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August 21st, 2009
11:05 pm


Katar and Shayera know ALL your dirty little secrets
Some bits from 1961 and 1962 issues of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. Script by Gardner Fox, art by Joe Kubert.

One of the most off-beat but underused aspects of the Silver Age Hawkman strip was that Katar and Shayera Hol had prepped for their arrival by using a device called an Absorbascon to transmit all memories and knowledge from the brains of Earth people. (There has to be a limit to the depth and type of information fed into the Hols' brains, I think. Probably they started with intake of language, geography, history, that sort of thing and cut off before they started getting into what size shoes Trotsky wore or how to make haggis. But you never know. The text says "everything" and perhaps the information was stored in compressed form in their brains, sort of like cerebral MP3s.)It was a slightly eerie touch that made our Hawks seem "other," not just everyday humans in costumes. They would sometimes sit in the dark and concentrate to try to bring out just the bit of knowledge they needed. One limitation was that (as I recall) they only did this Absorbascon process once. So if a Mad Scientist invented a reverse evolution ray while the Hols were here, they wouldn't have any information on it. Whether they would know about Green Lantern's weakness or Alfred's collection of antique keys is debatable. On the other hand, they would be great to have around when trying to do the SUNDAY TIMES crossword.

This last page doesn't relate to the Absorbascon, but I wanted to show off some Joe Kubert art. He often drew Hawkman and Hawkgirl at night, making them seem more mysterious and even ominous. Kubert also drew regular human bodies, something of a lost art. Shayera is not Jenna Jameson, Katar is not Lou Ferrigno. They're normal people in good athletic shape and that's enough.

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12:04 am


Catching up with Thanagar
A couple of panels from the Hawkman story in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD# 42, June-July 1962. Art by Joe Kubert, story by Gardner Fox. It's a tradition in science-fiction to use advanced alien civilizations to show how our own progress might go. Let's see how Fox did.

Wellll, we're still not flying around our towns wearing anti-gravity belts and big artificial hawkwings. No "central cooking" delivering meals by pneumatic tubes, either. The closest to that might be if you're residing in a hotel and order room service, but dumbwaiters have almost vanished entirely and instead an employee brings you your order. The "identi-cards" are on target, though. I don't think debit cards existed all in 1962. By the late 1970s, there were such things but not in common usage. (Thanks for the exposition, Katar. Do you explain everything like that everywhere you go? "As you know, after we digest food, we have to eliminate it from our intestines. This is what I intend to do now. Excuse me for five to six minutes.")

Of course, Earthwomen are not interested in fashion and would not want to go shopping for clothes after being away six months. I don't know where Fox got such an idea, except maybe to show how odd Thanagarian culture is. It sure looks to me like Shayera is shopping online; although she might just be watching a show, the caption uses the word shopping in quote marks, so it's ambiguous. Then we see the Hols lounging about and watching the news which was recorded for them. We actually are ahead of this ourselves, what with YouTube and NPR archives. I do like the way Shayera is nibbling on a grape (or whatever) and that they seem to be watching a Mad Scientist.Then there's the Weather Control. This was a popular prediction in old school sci-fi. Nope, we haven't got that yet. The best we're doing is producing global climate change and that wasn't exactly a project we undertook consciously.

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August 10th, 2009
11:26 pm


JSA vs. Kobra #3 Preview up on Newsarama
More of the awesome the series has been giving out plus a fun little thing I loved to see in the story.

P.S. I'm still in Greece but thankfully my cousins have a comp I can use.

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July 18th, 2009
06:19 pm


Another week, another Wednesday Comics
The Metamorpho (Gaiman/Allred) and Hawkman (Kyle Baker) pages from issue 2.

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July 15th, 2009
03:02 pm


Blackest Night
First time poster, so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know. :)

Spoilers for Blackest Night #1.

*Not exactly dial-up friendly. Enter at your own risk.

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July 12th, 2009
06:41 pm


Even more Wednesday Comics!
You'll have to forgive me, everyone else already got the really special ones this week, and too many of the others we might want to post from later, so I'm showing you Hawkman.

I heartily recommend the title to anyone who isn't picking it up. This is a really magical kind of thing, and I promise you won't regret being a part of it! I've been showing it to everyone I know who's even vaguely interested in comics, getting them as excited as I am. My LCS' are selling out, so don't miss out at yours!

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July 6th, 2009
05:23 pm


Batman says, "In my heart, I've always wanted a daughter."
OR: "Penny for your thoughts, 'Uncle'!"

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May 23rd, 2009
10:42 pm


Oh man oh man oh man!
I just got the best book. I just got the best collection of many pages that are held together between two covers. I own many books but this is the one I'm posting about today. Come enjoy it with me.

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May 20th, 2009
06:20 pm


Superman/Batman #60

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March 1st, 2009
12:25 pm


Crisis on Earth Prime part 3
Back in a saddle !

So I'm one of those [info]scans_daily orphans. My name is Junteanah. I scan stuff from my two older brothers collection.


God I wonder what Christmas is like with these folks ?

I pity those still on dial up.

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