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May. 8th, 2021


Who: Annie, Abigail and Kat
Where: Abigail's.
What: Annie and Kat go to help Abigail
When: After this;
Rating: TBC (Probably LOW)
Open: Ask first
Status: Ongoing
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Dec. 4th, 2020


Meeting Miss Hobbs

Who: Annie and Abigail
Where: Wheel 3 South, Floor 141.
What: Abigail's first session.
When: The day after Annie's network post.
Rating: TBD (Psychology/Murder Detail/Narcotics)
Open: Probably not
Status: Ongoing
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Dec. 10th, 2019


Who: Sarah
Where: Wheel 3's Park
What: A wedding and a reception
When: Wednesday 12/11/19
Rating: TBD
Open: YES Sub-threads welcome, and encouraged
Status: On going

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Dec. 29th, 2018


Christmas Gifts From Abigail (backdated)

(ooc: backdated to Christmas)

Will and Finn )

Katherine )

Na'vi Jake )

Rob )

Ernest )

Mr, Darcy, Ashley, Georgiana )

Sophia )

Sep. 5th, 2018


Who? Rob & Open
Where? A random 'street' on wheel 3.
When? Wednesday afternoon
What? An old-new arrival.
Open? Yes please!
Rating? TBD, some mention of war.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo )

Sep. 23rd, 2017


Who: Abigail and Open
What: Waking up.
Where: Space Station.
When: Before the gravity came back on.
Rating/Warnings: None, will update if needed.
Status: Open

.... )

Jun. 18th, 2017


Father's day gift

Given to Pop on father's day:

Pop )

May. 7th, 2017


Who? Ernest, Charlie & OPEN.
Where? The park
When? Sunday afternoon
What? Water fight / Charlie's birthday party
Rating? Low
Open? Yes

xoxoxoxoxox )

Mar. 17th, 2017


Who: Abigail and open!
When: Backdated to the memory loss plot.
Where: Paris.
What: Memory loss, finding a knife.

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Feb. 16th, 2017


Who: Abigail Hobbs and Finn
Where: His apartment
When: Backdated to Valentine's day
Warnings: May contain adult situations.

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Jan. 16th, 2017


Who: Katherine and open
Where: The streets
What: Taking pictures
When: Monday morning
Rating: Low
Open: Yup
Status: Ongoing

xoxoxoxox )

Dec. 27th, 2016


I'm doing all my character's gifts in one post. Backdated to Christmas. If any characters mentioned were dropped, just ignore those.

Gifts )

Nov. 24th, 2016


Who: Izzy Sully-Bradbury, Abigail Hobbs, Sookie Sully, Sunila Montrose-House-soon to be Sully, Maggie Dresden, and open!
What: Throwing a bunch of my characters at a movie night.
When: Backdated to Tuesday.
Where: The park.
Warnings: None.
Open: Yes, to more than one thread! Pick a character you want to thread with.

..... )

Aug. 16th, 2016


Who: Abigail and Finn
What: Date night
When: Backdated to when the door was open to Brooklyn.
Where: Central Park.
Warnings: None, will update if needed.
Open: No.

.... )

Jun. 28th, 2016


Who: Abigail and open!
What: Plot - pride
When: late afternoon/early evening
Where: Walking home from the bakery, so anywhere in-between the bakery and Will's house.
Warnings: Low - mentions of her scars and the reasons for the scars.
Open: Yes! To more than one thread! She could run into people at different times or be walking home on different days.
Note: When the plot ends, Abigail might feel embarrassed around anyone who saw her scars.

.... )

Jun. 20th, 2016


Gift, dated to father's day

For Pop )

Jun. 4th, 2016


Who: Abigail Hobbs and Open!
What: She's having a good day.
Where: The bakery.
When: Backdated to Thursday, anytime during the day.
Warnings: None
Open: Open, to multiple threads, more than one person can visit the bakery!

.... )

May. 28th, 2016


Who: Abigail Hobbs and Open!
What: A bad reaction to another face change.
Where: Through the Pandora door.
When: Friday Evening
Warnings: Possible mentions of violence in Abigail's past.
Open: Open!

.... )

May. 13th, 2016


Who: Sully Clan and the Omaticaya
Where: Pandora
What: Celebration of a successful hunt
When: Friday evening
Rating: TBD
Open: To all Jake's family and people
Status: Ongoing, multiple threads allowed and encouraged :D

OoC: What the hunt was like )

*~*~*~*~*~* )

May. 11th, 2016


Who: Anyone and everyone!
Where: The Opera House
What: Sophia's birthday party
When: 5/11/2016
Rating: TBD
Open: YES
Status: Ongoing, with multiples.

Party Time )

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