08 January 2011 at 05:37 am
--I was wondering something.

Since people seem to be brought here arbitrarily...

Has anyone had this kind of experience? Being brought here, and then meeting someone from your world who was well-known, but who didn't know you; and just by being here at the same time, the two of you became friends?

I wonder if I'll meet the prime minister... I don't think I want to?
17 December 2010 at 10:35 pm
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What do people get each other for Christmas?
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10 November 2010 at 10:50 pm
[The backdrop of the Education Center's Dining Hall is visible behind Leopard who addresses the camera seriously. His hand attachments fold together, fingers pressed together.]

Humans! Or whatever things you might be.

I've been observing you this far keeping most of my wisdom to myself, but it's come to light that I simply cannot keep doing this forever.

There's a travesty here, a calamity of culture that simple must be fixed!

[The octahedron-shaped A.I. looks distressed.] What is with the lack of pages on the network!?!

Haven't you humans and whatever heard that it's crucial in this day and age to maintain a proper web page!?! There's hardly any at all! No wonder none of you are well-known at all! If you had a blog or a feed or something, we'd all be far better off!

It's bad enough for that Acumen bastard to deny us the internet and email! It's a true shame what culture we have lost from that!

[Leopard's shape tilts down.] But we can't stay in these Dark Ages forever, which is why I've decided to take the initiative! I've come to be the guiding light to guide you to the noble enlightened high culture of the web!

I present to you: my page!

[The camera moves to show a computer monitor running an internet browser. Leopard's hand pulls up a website before the camera.

If you're a human from late 20th century Earth, the style of the website might remind you of something rather like the average Geocities/Angelfire website circa 1999. A black background with red text fills the page, starting with the website's URL at the top.

Animated GIFs of a chibi version of Leopard's Colony spin around and a MIDI version of some music plays.

The only actual content (so far) is a form in the middle of the page to submit questions to Brother Leopard's Consulting Service.

At the very bottom, a hit counter sits in the single digits, all from Leopard himself.

After a moment, Leopard speaks again:]
Now, come forth to build your own web pages and bring life to the network! Strike out against the heart of the repressive Acumen! Mwahahahaha!
09 November 2010 at 07:33 pm
Hey, is everybody awake now? I have a question and I don't want to leave anybody out.

[And here is Alma at the library looking very serious, because he has thought long and hard about this, read some books, and even wrote down all the questions he thought he should ask, but this is the Most Important of them all. And now that he has an audience...]

So, what do you guys like about sex?

[See, Suzaku? He's not just asking Q. He's asking everyone.]
08 November 2010 at 08:00 pm
[The voice that's about to come through is extremely excited. Ridiculously so. She's speaking quickly and as if something extraordinary has just happened.]

An underwater prison! I can't stop going glub glub over it, it's all very exciting! Of course there are less exciting parts to it [She pauses to play with the chain around her ankle, an action that can't be seen, but you can probably guess what she's doing if listening hard enough.] They reely know how to hook you in!

But! There is something a little...fishy about all of this. [Her voice doesn't give away if that was meant as a joke or not.]
09 November 2010 at 08:34 am
Excuse me - is this thing working?...

[A long pause before the voice (a kid's voice) starts speaking again.]

Thank you to whoever gave me the information about Marina. I was just wondering...is this really a prison?

[It doesn't seem so bad. It REALLY doesn't seem so bad. Aren't prisons supposed to be awful? ... He takes a few seconds before speaking again. This second question is something he kind of needs to know, but he's not sure which answer he wants to hear - on the one hand, he really wants to see his friends; on the other hand, from what he's seen in the information pamphlet...things, them being here would be a bad thing...

He asks anyway.]

... Also - has anyone named Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger arrived here?
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08 November 2010 at 09:15 pm
[Adrianna felt completely odd when she woke up in her room at the shelter: it seemed like she slept for months or longer. Also, she couldn't understand why her body was slightly in pain. Her head was a mess, physically and mentally, placing a hand on her forehead and noticing a big, healed bruise which it hurt a lot. Now, that was something scary: someone did this to her while sleeping, and the only thought made her feel very, very upset. Ade turned on her communicator, not so happy about this.]


[Her angry face was evident and her tone voice sounded as a reproach, but she obviously didn't care about it.]

Okay... Who was the fucking jerk who did this to my forehead while I was sleeping!?
08 November 2010 at 09:13 pm
[The video function is turned on, but seems to be fixed on the user's foot. The angle displays purple stockings, a red shoe, and a ball and chain wrapped around a skinny ankle. The voice that follows is clearly feminine.]

Get it off.