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Jul. 30th, 2021


[In the early hours of Friday morning, anyone staying near Kat and the boys or who is particularly telepathic may pick up on one of Richie's nightmares. His shine has gone wonky and he's projecting instead of listening. It radiates out suddenly in a physical shockwave like the last one but lingers this time, since he hasn't woken up.

The nightmare is the inside of the niebolt house, but the walls drip with tar, the words: Wrath. Envy. Pride. Greed. are slashed into the wallpaper and plaster and bleed red. Richie's back and arms ache a little worse every time he reads one of them and his shirt sticks to him, caked with both fresh and drying blood. He can't find any of his friends who are screaming for help. He finally wakes up when he falls down the well hole, but neither Pennywise nor Higgs is there waiting, just the shadows.

He doesn't react to it this time, the connection just shuts once he wakes up. If anyone is in the same room he is they would just see him turn over in bed and pull the blankets a little closer.]

Nov. 26th, 2020


One Final Effort

Who: Higgs and those who said they would help fight him.
Where: A large open area of the station and the Seam.
What: Higgs is defeated
When: After Loki's planning session
Rating: Low
Open: No
Status: Closed
~~~~~~~~~ )

Oct. 17th, 2020


Who: AUBlank and AUJohn
Where: On top of a random Hotel on Wheel 1
What: Deciding if he is good or bad
When: After Scarlet finds out he is AU
Rating: TBD/Meidum, some language, and other things.
Open: Not at the moment
Status: On going

Let me know.. Let me know.. Where I can go to save my soul? )

Oct. 14th, 2020


Who: Dan, Abra, Loki, Rhysand and Higgs
Where: The park in Wheel 5
What: Angry angry people
When: Backdated like hell, back to September 15th, when Richie was attacked and Erandur fought Higgs. After this
Rating: TBD
Open: Noooo. No. Do not think so.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ )

Oct. 10th, 2020


Who: AU!Miguel and Sarah, Bonnie later
Where: Bottom floor, Wheel 1
What: Just handing over clothes to go to Richie! Nothing more! >.> <.<
When: October 6th, just after these texts
Rating: TBD, hints at past child abuse
Open: Maybe later?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ )

Sep. 24th, 2020


Who: Higgs and Chaos Tech.
Where: Somewhere in the Spine.
What: Chaos is having doubts.
When: Saturday during the day.
Rating: TBD.
Open: No.
Status: Ongoing.

Dazed and confused )


Who: Ardyn and OPEN to folks in the hotel.
Where: The hotel.
What: Ardyn has began to show signs of sickness. What could be causing it?
When: Friday evening.
Rating: TBD.
Open: Yes to one person. Ask if you want another person added, please.
Status: Ongoing.

Unexpected realisations )


Who: AU Eleven and OPEN!
Where: The food court.
What: AU Eleven is trying to find food.
When: Saturday late at night.
Rating: TBD.
Open: To one person, yes.
Status: Ongoing.

She had to stop being scared if she wanted to live. She had to be brave. )

Sep. 18th, 2020


Who: Erandur and Higgs
Where: Park on Wheel 4
What: A battle
When: A few hours after Higg's attack on Richie
Rating: Medium. Violence and cursing
Open: Nope
Status: Finished

A violent reaction, struggling only to keep myself alive! )


Who: AU Gen and normal John.
Where: John's apartment.
What: AU Gen tries to replace normal John.
When: A couple of days after the thing with Higgs and the Heart.
Rating: TBD.
Open: Not for now.
Status: Ongoing.

Doppelgangers )

Sep. 17th, 2020


Who: Blank, AU Blank, AU Bonnie, Scarlet
Where: Wheel 1
What: AU Blank taking over
When: A couple of days after Higgs broke the Heart
Rating: Medium
Open: Ask first. (Scarlet, yes)
Status: Finished

Seems like I’ve been here before, seems so familiar.. Feels like I’m slipping… Into a dream within a dream! )


Who: Miguel
Where: Wandering the station
When: Early this morning
What: slipping in through the cracks
Open: Don't mind.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ )


Richie FM

[the thought comes through LOUD and clear to anyone that can catch a zipzip]

Please work, please work, please don't kill me!


I thought we were safe here


[in Higgs voice] Because I know this will piss them off


[softer, weak] help. please.

Sep. 16th, 2020


Who: Higgs and Richie
Where: Station Corridors near Little Asgard
What: Higgs starts to play.
When: Just after We Will Rise
Rating: Medium (TW Mental Trauma, Kids, Villiany)
Open: Please Ask, but probably
Status: Ongoing
~~~~~~~~~ )

Sep. 8th, 2020


Who: Higgs and Ardyn.
Where: Observation area, Wheel 2.
What: Meeting Higgs.
When: Thursday the 10th.
Rating: TBA.
Open: Maybe.
Status: Ongoing.

The path of chaos begins here )


Who: Kytana, Higgs (sort of?), and John Constantine.
Where: Med Bay.
What: Looking into John's mind.
When: After this
Rating: TBD.
Open: No.
Status: Ongoing.

Remember Newcastle. I do. It fills my mind from Louisiana to London. And all the while I wade through scuttling humanity -- flotsam and jetsam, unconscious of the cosmic tides that wash them to and fro. )

Aug. 24th, 2020



Where: Brynhild's club
What: A jet black box wrapped in gold ribbon with gift tag.
When: After this
Rating: Low
~~~~~~~ )

Aug. 23rd, 2020


Let it Shine

Who: Dan Torrance, Higgs
Where: Higgs' Mind
What: Dan uses the Shine to investigate Higgs
When: Current time
Rating: TBD
Open: No
Status: Finished
~~~~~~~~~~~ )

Aug. 21st, 2020


If at first you don't succeed...

Who: John and Higgs
Where: An abandoned section of the Station
What: Higgs finds John
When: After this.
Rating: TBD
Open: No
Status: Finished
~~~~~~~~~~~ )

Aug. 19th, 2020


Manners Maketh Man

Who: Loki and Higgs
Where: Loki's Study
What: Higgs drops in on Loki
When: Shortly after Higgs' network post
Rating: Low (Swears)
Open: No
Status: Finished
~~~~~~~~~~ )

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