but Snape, as usual, was robed in his heavy black cloak. The world beyond his windows was obscured by a thin layer of condensation- a testament to his general incompetence when it came to temperature altering charms. Any attempt he made to heat a space with a charm usually resulted in singed eyebrows for all parties involved, while his cooling charms had the potential to wilt any frost-sensitive plants in the immediate vicinity.
He leaned back in his chair, lifted a stray book from the table in front of him, gave the pages a noncommittal turn, and finally tossed the book across the room. A stream of vapor escaped his lips-a visible sigh. He placed his boots on top of the table and leaned farther back in his chair until it was balanced on two legs. A half empty bottle of firewhiskey gleamed at him from across the room. He couldn't remember when he'd put it there or how long it had been there for, but was that really any reason to neglect it? After all, the evening wasn't occupied by any other obligations...
The partronus burst into the room just as Snape shifted his weight towards the bottle, startling him just enough to send him crashing to the floor. The partronus waited with an air of infuriating patience while Snape untangled himself from his robes.
"Well?" He snapped at the phoenix, apparently hoping his shortness would be a sufficient stand-in for his momentarily misplaced dignity, "What is it... Sir?"

Jun. 14th, 2008


Hole in the wall - Tag to Snape

Who Seth Moon and Severus Snape
When Late
Where Bar
What Seth's crazy and Snape's snapey.

His agent, Marley, had told Seth a couple of nights ago that he needed to lay low for a while, or at least be on his best behaviour, since that unfortunate freak-out at the Emerald Lounge. Although the only witness had been Seth himself, his agent and the owner of the night club, who had promised to keep his mouth shut for a hefty price, Marley was feeling the pressure from the press. Tabloids magazines apparently had been phoning her more than usual lately asking about Seth. They think that he is an addict, user of illegal substances, abusing his own rights and making scenes in bars and clubs. They were saying that Seth is insane. Of course, being the extremely well-paid agent she was, Marley brushed off all of these questions.

She said staying home would be Seth's best option, and keeping sober would be his next goal, but that was not happening.

To Seth's credit, he had tried to stay home, his public image, after all, was his biggest selling point. He had made a point to sit quietly in his lounge, and that lasted for a total of five minutes before he and his wife began a yelling match (screeching on her part, throwing things too) about something incredibly trivial that ended with Seth storming out of his own home. And that is how he ended up at the bar. It was a quiet bar, nobody really talked, and nobody really cared that Seth Moon, the insane, alcoholic celebrity, was in their midst. Although Seth usually soaked up the attention like an attention-soaking sponge, he sometimes also wanted that smoked filled nonchalant attitude.

He refilled his glass with black whisky for the third time, and knocked it back, liking the way that his brain stopped working as soon as the alcoholic haze settled in, and everything goes quiet. He never gets quiet time, not when he is inside his head.

Jun. 13th, 2008


Who: Snape+Parvati
What: Snape gets pinned into a conversation with Draco's wife.
When: June 13th
Where: Malfoy Manor
Why: B'cause?</br> All-magic communities always seemed to possess an air of dense silence after Snape had stayed in his house at Spinner's End. Muggle towns seethed and shuddered with noise, silent only in the hours before dawn, but wizarding villages retained the stillness of twilight through the entire day. The Malfoy Manor was no exception.
Snape, always twitchier than usual after a night without sleep, found this stillness particularly unnerving today. Something yelped just above his right ear, successfully shattering the quiet and eliciting a sort of minor spasm from Snape. A snowy white peacock glared down at him from a branch, feathers puffed up proudly. Without looking back, Snape fired a round of sparks over his shoulder, pocketing his wand only after he was satisfied with the volume of the frantic squawking behind him.
By the time he'd crossed the garden and struck the serpent-shaped door knocker against the heavy wooden doors, the screeching had subsided, leaving him in silence to wonder why Draco had summoned him.