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Dec. 25th, 2018


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Miguel and Sarah:
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All the Sullys (including Ashley and Sarah):
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Aug. 19th, 2018


Who: Anybody
Where: The Club
What: The 80s!
When: Saturday
Rating: TBD
Open: yes!
Status: On going

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Apr. 22nd, 2018


Who: Body-swapped Tommy and some Sullys
Where: In a spaceship!
What: Weird Reunion
When: Today!
Rating: !!!!!!!!!!
Open: Nope
Status: Ongoing

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Jul. 6th, 2017


Who: Izzy and open to anyone in the Sully house.
Where: Sully house
When: Night
Warnings: Possible mentions of violent events while Izzy was away.
Open: Yes to anyone in the Sully house.

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Jun. 3rd, 2017


Who: Adam and Sullys
Where: Sully House
What: Tale as old as tiiiime (Movie time on the big TeeVee)
When: Maybe an hour after this thread, 30th May
Rating: low
Open: To anyone at the Sully house
Status: Ongoing

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Apr. 1st, 2017


Gift, sort of?

On the first, broccoli “lollipops” were left in the supermarket, restaurants, bakery and other places on the island where people would find free food/gifts.

Dec. 27th, 2016


I'm doing all my character's gifts in one post. Backdated to Christmas. If any characters mentioned were dropped, just ignore those.

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Nov. 24th, 2016


Who: Izzy Sully-Bradbury, Abigail Hobbs, Sookie Sully, Sunila Montrose-House-soon to be Sully, Maggie Dresden, and open!
What: Throwing a bunch of my characters at a movie night.
When: Backdated to Tuesday.
Where: The park.
Warnings: None.
Open: Yes, to more than one thread! Pick a character you want to thread with.

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Nov. 16th, 2016


WHAT: Disney movie night
WHERE: the large park
WHEN: Thursday night, November 17th

OOC NOTE: open to multiple threads/subthreads. I am only going to post the first night as a separate thread but the movies list for the week is as follows, feel free to add threads for other nights if you like :)

Thursday: Snow White and Zootopia
Friday: Peter Pan (animated) and Hook
Saturday: Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty
Sunday: The Lion King and Finding Nemo
Monday: The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast
Tuesday: Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians
Wednesday: Aladdin and Pocahontas
Thursday: Shrek and Toy Story

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Sep. 25th, 2016


Who: Izzy Sully-Bradbury and Cristiano
What: Time away from the big ship blocking the sun.
When: Daytime?
Where: The pool in Sully home basement.
Warnings: None.
Open: To Juliet and the other Sullys/Extended Sullys.

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Aug. 26th, 2016


Who: Izzy Sully-Bradbury, Sookie Sully and Rhiannon Sully
What: Rhi's back.
When: Backdated to right after this -
Where: Sully home
Warnings: None
Open: To Sullys.

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Jul. 26th, 2016


Who: Sookie, young Izzy, Adele, Maggie, Sunila and open to Sully family, extended family, friends, people they've invited and anyone missing Rhi, Harry or Drew.
What: Family night
When: Early evening, on whatever date would work for all of them
Where: The Sully house.
Warnings: Mourning/sadness
Open: Yes, to many threads, subthreads, etc.

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Jul. 3rd, 2016


Who: Mouse and open
Where: The park
When: Forwarded to Monday Afternoon
Rating: Low
Status: Ongoing
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Jun. 24th, 2016


Gifts, backdated to father's day

For her Grandpa (Tom), Harry, Drew, and any other fathers/father figures in the extended Sully family

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Jun. 10th, 2016


Who: Izzy Shaw Sully and Open!
Where: Sully house
What: Cookout! Welcoming Gatsby back to the island.
When: Late Saturday afternoon
Rating: TBD
Open: Yep! Multiple threads

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May. 13th, 2016


Who: Sully Clan and the Omaticaya
Where: Pandora
What: Celebration of a successful hunt
When: Friday evening
Rating: TBD
Open: To all Jake's family and people
Status: Ongoing, multiple threads allowed and encouraged :D

OoC: What the hunt was like )

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May. 8th, 2016



For her mother (Rhi):
A wind chime made with beads (not the beads Jake gave her, Izzy kept those)
A homemade bookmark decorated with beads.

For Charlie:
A notebook that she filled with information about the island, pictures and maps. Most of the information is on places and other things that she remembers Charlie liked.
A homemade bookmark decorated with beads

For other her grandmother (Izzy) and other mothers in the family (Sarah, Rachel, any others):
A homemade bookmark decorated with beads

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Apr. 24th, 2016


Who: Izzy, Rhi, and Charlie and open to Sully clan (Charlie would have been sent a special invitation)
When: The 23rd
Where: Pandora
What: Birthday Party
Warnings: None.
Open: To Sullys, Sully significant others/dates and Sookie Stackhouse. Open to more than one thread, subthreads, etc;

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Apr. 3rd, 2016


Who: Rhiannon and Izzy
Where: The park
What: Mother daughter time
When: Today
Rating: TBD
Open: Yep
Status: Ongoing

She needed to spend some time with her baby )
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Apr. 2nd, 2016


Who: Drew and the Sully’s
Where: His and Rachel’s place
What: Facing up
When: Today
Rating: TBD
Open: To Sully’s in all shades
Status: Ongoing

He had to talk to them )

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