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Jan. 11th, 2011 @ 11:47 pm Gift fic for venturous, Under Laboratory Conditions, adult

Recipient: venturous

Author: chazpure

Title: Under Laboratory Conditions

Characters: Severus/Fred/George, Fred/George, Severus/Charlie

Rating: Adult

Content Info: Everyone's of age in this fic. *altered consciousness, noncon/dubcon, threesome/moresome, toys, restraints, cbt, mild feminization, incest, orgasm denial, voyeurism, egregious Latin abuse*

Summary: The twins follow a suspicious figure through Knockturn Alley and wind up with a new experimental subject for their latest line of...novelties.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~11,900

Author Notes: This [info]snapelyholidays fic is a gift for the amazing venturous. The Snapeliest of Holidays to you! I hope you enjoy this somewhat twisted tale. *g* My apologies to the mods for the dreadful tardiness of this entry and much appreciation for the forbearance shown.

( Under Laboratory Conditions )

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Jan. 9th, 2011 @ 09:54 pm Gift fic for serpenscript, Being Eloise Jensen, or The Dangers of Staying Home from Hogsmeade, adult

Recipient: serpenscript

Author: nehalenia

Title: Being Eloise Jensen, or The Dangers of Staying Home from Hogsmeade

Characters: Severus Snape, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin

Rating: Adult. Very Adult.

Content Info: *bondage, spanking, rough sex, non-con/dub-con, unintentional cross-dressing, humiliation, double penetration, bottom!Snape*

Summary: Snape's attempt to sneak into the Gryffindor girls' dormitory goes horribly, terribly, unforgettably awry.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~8,040

Author Notes: Huge and heart-felt thanks to the mods for their saintly patience and to my sharp-eyed, faithful, and long-suffering beta, R. I'd never have made it to the finish line on this without your help and understanding.
To my lovely recipient, all I can say is that there could hardly have been a better match in all of fandom and I hope you enjoy this. Happy holidays!

( Being Eloise Jensen, or The Dangers of Staying Home from Hogsmeade )

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Jan. 7th, 2011 @ 10:16 pm Gift fic for lookfar, Love, all-ages

Mod note: With thanks to lookfar for pinch-hitting...

Recipient: lookfar

Author: curia_regis

Title: Love

Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Rating: PG

Content Info: none

Summary: It all comes down to one thing: Harry loves Severus.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~1,600

Author Notes: Thank you to A. for the beta!

( Love )

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Jan. 5th, 2011 @ 09:28 pm Gift fic for leela_cat, Returning Home, adult

Recipient: leela_cat

Author: leni_jess

Title: Returning Home

Characters: Lucius, Severus, Narcissa, Draco, OMC

Rating: adult

Content Info: *Vanilla-ish Lucius/Severus, but definitely NC17*

Prompt used: After the war, Lucius manages to evade another prison sentence only to have Narcissa die or leave him for (you pick: not being a good enough DE to ensure their lord won, endangering their son's life, not being powerful enough in a post-war world, whatever works). In putting his life back together, he finds himself spending time with a slowly healing Severus Snape.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~5,150

Author Notes: Leela, I fiddled with the Narcissa bit of your prompt, but I believe it should be okay. *crosses fingers* *positively grovels to the mods for straining their patience, no doubt way past the snapping point* Gratitude to my emergency beta readers chazpure and odogoddess, who undertook the job on top of all their moderation work.

( Returning Home )

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Jan. 4th, 2011 @ 08:04 pm Gift fic for fanficforensics, The Turning Point, adult

Recipient: fanficforensics

Author: bethbethbeth

Title: The Turning Point

Characters: Severus Snape/Regulus Black, cameos appearances by Kreacher, Lucius Malfoy, and Lord Voldemort

Rating: Adult

Content Info: *Alcohol use. Occasional excessive swearing. Consensual underage sex . Implied imminent canon death.*

Summary: A tale of divided loyalties, choices made, and choices unmade.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~4,950

Author Notes: I suppose it's possible that the seven mentions of Regulus in your sign-up form were merely a Slytherinesque misdirection where your preferences are concerned, fanficforensics, and yet...I suspect not!

( The Turning Point )

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Jan. 2nd, 2011 @ 12:32 am Gift fic for iamisaac, The Fallow Bed, adult

Recipient: iamisaac

Author: lookfar

Title: The Fallow Bed

Characters: Snape, Luna Lovegood

Rating: adult

Content Info: *(as requested) love and angst, against all odds*

Prompt used: Severus/Luna, post DH, (therefore AU!) two misfits fit.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~5,730

( The Fallow Bed )

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Jan. 1st, 2011 @ 12:11 am Gift fic for countess_hp, A Very Good Year, adult

Recipient: countess_hp

Author: odogoddess

Title: A Very Good Year

Characters: Severus/Lucius

Rating: Adult/R

Content Info: *frottage, coming in clothes*

Prompt used/Summary: Severus has always looked up to Lucius, he would do anything that Lucius asked of him.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic wrote it without making one shiny coin or crispy bill for it and has no expectation of any.

Word count: ~2,610

Author Notes: Happy Snapely Holidays, countess_hp!

( A Very Good Year )

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Dec. 31st, 2010 @ 01:01 am Gift fic for community, How Much You're Worth, adult

Recipient: Snapely Holidays Community

Author: countess_hp

Title: How Much You're Worth

Characters: Sirius/Severus

Rating: Adult

Content Info: AU, bondage, non-con, Master/slave, humiliation

Summary: AU Post War. Death eaters are being punished by being sold to the highest bidder. Sirius buys Severus for his own evil plans.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction set in the Harry Potter universe - all recognizable characters and settings are the property of J. K. Rowling and her associates. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work.

Word count: ~1,633

Author Notes: I want to thank C for help with betaing, even thought it was hard for her to understand what I was meaning. I am evil that way.

( How Much You're Worth )

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Dec. 29th, 2010 @ 03:02 am Gift fic for fluffyllama, The Shadow Of Misery's Wings, adult

Recipient: fluffyllama

Author: femmequixotic

Title: The Shadow of Misery's Wings

Characters: Severus Snape/Viktor Krum

Rating: Adult/NC-17

Content Info: *Rough Sex, Felching*

Summary: Severus looks at me then. "Dear Viktor. You can't take the entire force on by yourself." I know this, but I've been saving influence for when it matters. This matters.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.

Word count: ~5,400

Author Notes: Many thanks to my betas--their help was priceless--and to the mods for their utmost patience with me. Happy holidays to fluffyllama!

( The Shadow of Misery's Wings )

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Dec. 27th, 2010 @ 05:13 am Gift fic for leni_jess, You Can't Keep a Good Slytherin Down, all-ages

Recipient: leni_jess

Author: cardigrl

Title: You Can't Keep a Good Slytherin Down

Characters: Severus, Lucius, Narcissa and Draco

Rating: All ages

Content Info: Gen.

Prompt used/Summary: After the war, Severus faces pointed questions when the Malfoys hear Harry Potter's version of events. How far can ties stretch before they break?

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.

Word count: ~4,400

Author Notes: Thank you, leni_jess, for wonderful prompts. I really hope you enjoy how I used this one. Many thanks to the wonderful mods for this fest, and to my fabulous betas, venturous, bethbethbeth, and bluestocking79 for their invaluable assistance.

( You Can't Keep a Good Slytherin Down )

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Dec. 26th, 2010 @ 01:44 am Gift fic for schemingreader, The Unexpurgated Version, NC-17

Recipient: schemingreader

Author: lookfar

Title: The Unexpurgated Version

Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, James Sirius, Albus and Lily Potter.

Rating: NC-17

Content Info: Warnings or enticements for hot man-on-man sex.

Prompt used: Any story in which you credibly get Snape together with one of these men in which both are adults (or at least, both teens over the age of consent) and both are fully consenting is good. If you can get them there without making Snape significantly less prickly, that's good too!

Love develops between Snape and male character of your choice who has casual sex with him, not realizing he is emotionally vulnerable. (Bonus points if Snape doesn't realize it, either!)

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. Nothing here is for personal profit.

Word count: ~10,673

Author Notes: Many thanks to my intelligent and perspicacious beta, to be named, who improves my work in every way.

( The Unexpurgated Version )

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Dec. 24th, 2010 @ 01:27 am Gift fic for nehalenia, The End of the Masquerade, adult

Recipient: nehalenia

Author: countesszero

Title: The End of the Masquerade

Characters: Severus Snape/Sirius Black

Rating: NC-17

Content Info: *AU, Lost years, Romance, Adventure*

Summary: Sirius Black pulls one last prank and gate-crashes Lucius Malfoy's bal paré.Then all masks come down.

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Universe is in its entirety, including all characters, the property of J. K. Rowling and her affiliates. I, the Author make no profit from this story.

Word count: ~31,330

Author Notes: Dear nehalenia,
     I truly hope you enjoy this offering. It was a great pleasure to write this for you!

Dear snapelyhols_mod,

     I appreciate your friendliness, your patience and support! Thank you for organising this lovely exchange!

Dear Beta!

     Thank you very much for your fast work and your dedication! Now is of course a good time to mention, that all remaining mistakes are solely mine.

( The End of the Masquerade )

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Dec. 23rd, 2010 @ 12:27 am Gift fic for cardigrl, A Book of English Verse, all-ages

Recipient: cardigrl

Author: chaos_rose

Title: A Book of English Verse

Characters: Severus/Narcissa

Rating: All-ages

Content Info: *Mentions of infidelity*

Summary: If a gentleman wishes to know what a lady wants, he might try asking her.

Disclaimer: These are Jo's. I am simply speculating.

Word count: ~1,776, so saith Word. Vignette.

Author Notes: cardigrl, you asked for Severus/Narcissa, life outside of Hogwarts, kiss with fade-to-black. I hope that you'll enjoy!

( A Book of English Verse )

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Dec. 22nd, 2010 @ 12:37 am Gift fic for miss_morland, The Boy With the Thorn in His Side, PG-13

Recipient: miss_morland

Author: arcadian_dream

Title: The Boy With the Thorn in His Side

Characters: Severus Snape/Peter Pettigrew, unrequited Severus/James and Peter/James.

Rating: PG-13

Content Info: *ANGST*

Summary: He remembers when Wormtail was Peter, and he was Severus, and they were kids, both lost, lonely; and in love with James Potter.

Disclaimer: It's Rowling's playground, I just like to muck about on the swings.

Word count: ~1,630

Author Notes: I may have gone a bit OTT on the whole Snape's-unpleasantness-being-acknowledged angle. I'm crossing my fingers it's not too detrimental overall. Thanks to the Mods for their patience - this would, in no way, have happened otherwise. miss_morland, I enjoyed writing for you (more than I've ever enjoyed writing Snape, actually!), and I hope you enjoy reading

( The Boy With the Thorn in His Side )

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Dec. 21st, 2010 @ 01:14 am Gift fic for r_grayjoy, Raising Severus, R

Recipient: r_grayjoy

Author: alisanne

Title: Raising Severus

Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall

Rating: R/Adult

Content Info: *AU, EWE *

Summary: After leaving the Aurors, Harry takes over as Potions master for Hogwarts, and discovers a mystery in the most unlikely place.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~16,000

Author Notes: r_grayjoy, hope you enjoy this. I tried to include as many of your requests as I could. Happy Snapely Holidays!
A special thank you to my beta reader, to my writing group, and to the mods for again hosting this fabulous Snape love fest.

( Raising Severus )

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Dec. 19th, 2010 @ 12:34 am Gift fic for prayer_at_night, Slytherin's Mystery

Recipient: prayer_at_night

Author: aceia

Title: Slytherin's Mystery

Characters: Lucius/Severus, mentions of Avery, Rosier, Wilkins, and Mulciber

Rating: all-ages

Content Info: preslash

Prompt/Summary: Slytherins are trained to do the best in the Wizarding World. It starts in their third year.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. I'm just playing in it.

Word count: ~2,900

Author Notes: prayer_at_night, I hope you like the story. I did the best I could with your prompt but the boys didn't want to cooperate and actually get together. Thanks to Someone's Dissonance for betaing.

( Slytherin's Mystery )

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Dec. 18th, 2010 @ 12:11 am Gift fic for countesszero, HOUDS, adult

Recipient: countesszero

Author: irena_candy

Title: HOUDS

Characters: Marauders, various walk-ons, extras, and spear carriers.

Rating: Adult

Content Info: underage (teen Marauders & Snape) + *AU, angst, semi-public, frottage, groping *

Prompt used: the three mousquetaires-au: all for one, one for all. the marauders ride, fence like devils and rescue damsels in distress - but this time they are fighting to rescue snape. (and peter pettigrew isn't evil!) bonus points for appearances of historical personalities (i. e. monteverdi, vermeer, shakespeare)

Disclaimer: The characters in this piece of fiction are the property of J. Rowling. The situations are the author's own.

Word count: ~6,800

Author Notes: This story was written for the 2010 Snapely Holidays exchange. I hope countesszero will forgive me for making it more Hogwarts and less alternate universe! I would also like to beg the indulgence of OUDS, the Oxford University Dramatic Society, for a tongue-in-cheek reference to their initials.


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Dec. 16th, 2010 @ 12:12 am Gift fic for bethbethbeth, The Healing, teen

Recipient: bethbethbeth

Author: miss_morland

Title: The Healing

Characters: Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape, Tobias Snape

Rating: Teen

Content Info: *Hurt/comfort, discussions of suicide, AU where Snape lives*

Disclaimer: These characters were created by J.K. Rowling.

Word count: ~5,900

Summary: Sometimes you have to open the wound to get the venom out.

Author Notes: I hope you'll like this, Beth! Many thanks to my wonderful beta-reader, and to the mods for organising the fest.

( The Healing )

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Dec. 15th, 2010 @ 12:53 am Gift fic for twilightsorcery, En Prise, adult

Recipient: twilightsorcery

Author: fluffyllama

Title: En Prise

Characters: Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy (with a little Snape/Lucius/Narcissa)

Rating: Adult

Summary: The Order want Severus. The Malfoys want Severus. Severus would just like a bloody week off.

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling.

Word count: ~3,200

( En Prise )

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Dec. 14th, 2010 @ 12:22 am Gift fic for alisanne, A Heart's Desire, adult

Recipient: alisanne

Author: lilyseyes

Title: A Heart's Desire

Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Lucius Malfoy

Rating: adult

Content Info: *Forced/Accidental bonding, hurt/comfort, first-time, rimming, mention of Mpreg*

Summary: Severus is living quietly after the war, brewing potions for a living. Who would want to send him a letter cursed with Dark magic?

Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling - no money is made off this work of fiction, it is for entertainment only.

Word count: ~15,600

Author Notes: Betaed by leela_cat and sevfan - thank you so much! - thank you so much!

( A Heart's Desire )

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