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May. 8th, 2021


Who: Annie, Abigail and Kat
Where: Abigail's.
What: Annie and Kat go to help Abigail
When: After this;
Rating: TBC (Probably LOW)
Open: Ask first
Status: Ongoing
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Apr. 2nd, 2021


Who: Kat and Bonnie
What: Investigating a factory on Den Vados
When: Early afternoon
Where: Den Vados
Rating: Low

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Feb. 22nd, 2021


Age Shift Annie 2

Who: Annie, Kat and Eggsy
Where: Wheel 3, maintenance corridor
What: Finding Annie
When: After This
Rating: Low
Open: Maybe later
Status: Ongoing
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Nov. 26th, 2020


Where have you been?

Who: Annie and Kat (eventually)
Where: A valley in a planet near to the station.
What: What happened to Annie during the plot / getting back to the station.
When: After Higgs' defeat
Rating: Low (injury detail, vehicle crash, swearing)
Open: Unknown
Status: Ongoing
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Nov. 13th, 2020


Who: Kat & Richie
Where: Richie's room at the hotel
What: Checking in
When: Early morning
Rating: TBD
Open: Maybe to family members
Status: Unfinished

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Oct. 20th, 2020


Who: Katherine & Open
What: Reading
Where: The hotel
When: Tuesday, around 'sunrise'

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Jun. 30th, 2020


Annie's First Contact

Who: Annie and Katherine
Where: Wheel 3, 141 South Corridor
What: Kat retrieves Annie
When: After this
Rating: TBD
Open: Ask First
Status: Closed

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May. 18th, 2020


Who: Katherine and Open
Where: Streets of Asgard - close to the door
What: Wandering
When: Afternoon
Rating: Low?
Open: Yes!
Status: Unfinished

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Apr. 27th, 2020


Who: Loki, Thor and shortly Kat
Where: Little Asgard
What: Reunion
When: After this
Rating: Low (I hope)
Open: To people in little Asgard
Status: Unfinished

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Mar. 18th, 2020


Who: Everyone taking part in rescuing Constantine
Where: The station and various locations in Hell
What: Dragging John out of hell
When: Just after this
Rating: TBA, likely violence
Open: Yes

Let's say hi to his satanic majesty )

Feb. 29th, 2020


Who: Kat and Zatanna
Where: Starting in Zatanna's room
What: Chatting over a bottle
When: Backdated to just after Zatanna arrives
Rating: TBA
Open: No

Egnahc sehtolc )

Jan. 31st, 2020


Who: Blank
Where:Somewhere within the Compass
What: Blank showing up
When: Present?
Rating: High: Things have changed, let's go with a high rating
Open: To any one who wants to welcome this newcomer
Status: On going

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Nov. 27th, 2019


A hand written note is pinned to each family member's bedroom door as well as the fridge. The writing is, perhaps obviously, Rhysand's as it manages a careful scrawl but also the kind of slant that shows repetition after having made the note so many times. There is a seriousness to the text considering it's simply written in pen, short in nature, and everyone got one.

Family Outing
Saturday the 30th
10:00 AM
No Excuses

Nov. 24th, 2019


Who? Bill and Kat
Where? Wheel 1, Park, by the waterfall
When? November 24, afternoon.
What? Bill is wee again.
Open? Not right now

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Oct. 15th, 2019


Who: Kat & Tony
Where: Little Asgard
What: Rescuing the scientist
When: After this
Rating: Low?
Open: To her family and later Maryanne, AJ & Clint
Status: Unfinished
o.o.o.o.o )

Oct. 11th, 2019


Who: Bill and some of his family
Where: Witcham Street, heading for Neibolt Street
What: Bill is exploring his hometown
When: October 11, early afternoon
Open: to family members

~*~*~*~*~*~ )

Jul. 23rd, 2019


Who: Kat and John
Where: The club through the portal
What: Possible adventures
When: Wednesday evening
Rating: TBD
Open: Closed for now
Status: Unfinished

In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is courage. In water there is bacteria. )

Jun. 8th, 2019


Who: Quinlan Vos and Kat.
Where: Kat's Place
What: Quinlan's arrival on the station
When: Saturday evening
Warnings: Blood
Open: Open
Status: Ongoing

There is no emotion, there is peace )

Jun. 1st, 2019


Who? Ciaran & Kat (+ Open)
Where? Little Asgard
When? Backdated to last Sunday when he came around for dinner
What? Talking
Rating? Low/Middle.

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May. 21st, 2019


Who: Loki, Kat and Bertie
Where: Flying lessons
What: Two lads are being awkward
When: Backdated to Friday afternoon
Rating: Low?
Open: No
Status: Unfinished
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