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Oct. 11th, 2009


Who: Siobhan and OPEN
What: Training and maybe some sparring practice
Where: At the gym and juice bar
When: Friday September 4th, afternoon

In spite of having a bag to punch and kick to her heart's content in her apartment, sometimes it was important to be out in public. Siobhan understood the need for balance and harmony, and part of that was welcoming the presence of others from time to time. Sometimes, it was best to train with others. Other people could point out flaws in technique, and other people could be sparred with.

At the moment, she was practicing on a punching bag, unleashing a rough combination of punches and kicks in rapid succession on the bag. She finished for the moment with a particularly hard spinning kick to the bag.

As she was catching her breath, she saw someone approaching from her peripheral vision.

"Oh hello," she said, turning around to face the person. "Did you want to use the bag for a bit? I can hold it for you if you want some resistace."

Oct. 8th, 2009


WHO: Angela and Jason
WHAT: Good company and good food
WHEN: September 2nd, after 1
WHERE: Angela’s apartment
Note: Backlog to last Wed.

As always your timing is impeccable. )

Oct. 6th, 2009


Who: Ansel and Dr. Sloane
What: Meeting for the first time, computer installation
Where: Dr. Sloane’s office
When: Sep 4th, morning

Ansel wasn’t quite sure how he had managed to suddenly find himself with the task of installing the new psychiatrist’s computer. It seemed nearly everyone else had an excuse and the few students he would’ve trusted with the job had already graduated and he wasn’t about to bug Ms. Carmichael or Mr. Reeve with the task.

Hopefully the computer had already arrived and he wouldn’t have to go searching for it. Of course searching for the computer would perhaps mean less time in the new staff member’s presence so perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad error to run across.

Ansel tilted his head at the opened door. He frowned at it. Obviously they were exact opposites. He always kept his door closed. If he could get away with an ‘I’m busy’ sign during office hours he would, but he had been told in his first months teaching that such a sign discouraged students from seeking him out and it had to be taken down.

Should he knock or walk right in?

Oct. 5th, 2009


WHO: David and Clarke
WHAT: Drinking and thinking
WHERE: Jason's
WHEN: September 3rd, 10:30pm

David sat in the midst of the local crap-level bar, the seediest, weirdest place he could find in Angel Grove. Simply called Jason's, it was filled with all the lower class the city had to offer, the slobs and the regular patrons one would expect to find. Half of them were drunk already, the rest on their way there. The place was sort of tucked away, shoved to the back of the city as though it would go away if people ignored it long enough. That was how it felt, anyway. David hadn't been in the mood for Get Some tonight; everyone seemed to go there, and he wasn't so sure he wanted to see anyone he recognized. He had a lot on his mind, a scotch in his hands and the look of a man without sleep in his eyes. With any luck he could have some time to think, to sort out the things going through his head.

There was a lot to sort through though, and David doubted he would get through even half of it at the rate he was going. He commented mentally that he should stop by and see Guin at some point. Maybe she could offer him advice, at the very least. For now... the alcohol would have to be enough.

Oct. 4th, 2009


WHO: Guin and Open
WHAT: Guin has to do some paperwork, but is all for going out
WHERE: Guin's office
WHEN: September 3rd, after lunch

Sometimes, she surprised herself with the amount of paperwork she accumulated )

Oct. 3rd, 2009


WHO: Adina and Tristan
WHAT: Hanging out and talking
WHERE: Cafeteria
WHEN: September 3rd afternoon

After finding an out of the way corner table Adina dropped into a chair before she glared at the rain outside. She really just wanted to set up a blanket out in the sun and stretch out with her books. Studying around people and with the occasional hope of an interrupting she’s found suits her better than studying for long hours in her room.

She set her bowl with a bag of candy in it on the table before putting her book bag into a nearby chair. After opening and upending the bag into the bowl she regarded her books, not sure where she wanted to start.

Sep. 30th, 2009


WHO: Linde and Ethan
WHAT: Ethan causing trouble and seeing if Linde will join in
WHERE: Campus
WHEN: September 3rd, late evening, about eight PM

Ethan's tiny arms were full of bags. As he walked whatever was contained by the bags clanked and jangled together in a loud and somewhat annoying consistency. Ethan was grinning. He was grinning because he had a plan. It probably wasn't a fantastic one, by any means, but the day had been dreary and nasty, and aside from meeting that new blonde kid, he hadn't really done anything of interest. Now he approached Linde's door. He knew the other man pretty well, they weren't as close as say... he and Erin were, but the tiny brunette had noticed a definite lack of Linde around lately, and intended to fix it. With his full arms he was unable to knock at the other man's door so instead he kicked, small foot making a satisfying "thud" against solid wood. As the door opened Ethan lost his grip on one of the bags and it spilled, spray-paint cans rolling here and there. "Aw damn!" He declared and looked up at Linde. "Hey. How's it going? Wanna get into some trouble with me?"

Sep. 29th, 2009


Who: Siobhan and Erin
What: A date
Where: ...out and about on the town (location to be determined during the date)
When: September 3rd, evening

Siobhan was not a romantic by any stretch of the imagination. She was firmly grounded in reality. In spite of that, she'd been looking forward to the date. Sometimes it was nice to have company just for the sake of company, and she rarely got the chance to wear her dressier clothes. Realizing that she'd just conformed to the Ranger stereotype/joke of wearing one's color constantly, she couldn't help but be amused. She wondered if Erin would subconsciously do the same thing she'd just done.

She was wearing a black dress that went down to just above her knees. It had short, sheer sleeves, and a plunging neckline but was otherwise a fairly modest and comfortable dress. Siobhan believed in function and comfort before fashion. While the dress did look nice, it met her two main requirements for clothing. Her shoes were comfortable flat dress shoes.

Siobhan hoped to go out to a restaurant over the course of the evening, and preferably for Italian food, but she'd leave everything else up to Erin since he was the one who had asked her out rather than vice versa.

Sep. 23rd, 2009


WHO: Evita and Quinn
WHAT: Chilling out and fixing Evita's computer
WHEN: September 2, 7 pm-ish. Shortly after dinner.
WHERE: Evita's motel room

Evita quickly slid the folder containing all information on Erin into the hole in the ceiling before replacing the white cardboard tile. With it were her guns, ammo, real ID, and a few other pieces of incriminating evidence. She couldn't risk having anyone even being slightly suspicious of her, and leaving that stuff lying around seemed to be asking for stouble. Maybe having Quinn over just to fix her computer was a risk, but she was willing to take it. He appeared to be a genuinely nice guy, plus she really needed to be able to use her computer. And on top of all that, it had been literally months since she'd had any kind of normal conversation, and that one afternoon of hanging out with Quinn had broken some sort of mental wall Evita had made for herself. So as stupid as it might have been, she was more then happy to try and pursue this friendship.

She hopped off of the bed, brushing dust that had fallen from the ceiling off of her tank top and jeans with quick efficient movements. Now that her motel room was clean and everything was taken care off, all that was needed was for Quinn to arrive. She glanced at the door, a small frown on her lips. She hoped he wasn't going to try and stand her up.

Sep. 22nd, 2009


WHO: Quinn and Staffan
WHAT: Video games and catching up
WHEN: 9/2, Lunch time
WHERE: Staffan’s apartment

The sandwich bags dangled from Quinn’s hand as he approached Staffan’s apartment. He smiled, time with a friend was always good, time with a friend that involved food and video games, was well, just great. It’d been awhile since he’d managed to spend time with Staffan, it would be good to catch up.

Stopping outside Staffan’s door, Quinn knocked.


WHO:  The Big Bads
WHAT:  Introductions & Permission
WHERE: The Moon Palace
WHEN:  September 2ndish

It was the glow of the Earth below.  That's what had kept his eye as he stared out into the depths of the black.  He had seen the Earth in training videos back during his academy days, but he never came.  Never had a reason too really, nothing here was worth his time.  Now though, everything had changed.  Now there was a reason, cause down there on that shiny blue-green rock were things he needed if he was going to make everything he wanted to fall into place.  Those pesky space cops wouldn't find him either, not here.  They'd be too busy looking elsewhere that's for sure, especially with that crazy trail of breadcrumbs he had left behind.  But since he was here, he knew he was also in someone else's house, and when you walk through the front door, you better have permission.

That's why he had come, he sought permission, to do what he needed to do, and get out, no questions asked.  But then there was always questions weren't there.  That's where lies came in.  Tell them the truth, but not the whole truth, just enough to do what he needed to do.  Hopefully it worked, hopefully they wouldn't be crazy, egotistical maniacs.   Hopefully.


WHO: Will and Abbie (Ionia)
WHAT:  Out and About
WHERE:  Mellow Tiger Cafe
WHEN:  10 am, September 2nd

It wasn't that he had snuck out, so much as he had reasoned with the doctors to let him get fresh air.  He just didn't tell them he was going off campus.  But that's where he was.  Red Shirt, Blue Jeans, and Black jacket, plus the sling around his arm so he wouldn't dislocated his shoulder was the image he convenyed to those who sat near him.  Not to mention the marks on his face, and the slighlty red color his ears still exhibited, but if anyone asked he would lie and tell them he had gotten into it with a gang....or something.  For the moment though he had found peace in the sandwhich and the soda in front of him, not to mention the smell of something other than the Med Bay.  

Ham and Cheese, a bag of chips, and coke was all he needed for the moment, but he noticed that it was a little difficult to consume all three as fast as he normally did with the busted arm.  Even with the sling ever present of the reminder of the pain he had surely endured, there were moments when he forgot about the arm and would go to reach for something, only to remind himself with the throbbing pain that the arm had called out sick for the time being.  Still he managed to maintain a low profile for the moment.  He hoped no one would recognize him, or worse, report him for escaping the Med Bay.


WHO: Lindsey and Jake
WHAT: Practicing martial arts on lower beings
WHERE: Holographic Training Room
WHEN: September 1st, late afternoon

It'd only been a matter of about twenty-five minutes give or take, but to Lindsey it had felt like days. The simulation program he'd activated had swept him away, so realistic that at times he forgot he was only fighting holographic projections, that he could leave anytime he wanted. It was just so involving, though, feeling the vibrations pass through his body when a kick landed, the way the wind rushed past him. He'd already morphed and was taking on a horde of putty patrollers -- those strange demon-like figures that had tormented past teams for so long. Now they were mere memories, put on display here for teaching. They were always a good exercise because of how energetic they seemed to be, their behavior different from so many of the fights nowadays. The battles these days were so unlike those of the past... or so Lindsey liked to imagine.

Sep. 20th, 2009



Sep. 18th, 2009


WHO: Rika & Erin
WHAT: Rika's chicken didn't cook right and, therefore, she is hungry
WHEN: 9/1, 1ish
WHERE: Leaving the apartments sort of area

When PopTarts won't do. )

Sep. 17th, 2009


WHO: Quinn and Neil.
WHAT: A home-cooked meal.
WHEN: 9/1, at night.
WHERE: Neil's apartment.

As Neil stirred his white sauce, he reflected on how careless he had been in recent days. He had been slow to pursue the relationship with Quinn, confident that there wasn't anybody else in the equation up until that shopping trip a few days ago. And even then, after he'd watched Quinn and Nicolas restrain themselves for an uncomfortably long time, he still did little to remedy the situation--Quinn had gone on a camping trip for a few days and had been the one to call him. That phone call had lasted probably five minutes.


If Nicolas won out, then any chance Neil might have had of gaining a foothold on the Rangers would be shot. He could no longer afford to let his personal obstacles and hangups get in the way; if he was going to do this properly, then he would have to become more aggressive. He didn't much care for what he had planned for the night, but it was all necessary at this point. There would be no turning back now.

Quinn would be here at any minute.

Sep. 15th, 2009


Who: Quinn and Charlie
What: Hanging out, discussion of love lives, snuggles
When: Afternoon, September 1
Where: Charlie's apartment

So...Kamal's pretty hot, huh?: )

Sep. 13th, 2009


Who: Kamal and Charlie
What: Having heard that Charlie was hurt in the battle, Kamal is going to check up on her. 
When: Mid-morning, September 1
Where: Charlie's apartment

Kamal's day was already off to a great start. He'd gone to the infirmary to visit Charlie first thing in the morning - in the rain, no less - only to find that she had already checked herself out. He was worried sick about her to begin with, and this did absolutely nothing to ease his mind. Dammit, if she needed to be in the infirmary, she should be in the infirmary! Not to mention that this meant another trip across campus in the rain to get to her apartment. 

Now outside the door, Kamal took off his jacket and shook the water out of it before knocking. He still felt damp, and had a sneaking suspicion that the humidity was playing hell with his hair, but there was nothing that could be done about that.

Sep. 11th, 2009


WHO: Quinn and Kamal
WHAT: Not quite making it home
WHERE: Near apartments
WHEN: August 31, post battle

Quinn was exhausted. All he could think about was once again trying to make it home to his bed. He really needed to practice more with his power, using it shouldn’t make him this tired. He blinked and rubbed at his face, yawning.

His building was right over there and yet so far away.

He frowned as his hand came away from his face wet. He was so tired that his eyes were tearing? Quinn brought his shirt up and scrubbed his face. As he smoothed his shirt out he blinked.

Tired. )

Sep. 10th, 2009


WHO Desmond and Rika
WHAT Desmond wasting time and Rika venturing out of her apartment
WHEN August 31st, slightly after mid-afternoon
WHERE Outside the apartments

Don't tell me you've got the ability to off me with just your thoughts. )

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