08 May 2012 at 02:34 pm
[upon her arrival, Painwheel definitely had a little bit of an episode. she tore up that welcome basket and flipped her every shit available to be up-ended, and finally inspected the network a little once she calmed down and all the fear and irrational anger subsided—once she realized she's actually in control and she doesn't have to be such a fucking spaz.

it occurs to her, however, that she hasn't properly socialized in a very long time. she's probably bad at carrying on conversation. she also doesn't want to talk about herself. she doesn't want people to see her face. but she wants to know about the other criminals here. she wants to know people like she used to know people. they can't all be bad, right? ...RIGHT??

and so, she's been inspired to make this post!]

...Hello— [her voice is deep and worn, gravelly in its quality, like her vocal chords have been blown out a little.] My...name is Painwheel.

[she takes an unsteady breath in, and manages to push herself forward, a little.]

There's a lot of people here—people who've committed crimes... So I guess that's our common ground, as people... But that can't be it, right?

So...what do all of you enjoy? Who are you? I'd... like to know, I think.
08 May 2012 at 01:40 pm
[In the couple of hours since Aerith has 'woken up' here, she's cycled through several emotions. Surprise and confusion the most prominent, but there's also a sliver of unease tucked away, nagging at her.

She thinks it's because she doesn't have the materia her mother gave her - it's a little bit like her security blanket, even if it was a tiny enough to tuck into the ribbon in her hair.

Disoriented, she has been wandering around in Sector 4, trying to think of what to do next. It's hard to switch from 'lone mission to try to save the Planet' to 'imprisoned underwater with no way out'. Not that she's thinking of escaping - but she does worry about what is happening back home.

Deciding it would be easier to just ask the network in general (and possibly find any of her friends, if they're here), Aerith fiddles with her communicator for a moment before it cuts on.

I wonder if I can- oh, I think it's working! [There's an adjustment made to the communicator so it's steady.]

Hi there! Wow, this really different from my PHS. I actually just had a question for everyone - I only arrived a little bit ago.

[It's funny how a few hours can seem like forever when one appears inside an underwater prison.]

I know that someone is sent back in our place... [There's a slight frown on her face before continuing.] What I'm curious about is there a way to find out what is happening back home? Besides asking someone who might have been there, anyway.

[Not that she even knows if anyone from home is actually there with her. She hopes if there is they'll catch this and contact her. She's not comfortable calling out for them over a network - she didn't know who might be listening.]

[OOC:Anyone is more than welcome to run into Aerith while she sticks around Sector 4! She's just kind of aimlessly strolling around, gathering her thoughts!]
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30 May 2011 at 04:40 pm

[Plummeting from the sky, Kobato flails, struggling desperately to try and get a better hold of an umbrella in her hands in order to direct her fall.]


I'm tryinggggg!! KYAAA!!


[Crawling across her shoulder, a blue stuffed dog reaches up to try and help steady the failing umbrella, flames shooting from his mouth as he growls.]

You need to use both hands!

I can't!


Cut for length )
18 May 2011 at 04:14 am
[Aerith is in the arcade. Her basket of flowers has been set aside - for the time being - and she seems to be focused on one of the games.]

Stop moving~! [She pouts and a high-pitched beep resounds from the machine.] That's not fair. [Sighing, the flower-girl meanders over to an empty booth. Plopping down on the cushion, she smiles at her recorder.]

Is anyone good at games? I never got to play them much, but I think I'm getting better. [Her green eyes sparkle mischievously.] Maybe we can have tournaments~!
03 May 2011 at 05:30 pm
How frustrating. I must have terrible luck after all ...

[which is to say hello, marina. this small, blond boy looks rather... well, confused, given the circumstances. he's kneeling beside the koi pond on sector 4, idly munching on some cookies he got from the welcome basket while... watching the fish. still, even that doesn't seem to be helping his mood.]

Aaah, I didn't think this would happen when I woke up this morning. And with such ridiculous crimes... [though, to be honest, they made him pause a bit... and had some degree of honesty. but he's not going to admit this in public at all.]

[a pause, as oz finishes off one of the cookies, wiping the crumbs off his mouth with his thumb. a small sigh. well, seems like he's composing himself slightly.]

If I may ask a question... Has anyone happened to see a man named Gilbert? He has hair like this [here oz makes a wavy gesture on both sides of his head with his hands] and a face like so--[and here he makes a sullen, rather frustrated looking expression.] He might possibly be accompanied by a small, energetic girl named Alice. They're most likely arguing, somehow. [no, really. he pauses, putting a hand to his head. he wouldn't want them to be here at all, but he had to make sure. he becomes a bit more serious, then.]

... You have my thanks. For the welcoming basket, as well.
03 May 2011 at 01:43 am
[Aerith is kneeling when the video turns on. She looks confused, her brow furrowed faintly.]

This...isn't the Temple. [She unclasps her hands and rises, slowly, to her feet.] Hello? [Turning in a circle, she takes in her surroundings bit by bit.] ...Cloud? Did you follow me?

[It seems unlikely that Cloud would have relocated her without her knowing, but how else could this be explained?]

Hmmm... [She notices the device watching her and bends down, picking it up.] My name is Aerith Gainsborough. Can anyone hear me?
[action] [event!]
06 April 2010 at 03:45 pm
[In the park there are several benches set up almost like pews in a church, white and decorated with flowers at the edges and along the backs. Instead of two sedate columns with rows of benches pointing towards some dais, the benches are in rows facing each other, and in the center of the aisle between them is a long table with a substantive buffet of brunch food: colorful red eggs, fruit salads, muffins and rolls, glazed ham...

[The buffet table is extremely distracting. Allen is dressed in his full black-and-red uniform with a cloak and the Rose Cross worn over it; he keeps glancing at the buffet table as he stands right -- temptingly -- in front of it so that everyone can see him, with occasional glances down at his book to make sure he remembers his lines.]

Thus we give thanks and glory unto you, Father, and glory to the Christos, and glory to the blessed Virgin who bore him...

[He is trying not to rush, but he is mentally censoring out optional parts of the ritual to more quickly get to the eating part.]

((ooc: Event post! Feel free to post a comment here establishing what your character is doing during or after the ceremony, and other people will thread with you, or you can comment to someone else's comment~!))
[Video] - Open!
05 April 2010 at 09:33 pm
My, never thought I'd be able to visit Marina once again!

I don't know how much time has passed since the last time I was here, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Momiji Sohma and I'm pleased to meet you all... again! [Bows then waves~]

Also, I noticed Sentience-san is not here anymore... Has she been gone for too long? [Marina without Sentience... that feels odd. Oh well, maybe Acumen-san is just as nice as Sentience-san was.]
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06 April 2010 at 01:14 am
[ Despite her interest in the church sermon that was mentioned in the morning announcements, Aerith decided that sooner was better than later in finding a good spot to eventually plant her garden!
Having found the large park on her map, she made her way to Sector 4, the large open space making her almost feel like she was home again. The two major kinks in this feeling being the dome over her head and how she could feel no heart pulse...hear no voices. The dome, while full of life, was completely silent to her. It made her feel strangely alone.

Okay so, let's see..maybe over there by those trees or..? Ah! Here's a small plot already planted! Maybe this one is Fletcher's...

[ Looking over the tenderly cared for plants, she smiles at them. Maybe her own would be close by.]

[ Really, she could use some company.]
Location: Sector 4 (The Park)
The 57th Day
05 April 2010 at 08:19 pm
Good morning. Today is the 57th day of the third generation.

Criminals Kitty Pryde and Tyki Mikk, there are no exceptions to the ban on sexual activity. As such, you have been outfitted with a neck restraint for one week. Please keep regulations in mind from now on.

...On a more positive note, today coincides with the Easter holiday in some timelines. A service will be held at approximately 10:00 this morning, and will be led by inmate Allen Walker. Even those not of the Christian faith are welcome to attend and hear the message promoted.

Requests for the following inmates have arrived: Axel, Adrianna Tate-Duncan, Lacus Clyne, Lavi, Princess Euphemia, and Rei Ayanami. You may receive them at the entrance to Sector 0.

Preparations for the small plant shop that inmate Setsuna Seiei suggested are underway. There will be a variety of plant life available from different worlds, but I will hear suggestions if any inmates desire something in particular.

[OOC note: The collars on Kitty and Tyki are impossible to phase through, and any physical contact with other inmates will result in a shock-- though nothing will happen if they phase through someone]
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31 March 2010 at 09:20 pm
[ Overjoyed to have woken up to find her restraints gone, Aerith decided that since she had been unable to go see Rei in the hospital the day before, she would do so today.
Gazing at the map on her communicator, she worked out the best way to get there. The hospital appeared to be in Sector 1, North west of the shelter. All she had to do was get there and contact Rei to ask her which room, right?

[ About 15 minutes of walking brought her to the glass double doors of the medical facility, little bots coming in and out on occassion. It was so weird to see robots everywhere like this. In midgar, they were only used for military.]

Rei? It's Aerith! I'm here at the hospital to see you~ Which room are you in?

[ She hasn't figured out how to private things yet so, everyone will hear this.]
CLOSED | Action
25 March 2010 at 08:52 pm
[He's in the library having a difficult time sorting out his thoughts. Even though he has a book he's only staring at the pages. Aeris and Zack were here now... and because of that he can't really face either of them right now. His feelings are torn, conflicted, he can't be honest with either of them.

It was a long time ago -- he thought he was moving on, learning to forgive himself, settle down like they wanted...

but this wasn't part of the plan.
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23 March 2010 at 07:38 pm
[ A gasp escaped her as the world seemed to swim before her eyes. A moment ago Aerith had been praying. Her knees had ached against the cool stone of the alter, her eyes on the face of one of her companions, Cloud, as a smile came to her lips. She had known what was going to happen and now..darkness. Was it over? Had it all happened so quick that she never felt it?]


[ She was terrified to find that no voices responded. The hum of the planet was deadly silent. And then..]

["Greetings Inmate!" The sound of the robotic voice caused a cry of panic. As the words began to scroll in front of her eyes, she took a moment to take a few deep breaths.]

A prison, are you serious?!

[ But, how?! They had been in the depths of the Forgotten city, the planet song had whispered all around her. If she was here..did that mean she had failed?

Moving to a sitting position, slender fingers brushed the light bedding fabric beneath her. This was no time to panic. First thing she had to do was figure out exactly where she was and explore, right?

[ After a few moments of examining the room she was in, along with the headpiece she was wearing, a small click noise announced Aerith figuring out how to turn on her video screen.]

Ah! Hello? Helllloo? [ Would anyone answer? Surely someone had to hear her if this was a prison full of people just like her, right?]

Is anyone awake? My name is Aerith! I've just arrived and I'm a little..confused. Could anyone tell me where I am..? [ It was way too quiet. Her stomach felt like a thousand butterflies lived inside. All of the voices of her ancestors, her world..they had vanished.]

I'm looking for some people I was traveling with. Does anyone happen to know a man named Cloud?