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13 February 2012 at 02:33 pm
[ Duke's favorite thing about early mornings?

They're early mornings. Which, in Duke's clock, is right before any sort of dawn happens. This means only very few people are awake - well, very few humans, which is usually because most are sane and don't enjoy being up and about before the ... he couldn't use 'world' anymore, could he? Before most life gets active and the land bright due to.. whatever this Acumen did for 'sun'.

... Okay, so now he's not quite as ... pleased, because happy is something rarely used to describe Duke, about being up because it's not home and being up.

.... Which really means he has a whole new place to explore. This is good. Mood swings, maybe. It was all one expression anyway, so who would know?

[ Which is why Duke can be found just about anywhere not considered private, or locked, looking about. Can roll for what sort of bot catches. Make him so very uncomfortable, people. ]
13 February 2012 at 03:58 pm
[ well, it's a nice day today. all moved in to a big house, which is a -- really, really weird feeling, not gonna lie. he's got a patrol to do, and a lot of cooking to get done before Flynn can think to try, but that's fine. seems like it'll probably be a pretty quiet day.

oh, little does he know.

he'll be over at Brave Vesperia HQ in the afternoon; in the morning, you might find him in his shiny new house in Sector 5, and you can also find him hanging out in the arcade or maybe just idly scouting out the fight club's arena. come one, come all! ]

((ooc: RNG for the kind of bot that catches you with Yuri, but I'm up for anything! He will be cool about it, and a pretty good kisser. ♥))
[Gamewide Mingle]
29 January 2012 at 07:27 am
[Sector 3 is a popular destination for entertainment! People may be interested in seeing a movie at the theater, getting a drink or singing karaoke at the club, playing games at the arcade, or dropping by the Brave Vesperia headquarters -- on business or otherwise. In addition, Sector 3 has a lot of apartments and small houses; maybe people are just coming and going on their daily routine, or you might be seeing a friend who lives here.]

[Everyone who might have passed through Sector 3 today -- morning, noon, or night -- is invited to thread out a chance encounter here, or a date, or a gathering of friends. Just tell everyone where your character is and what they're doing, and go!]

[ (But if your occasion takes place after dark, remember there was a bomb threat if that's relevant to your character.) ]
[MINGLE / Open to ALL] Snowball Fight in Sector 4!
11 January 2012 at 07:35 pm
[ Wandering around the snowy park? There are two things to look out for: (1) don't trip over the bright orange ropes that close off a large open area, (2) take cover and watch for a stray snowball, and (3) ... you know, you might want to join in for this is a Snowball Fight.

Only guidelines: no weapons, no head shots, no stuffing snow down someone's mouth, collar or anywhere else uncomfortable. Play to your heart's content! Spoiler: there's no winner.

Warm drinks and snacks are served in a nearby tent (ah, thank goodness for space heaters!), while towels and blankets are also available. You might want to take advantage of the snow as well -- make snowmen, snow angels, your own sculpture as you wind down~ ]

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11 January 2012 at 12:03 am
[It's the afternoon when Tsuna leaves his new home and heads to the park, an odd sense of anticipation humming inside him. When he arrives, he finds a nice vicinity for himself where he appears to be alone before he pulls out his X-Gloves and puts them on, swallowing two of his blue Dying Will pills.

The effect is quick, and the orange Sky Flames that flare out from his forehead, gloves, and Vongola ring - now slipped onto his finger - pulse with life. He lets out a slow breath, holding his arms out a little from his sides with his palms facing the ground.

And then he propels himself into the air with his flames, hovering still for a moment before practically vanishing in the blink of an eye to appear quite a distance away. Tsuna's fast in the air, and smooth, so unlike his usual clumsy self. His personality now will seem quite different as well. If anyone were to happen upon him, he'll be flying around, clearing his head while in Hyper Dying Will Mode]
Video | Voice | 001
03 January 2012 at 03:49 pm

[There’s a man holding some of the cookies from the welcome basket in his hand, sniffing them suspiciously before popping one – with the largest chocolate chunks – whole into his mouth. His green eyes look tired. Very, very tired.]


Don’t think ‘ve ever been in a prison this serious. Got a ball an’ chain an’ everything, huh? Hard enough movin’ these old bones without it, now this. [He swallows and gives a bitter laugh that sounds genuine until you stand back.] Thanks to whatever lovely lady made these – ya’ll sure know how to make a fellow feel loved.


Want to come an’ greet ol’ Raven in person? [A sly smile and a wink ends it. One still can’t help but notice how his eyes flicker to and fro, seeing everything they could.]

03 January 2012 at 11:03 am
[Nasuti appears to be settled back into the Trooper's home. Her expression doesn't give any indication of their being cramped at all, but perhaps that was the hidden blessing of being stuck in the shelter for several days.]

There are a few things I've noticed. Forgive me if these are redundant, I'm still somewhat new, though I guess not as new as some of you who have just recently arrived.

On a lighter note, is there any sort of reading-slash-book club? I noticed several of you, the new-comers and more veteran members both, have a particular fondness for the library.

Would anyone be up for something along those lines if one is not already established? If there is one, who organizes it?

On a more serious note--well, serious unless you consider the irony of the question--

Have any of you been convicted for 'abduction' or 'kidnapping' on your list of crimes?
[ Voice - Video - open ] 00 - Knight Fencer
02 January 2012 at 04:43 pm
[ Whoever this is, they're testing out all the features of the communicator. There's a lot of silence but for the sound of moving - but there's a few flashes of bruised hands, and a pale face framed by white hair that is just as vividly bruised.

Duke studies the device, expression bland despite the fact that he looks like he should be feeling pained. And then he decides he doesn't want to use video anymore, and there goes that.

A prison. [ The voice that goes with that pale face... is most definitely a males. ]

Unaware of the level of technology to build such places under water. Agrees with the unfamiliarity of the name of the ocean above. [ Silence like that's all he's going to say. ]