September 2023




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Mar. 25th, 2022


Who: GhostEddie and Richie
What: Dealing with it?
Where: Hotel in Wheel 1
When: After this
Closed/Ongoing/Warnings for gore, death, general IT things

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Mar. 16th, 2022


Who: Eddie and open to a character that can see ghosts.
Where:  Station hallway
When: March 16th morning. 
What: Plot, Eddie is a ghost.  Who can see him is flexible.  If your character has shine, or can see ghosts in their cannon (ex force ghosts, other ghosts), or the station gave them the power to see ghosts, they can see Eddie.
Warnings:  Gore, character is dead/undead. Mentions of violence, Pennywise.

Swearing ahead )

Apr. 17th, 2021


Who? Maui & Open
Where? Park on wheel 3
When? This morning
What? New arrival
Warnings? None
Open? Yes

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Mar. 29th, 2021


Who: Richie and Eddie (as adults)
Where: Their 'honeymoon spot'
When:Backdated to when they were both adults.
What: Looking for a private room for themselves and enjoying it.
Status: closed, started as gdoc, possibly ongoing in the comments.
Warnings: High for sex.

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Sep. 17th, 2020


Richie FM

[the thought comes through LOUD and clear to anyone that can catch a zipzip]

Please work, please work, please don't kill me!


I thought we were safe here


[in Higgs voice] Because I know this will piss them off


[softer, weak] help. please.

Aug. 21st, 2020


WHO: Losers 2.0 (Eddie, Ben, Bill, Richie, Jane, Abra)
WHERE: A station park
WHEN: Backdated to night of August 17 to morning of August 18th
WHAT:Camping trip,threads and sub-threads
OPEN: To adults who might check on them and to kids their age.
WARNINGS: Swear words

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Jul. 23rd, 2020


Who: Ben Hanscom, Erandur Brevedant, and ???
Where: Somewhere in Wheel 1
What: Ben and Erandur's arrival
When: Morning
Rating: Low
Open: Yes, please!
Status: Ongoing

Two, fresh new arrivals )

Jun. 28th, 2020


Who: Richie and Eddie
What: Party Break
Where: Hot Springs in Asgard
When: after this
Rating: TBD

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May. 18th, 2020


Who: Katherine and Open
Where: Streets of Asgard - close to the door
What: Wandering
When: Afternoon
Rating: Low?
Open: Yes!
Status: Unfinished

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Feb. 18th, 2020


Who:  Eddie and Richie
Where: Starting in the park.
What: Valentine's not-a-date date.
When:  Backdated to Friday
Open:  no
Warnings:  Language, possibly feelings of self-doubt based on his mom's homophobia.

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Jan. 30th, 2020


WHO: Anyone (all the subthreads encouraged!)
WHAT: Party!
WHERE: The Cafe
WHEN: Friday evening, starting at 7

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Dec. 10th, 2019


Who: Sarah
Where: Wheel 3's Park
What: A wedding and a reception
When: Wednesday 12/11/19
Rating: TBD
Open: YES Sub-threads welcome, and encouraged
Status: On going

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Nov. 25th, 2019


Who:  Eddie and Open!
Where: One of the parks.
What: Aged down Eddie.
When:  Dated to early Tuesday morning. 
Open:  Open.
Warnings: Language, possibly Eddie freaking out.

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Nov. 24th, 2019


Who: Richie and Bill (maybe Eddie later)
What: Richie smol
Where: Bill's room
When: Middle of the night Sunday

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Nov. 12th, 2019


Who: Eddie and Richie
What: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Where: Derry, Bassey Park and the Kissing Bridge
When: Nov. 12
Closed/Ongoing/Warnings for internalized homophobia and possible homophobic language

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Nov. 9th, 2019


Who: Richie and Eddie
What: Nightmares and stuff
Where: House in little Asgard
When: Backdated, Nov 2
Closed/GDoc/Low (as low as Richie can be)

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Nov. 3rd, 2019


Who? Enjolras & Open
Where? Food court - Bucky's section.
When? Sunday evening
What? Getting to know youuuu...
Open? Yes

Love has no middle term; either it destroys, or it saves. )

Oct. 21st, 2019


Who? Bill, Eddie and Richie
Where? Park, near waterfalls.
When? After Richie's panicky text messages, October 20
What? This meeting of the Losers club has officially begun. Albeit with only three members...
Open? Not yet.
Warnings: Richie. Also possible death, creepy clown, dead kids etc. Mainly Richie, though.

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