September 2023




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Apr. 5th, 2022


Who? Miguel, Bruno, Spanish class, associated hangers-on
Where? Spanish classroom
When? Spanish class

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Mar. 8th, 2022


Who: Bruno and Katarin
What: Katarin wants to know her future
Where: In the park
When: Late at night
Notes: Discussion of war, death, trauma

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Mar. 2nd, 2022


Who: Arcturus Black and all his guests
What: An Extraordinary Garden Party
Where: Arcturus' house
When: Wednesday afternoon

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Feb. 28th, 2022


Mr Arcturus Black requests the pleasure of [name's] company at home for an Extraordinary Garden Party on the afternoon of March 2nd. There will be a cream tea and sundry outdoor amusements, magical and otherwise, to celebrate the arrival of the Spring. Formal day dress requested.

[These carefully handwritten (with his quill!) invitations are on parchment inside little envelopes. They're delivered to the homes of all Arcturus' friends, and friendly acquaintances from the magic classes. The names of spouses and children are included if he's aware of them, but there are no general 'plus one' invitations. (Unmarried couples would not be invited together, because he's old fashioned, but poke me if you need a workaround.) I'm doing it this way and not writing a list so I don't accidentally leave people out - he wouldn't invite people he doesn't know or like, or thinks wouldn't enjoy the event, but beyond that you're welcome to assume your character got one! Reply to him here if you want, and/or to the event thread on the day.]

Feb. 13th, 2022


Who: Everyone who wants to attend
Where: Same place as before, the courtyard place on Wheel 1
What: Magic Class, day 2!
When: All day!

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Feb. 6th, 2022


Who: Everyone welcome!
What: The first Sunday magic classes
Where: Big open courtyard space on wheel 1
When: Sunday morning

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Jan. 30th, 2022


Who? Bruno & Isabela
Where? Bruno's apartment
When? Just after this
What? Family reunion. NOTE: All speech in this thread is actually in Spanish, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Rating? low
Open? No

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