Sep. 3rd, 2008


Who: Mafalda Hopkirk and Adrian Pucey
Where: Renegade Cottage (How Quaint)
When: Evening
What: Mafalda and Adrian bicker/flirt.

A wicked little smile played across Mafalda's face as she made her way to the cabin where she'd had her little rendezvous with Adrian and Rodolphus just days earlier. She hoped Adrian wasn't still harboring any bad feeling about what she'd said... Well, that was a lie. She was sort of hoping he'd be pissed off and try to get revenge. She was interested to see if he really did have the balls to do it.

She flicker her hair over her shoulder and straightened her dress before sauntering into the cabin, wanting to make a good impression just in case the boy had beaten her there.

Aug. 29th, 2008


Who: Alicia and Adrian
What: Al owls to say thanks
Status: Incomplete
Rating: TBA

Aug. 25th, 2008


Who: Rodolphus Lestrange, Adrian Pucey, Mafalda Hopkirk
When: Aug 25th 2003
Where: Renegades HQ some random cottage in Northern England
What: TBD.

After the Ministry raid on the previous cottage, Rodolphus had immediately retrieved another Headquarters for his followers. This wasn't the place where the elder Deatheaters resided (That was somewhere secret, known only to them) but rather an area to gather, for younger deatheaters to receive their missions, for meetings, for punishments, and of course for naps if someone ever really did need one.

Rodolphus rarely spent time in this place. He would swoop in and out on occasion, his presence usually meaning that one of the deatheaters was soon to feel a lot of pain.

Tonight, however, Rodolphus was nostalgic. Nostalgic for the days when he, Lucius and the rest would spend their nights drinking and smoking cigars, swapping stories both evil and other. And after a few days of tormenting many a witch and wizard, Rodolphus was in the mood for conversation. Preferably with a female - his flirtasion with Padma Patil had whet his appetite.

Aug. 17th, 2008


Corner of Hillborn Way and Threehorn Lane - tag to Adrian

Who Christopher, Sally-Anne, Adrian
Where In your face
When Holy backdated Batman. @2am
What The return of Sally-Anne, badassery, and more.

Christopher looked like an alley-way drug dealer. Nobody had told him as such, but he suspected it nevertheless, having already two twitchy blokes come up to him and ask if he was carrying. Although they could not really be blamed; Christopher, at this point, was not presented at his best since he got no sleep last night and spent the entire morning pacing around his flat. Actually, he slept very little since Sally-Anne's kidnapping, for obvious reasons, but also because, as Christopher discovered, sleep just came easier with the comforting body heat of other than his in the bed. But mostly, Christopher had been a cranky bastard for the past days, knowing that there was somebody out there with a superiority complex going out of his or her way to make life harder for him.

The night was slightly warm. The street was quiet, there were not that many residents in his area, mostly abandoned, run-down looking buildings that are in dire need of a good fixing. Christopher leaned against one of the walls, and watched as nothing went by.

Jul. 29th, 2008


Who: Demelza Robins and Adrian Pucey
When: Early evening
Where: Her apartment
What: Dangerous activities
Warnings: PG-13 for violence and disturbing sequences?

The night is always darkest just before the dawn. )

Jul. 6th, 2008


Adrian's - tag to santa

Who Christopher and Adrian
Where Adrian's
When Late night
What Angst

Christopher couldn't stand it as he sat between his two brothers facing his a barrage of family members. The sympathetic looks and the whispers, and them all touching his hands, shoulders. Everybody was acting as if his wife was already dead, and Christopher could not stand it. Making a lousy, half-assed excuse, Christopher goes to the washroom. He hadn't told them yet about the price of getting Sally-Ann back, but he had already started to prepare. His parents thought he was going through a stage of grief, but that was not the reason why Christopher sold their summer cottage for a reason, and his best racing broom.

He faced himself in the mirror, looking a little worse for wear. Even through the other side of a door, he could still hear the hushed whispers, and then he was standing outside of another house. Christopher hadn't meant to apparate, but now he was here- Standing awkwardly, tired, and weary outside of his friend's house, Christopher knocked.

Jun. 30th, 2008


Tag to Hermione, then Mafalda, then Adrian

Who: Sally Anne, Hermione, Mafalda and Adrian (ORGY FUN)
Where: A bit down the street from St. Mungos, I should think
When: Like 8am-ish
What: Sally Anne is now getting kidnapped

Sally Anne left their modest but clean home with her husband. She mentioned meeting an old friend from Hogwarts for a bit of window-shopping. In reality she was to meet Hermione Granger for a visit to St. Mungos. Like many other witches, Sally Anne was losing her magic and she was afraid to Floo by herself. But Merlin forbid Chris found out (not that he would hurt her, but wasn't it better to be safe than sorry about these sort of delicate matters?), or worse yet, his dreadful family.

She bid him farewell just inside the Ministry and then returned to the busy street outside, intent on a fairly long and laborious trek to St. Mungos. Not really certain if she could floo or portkey by herself, she resigned herself to Muggle transportation, and began walking.

She felt strange and vulnerable without her magic, although she was still carried her wand. It was like walking naked for all the world to see. She hurried her pace a bit near the less-crowded areas. She had her own suspicions about Hannah's kidnapping but was fairly certain her connection to the Warringtons would keep her safe. Unless someone had found out about Plan Equal.

A figure just in front of her seemed vaugly familiar. "Hermione?" she called out tentatively.

Jun. 21st, 2008


Who: Hannah Abbott, Adrian Pucey, and Rodolphus Lestrange
Where: Hannah’s flat.
What: Stuff like Hannah getting kidnaped.

. . .  )

Jun. 16th, 2008


Adrian's Flat, tag to his man crush...I mean Roddy

Who: Adrian Pucey and Roddy Lestrange
When: 10.00 pm
Where: Adrian's flat
What: Finished. Adrian gets a VERY unexpected visit from Rodolphus Lestrange. Plot is revealed and kidnappings will soon take place. NOW YOU KNOW.

Adrian stepped out of the shower, stepping through the thoroughly steam filled bathroom. He grabbed a smaller towel and ran it over his head lightly. Then he used the larger one to towel off the rest of his body and wrapped it around his torso. He slung the smaller one over his shoulder and then opened the door to his sitting room. The coolness pulled at his skin. He enjoyed the transitioning temperature and allowed a grin between him and his flat. He'd probably have a snack, flip through Playwizard, have a wank and then call it an early night.

He moved over to the cooler box and grabbed a beer, taping it open with his wand. Then he tossed his wand onto the relatively unused and rather dusty kitchen counter. He gave a contented sigh and turned back to his sitting room. Where had he put that bloody magazine anyway?

Jun. 15th, 2008


26th Charity Luncheon and Auction

In a beautiful hall filled with wooden tables covered in butter yellow tablecloths and settings, the 26th Charity Luncheon and Auction held by the Foundation of Squib Integration began as it always did. A quick speech was made by the president of the foundation: Mollie MacFerson, a pureblood who had two squib siblings, and a plentiful array of finger foods and sandwiches were available admidst vibrant yellow and purple decorative flowers.

An expensive bottle of champagne was handed to each guest as a complimentary donation by Johnson Flightweather, a squib who had made his money in the muggle world as a car dealership owner. In fact, the free champagne never stopped coming during the entire event.

Following the lunch came rounds and rounds of auctioning, the lots ranging from strange muggle items to expensive artwork and wines. In between all of this, of course, was plenty of time to explore the grounds, talk to the Foundation members, and as one couple did: snog. (Honestly, people, this isn't Hogwarts!)

As day turned to evening the event was capped off with a speech by Johnson Flightweather.

"I would just like to thank everyone for coming and spending some of their money on this auction. Many wonder what our foundation does, and although attitudes have changed greatly, any squib wishing to remain in wizarding society find themselves without jobs or any support at all. The money you have so selflessly provided today (which by the way, I'm told is 5% more than last year, perhaps due to the champagne?) will go to helping support those individuals in the ventures they may attempt. I myself was forced into muggle society to make a living, but hopefully, with what everyone has learned today, squibs will not be so unlucky from here on in. Cheers!"

Earlier that morning )