[action] [open]
06 December 2010 at 10:16 pm
[Bundled up against the freezing weather, Xion's sitting quietly on a bench near the graveyard. It's a rather grim place for sitting, but it suits her mood. She just...needs to think.]

[[OOC:Placeholder until I finish my project, won't tag back until tomorrow. I'll probably add more Xionthoughts then, too.]
Location: the cemetery
[action I closed]
30 November 2010 at 07:42 pm
[...well. Not being able to see makes both reading and knitting hard. There's nothing she can really occupy herself with in her room anymore, then. It's about time she stopped hiding in there anyway. It takes a while, but Xion eventually feels her way into the living room and settles herself on the couch with Mars. Pettinz do not require seeing. Hopefully she'll see....


...hopefully she'll meet Axel soon. She hasn't heard a peep from him since yesterday, and he's not in his room.]
[Video//Action | Open] Slightly backdated to nightfall
27 November 2010 at 10:56 am
[Anyone outside at the moment of nightfall and expecting to see the usual moonrise on the dome will see something a little different, tonight. The soft, pale light of the moon will indeed be visible,; especially bright, perhaps a harvest moon? But no, what finally rises in the sky looks like the moon, except much larger and... heart shaped. Someone has been adjusting the star projector again.]

[It's for a good cause, however. She hopes that Axel can see it, wherever he is tonight.]

[When the actual video feed begins, Lacus is smiling peacefully while standing on the beach, Kingdom Hearts visible behind her, over the water.]

Good evening. I'm sure you all observed the difference in the sky tonight. It's from another world, one that I would enjoy learning more about. I hope you find the sight as lovely as I do.

((OOC: KH cast/fans please forgive and correct me if I've done anything wrong! Never had the pleasure of playing the games, orz, but Lacus would have done her research so I'd like to be accurate as possible~

Also, today's astronomy class is presumed to have happened, but there won't be a post for it.))
[action | closed]
25 November 2010 at 07:01 pm
[...It's now or never, isn't it.

He'll probably be kicked for this, lectured, punched, whatever, but at least he expects it...so maybe it won't be so bad. Hmph. Or so he says. Axel's been standing out here in the cold, staring at Saix's door for god knows how long, until finally with a sigh of resignation he reaches up to knock with his good hand. The other one...is a little more than busted from a certain fight and beneath his cloak he has obvious bruises, but he'll try to keep the injuries underwraps.

Answer the goddamn door now.]
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[Action| Open| Backdated to Afternoon]
19 November 2010 at 06:24 pm
[Patrol done with for the day, Saix heads over to Sector Four--more specifically, Mami's small farm. Walking, since there is no great hurry; it also allows him time to think.]

(((OOC: Feel free to run into him anywhere in or between Sectors Two and Four--just say where in your subject line!)))
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[voice | OPEN]
16 November 2010 at 06:47 pm

[Why won't you answer meeee?]

Does somebody know where Acumen went? I wanna talk to him 'bout the baby making thing! I saw a whooooole lot of you doin' that stuff before!

Like silly ghost lady! And Lacus lady! Did Orihime have sex too?


[We all know how you'd like to stop him from reading down his list of people he knows had sex that one fateful night, but consider this: GIR has proof that sex makes you happy! And it's safe too! Perhaps he can be a spokesperson. Likely as not.]
[voice | open]
12 November 2010 at 07:37 pm
Well! So many new people today! I must say that this is quite the opportunity to pose a question.

Do any of you have any specific wishes? How many of you are expecting a birthday soon? Or perhaps over the holiday season you'll be wanting something? I simply can't just sit here without granting some things for you. Do tell me. Come, now, don't be shy, tell me all that you want. Princess Nunnally, perhaps? Or Ms. Kurosu? [A light laugh.]

Mm...oh, yes. [And now she will add with a touch of sympathy,] Xion, darling, I'm afraid I was unable to find your friend. I hope you had better luck than I.
[voice//filtered to Defense Force members] -->backdated to MID-MORNING
07 November 2010 at 02:02 pm
[ there's no hesitation in his voice as he speaks; and if you could see his expression, it would be equally unfaltering. Suzaku is all-business right now, and knight of the round mode is go. ]

Gino Weinberg is missing. In his absence, I'm assuming temporary command. [ he's open to another leader taking over; it would actually be better for his and Lelouch's PR if they aren't seen to be running the DF. but, in the meantime. ]

Does anyone have any questions?
[Action | Closed]
18 October 2010 at 08:37 pm
[Well, getting there was a little bit of an adventure, but Ryu manages to make it to Fou-Lu and Saix's house intact. Maybe he should have brought something - that's what you did when you visite someone else's house, right?]

[... Oh well. He knocks on the door, smiling.]
12 October 2010 at 09:13 pm
[Isolated locations seem best for introspection. Considering what extra abilities are required to reach the top of the bell-tower, it certainly qualifies. In a way it seems like trespassing; perhaps he has some unconscious desire to be stumbled across by those who already laid claim to this place, for its familiarity to what they’d left behind. Twilight Town had never been more than another world to him, just like all the others. He’d resented Axel for making attachments to that place—their home was destroyed, why was he replacing it? But that was a lifetime ago, in perception if not reality.]

[He’s shelved far too much, pretending certainty and conclusion when there was none. It’s easier to repeat that he’s sure, that he’s already decided, that he knows what he’s doing and what he wants. Even if he can’t tell whether or not it’s a lie. It was bound to erode eventually, and it seems eventually is now.]

Day 67 )

(((OOC: Up on the bell-tower you'll find Saix. Just picture him sitting there looking vaguely concerned, with a gigantic thought ballon over his head full to the point of bursting; he's having the Nobody version of an existential crisis. Feel free to interrupt him! Bonus points if your character's method of getting up there is unorthodox and strange)))
Location: Sector 0
04 October 2010 at 08:37 pm
[ static. a brief video appears, of a giant blue eye. more static, this time with a teenaged yelp in the background.

[ the video comes back, it's the sky this time. dimly, the same voice can be heard calling out, apparently to his surroundings: ]

Riku? --isn't funny! --onald? --fy? Anyone?


[ then a sneaker comes down into view and there is an audible crunch. ]


[ click. IF YOU HAPPEN BY, you might see Sora on his knees, holding his cracked communicator up to his ear hopefully. ]
[ Voice ]
04 October 2010 at 09:50 pm
[Oh doesn’t he just sound so amused through the network? At least his tone sounds amused, despite how much he’d love to break a harddrive or two.]

Fun little trick this so-called warden’s got. So what’s it take to go and play with the other kids or is solitary confinement the only answer this Acumen guy’s got?

[A little heh.]

What a joke. Too bad I'm not really laughing.
[video, open || action, closed to housemates]
21 September 2010 at 03:12 pm

[...Wait for it. Wait for it.]

What the hell!?

((OOC: Xion's powers have caused quite a stir and caused Axel's powers to react. B| Mazeltoff.))
[voice | open]
14 September 2010 at 08:01 pm
[It's been far too quiet for Q's liking. That one fellow with the green hair had everyone in a tizzy when he told them they were virgins. Well, if they like sex so much...]

Who wants to have prison sex?
[voice] [open]
14 September 2010 at 07:55 pm
[...so this is what being clear-headed feels like. It's been ages. Shame she still feels like a wet noodle with the energy of a kitchen sponge.]

Ummm...good morning? [It is morning, right?] What day is it?

[Fretful,] I must've missed so much class...
09 September 2010 at 06:27 pm
Lost in troubling thoughts )

[You'll find Saix sitting in an out of the way corner of the library, reading intently and taking notes.]

(((OOC: Special invitation to anyone from the FMA-verse, since the majority of the books in Saix's pile have to do with alchemy and the philosopher's stone. :D)))
17 August 2010 at 05:55 pm
[ oh hey have a little green boy staring at you. ]

What is this?! WHAT IS THISSSSS? [ screaming ] WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE?! WHAT SQUIRMY, DISGUSTING, EVVVVVIL HUMAN DARE IMPRISON ME?! [ practically growling ] OH, YOU WILL PAY, OH YOU WILL PAY! PAY, I SAY, [ a breath, then ] PAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Never will I let you get away with this, [ a dramatic gasp as he tries to get some more air, then, ] WHOEVERKIDNAPPEDME!!! [ can you tell he's angry? there's a silence as he considers something, then he looks aaaall around himself as if looking for something that should be there until he settles his eyes on the communicator once again. much calmer tone compared to before ] GIR. [ no response, so ] GIR! GIR!!!! I command you to report to me!!

(( Yes, yes this is Zim from invader zim. ))
[video || open]
17 August 2010 at 02:57 pm

[The video function flickers on when Lea hits the ground belly first and right when he leans up to shoot a glare over his shoulder he discovers that...there's no one there. To his left--]

Isa? ...Hey, where'd you go? Come on, this isn't funny! [He growls and sits up on the ground. Behind him you'll see that he's at the park. That's nothing too different, but if you happen to know Axel...then perhaps the sight of a much younger version of him will cause a double take. Lea crosses his arms and huffs.]

What a joke. Hey, what if I'm passed out? ...Don't think he threw us that hard. [Pause] Ok, Isa, you can come outta hiding now. Seriously, cut the act, got it memorized? [...Huff! Deep breath.]


((ooc: This is Axel's chibi!Other, Lea, and he happens to have a heart. In other words, this is Axel before he was Axel. More info on his profile annnnnnd...possibly will have KH BBS spoilers!))
17 August 2010 at 01:02 am
[Unlike many of the recent posts from unfamiliar faces, this one has little to no fumbling at all. Rather, Lexaeus' face simply fills the screen, his communicator cradled in a pair of large hands as he tests it out. The video briefly cuts out, replaced by the soft staccato noise of button-clicking and mechanical fiddling, only to be replaced by a video feed with absolutely no noise at all.]

[A normal broadcast is soon restored, however. Lexaeus lets out a thoughtful hum soon after, carefully fitting the communicator back into place. He does not speak at all, however, instead simply reaching up to end the post--and test of the communicator's functionality--with a quick tap.]

((OOC: Just a nice, normal untested Lexaeus muse from Chain of Memories. He's from early in the game, between the time that they realized that Sora was in Castle Oblivion, and the time that they sent Vexen to investigate.))
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[action || open]
14 August 2010 at 01:33 am

[All decked out in his doggy suit, GIR is taking a walk just as the sun goes down. But this isn't just any walk. Oh, no. GIR has plans, you see, and this involves the certain someones who engaged in bedroom jousting while he was in charge of the dome. Yes, that's right, GIR saw all of you and now he's on a mission to find where you live and knock on your door. Why?

Because he. Wants. Your. BABIES.

Sorry, Zero, but GIR doesn't actually know how long nine months is.

But, of course, feel free to stumble upon the strange looking dog walking on two legs while he's on his quest!]

((ooc: GIR will only be visiting the houses of the people who had sex while he was in Acumen's place, so if that includes you, you can action out answering the door when he knocks or whatever it is you wish. ♥;))