03 September 2018 @ 09:00 am
Secret Snarry Swap Prompts!  

Below you'll find a list of all the prompts submitted for this year's Secret Snarry Swap. In order to make a claim, simply reply to this post and tell us the number of the prompt you'd like to fulfill and an alternate. Comments are screened to preserve anonymity.

Each creator will only fulfill one prompt, but will be asked to identify 2 prompts you are willing to claim. If someone else claims your first choice before you get the chance to do it, you'll automatically get your second choice. Even though we will be striking out the sign-ups as soon as they're claimed, there's no guarantee you'll get your first choice. If you are willing to create something for any of the prompts, please indicate that in your claim and the mods will assign you a prompt. A mod will confirm your claim via e-mail. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTERS!

Secret Snarry Swap Prompts!

The entry you create does NOT have to include all likes in the prompter's request. But it should include at least one as well as none of their deal-breakers. We ask participants to assume anything too kinky or too outside the box shouldn't be in the creation unless specifically requested. That means scat, necrophilia, bloodplay, watersports and Roman showers will be assumed to be a deal-breaker unless specifically requested. IMPORTANT Additionally, because it could be illegal for some to view anything with an under-18 character, chan will not be permitted UNLESS requested by the recipient. Please remember chan at [info]snape_potter is anything under 18. This includes past and/or implied chan.

Completed pieces are due by Sunday, November 18 and should be emailed to spfestmod AT gmail DOT com. Full fest rules and information can be found here: LJ, IJ, or DW. If you have any further questions, feel free to email us.